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Gem Gossip visits The Pearl Shop at SeaWorld


We just wanted to see some dolphins and be tourists for an entire day at the enchanting SeaWorld park in San Diego, California.  Little did we know there was a booth set up called The Pearl Shop that was right up my alley!


Pay $15 and you get to pick out any oyster of your choice in hopes of finding a pearl inside.  Next, the person working the shop will open it up for you and give you the measurements, specs and approximate value.


Mine revealed a 7mm pearl that had a golden tone to it, valued at $52.  The Pearl Shop experience was fun, and definitely unexpected at SeaWorld.  Now I have a little pearl to remember the day by, and a keepsake to treasure forever.  Highly recommended.


The Pearl Shop at SeaWorld

500 Sea World Drive 

San Diego, CA  92109