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Gem Gossip Wins IJL Award for Social Media Influencer


A couple weeks ago it was announced that I had won the IJL Blog Awards’ Social Influencer Based Outside of the UK award. I was shocked, excited and felt very honored all at once! This is my first award since creating Gem Gossip 10 years ago…I’ve been nominated for other awards, but never actually won.

Creating my blog Gem Gossip has been my passion, and recently I’ve been reflecting and having so many grateful memories from this past decade. The fine jewelry and gem industry is a wonderful place to be a part of and I’m thankful for every designer, store, antiques dealer and gemstone company I’ve met over the years because without them, my job wouldn’t exist! I’ve taken such pride in creating beautiful content that reflects my vision and love for jewelry. I hope to continue to do so for many years to come!

Thank you IJL!