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Gem Gossip Covers The Couture Show in Vegas, 2015

IMG_0651 IMG_0769 IMG_0654 IMG_0821 IMG_0646 Checking out @arikkastan 's newest designs at #couture2015 loving the colors!! #celebratecouture #gemgossipdoesVegas #showmeyourrings norakoganjewelry moritzglik mattiolijewelry A celestial wake-up call, good morning Vegas!! @andreafohrman will always amaze me year after year with her designs, a definite highlight of #couture2015 #celebratecouture #showmeyourrings Really excited about #phynebypaigenovick @paigenovick and her edgy pieces--collars set with pearls & diamonds...and ear climbers set with moonstones! #couture2015 #celebratecouture #gemgossipdoesVegas Sapphires & emeralds from @ethomaria #couture2015 #celebratecouture #gemgossipdoesVegas #showmeyourrings Such a treat to be able to see @iliaslalaounis legacy be carried on by his daughters and see these beautiful gold designs in person! I loved meeting Maria Lalaounis--what a great memory from #couture2015 !! @lovegoldlive #lovegold #gemgossipdoesVegas I loved the colors of @ileanamakri 's designs and display. So many big things coming out of Greece! #couture2015 #celebratecouture #gemgossipdoesVegas Always love stopping by the @finnjewelry booth at #couture2015 to put together an ear party! Which one do you like best?! All are new designs! #gemgossipdoesVegas Savoring the goodness of @buddha_mama jewelry! Lots of rich, yellow gold. @lovegoldlive #lovegold #couture2015 As I dangle the Morpheus pendant from @anthonylentjewelry from my hand, I can feel there's something more powerful than meets the eye! Made of 18k yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and a great contrasting lapis lazuli drop. #couture2015 #gemgossipdoesVegas Gets me every time!! @brookegregson and her knack for creating designs fit for Earth's greatest treasures. So magical! #couture2015 #gemgossipdoesVegas Omg. I want it all. Loved meeting @dianekordasjewellery def one to watch!! #couture2015 #gemgossipdoesVegas #showmeyourrings Make sure to wish this babe -- @necessaryexcess -- a happy birthday today! She's wearing the sickest @buddha_mama hand bracelet mixed with her own jewels & @michellefantacijewelry rings....my hand on the left is wearing @michellefantacijewelry taken at #c No one does luxury quite like @kararossny and I love her penchant for gemstones--she is a gemologist!! Lovely meeting you!! #couture2015 #gemgossipdoesVegas Going for it...much love for @spinellikilcollin at #couture2015 #gemgossipdoesVegas @lovegoldlive

Can you believe it?!  Another year at Couture is over?!  The craziness of Las Vegas jewelry week has come and gone, but the memories and amazing jewelry last forever.  My last leg of the trip was spent at Couture, where I packed as much jewelry into six hours as I possibly could.  Warning: I would not try this next year!  This was my first year I attended Couture for only one day and I do not recommend doing so!  There’s just way too much to see to do that to yourself!  But I made the most of it, and saw some pretty incredible pieces.

One of my goals this year was to visit with exhibitors I’ve never met with before.  This goal was hard because it meant I missed out on visiting with old friends and designers I had worked with in the past.  But I thought it was great to widen my circle and explore more, which led me to new designers that I am extremely excited about, like Mattioli Jewelry, Etho Maria, Phyne by Paige Novick and Diane Kordas Jewellery.  These four topped my list of designers I couldn’t wait to meet and see their jewelry for the first time in person.  I was truly blown away by all four, each for different reasons.

Mattioli Jewelry was one of the first Couture appointments I made.  Those enamel and gemstone face rings is what I had been dreaming about since I first laid my eyes on them one day while on Facebook.  Seeing them in person is totally a different story!  They are inspired by a 16th century Italian painted named Arcimboldo who created masterpieces entirely out of objects like fruit, vegetables, and flowers. That totally amazed me, not to mention I wanted to get familiar with some Italian designers for my upcoming trip to Italy (!!! yes, you heard it here first!).

Etho Maria is a European company which fuses a designer brand with a manufacturing company to create exquisite pieces.  I love the boldness and the gemstone colors use in their pieces. Sold worldwide, they have a global reach and universal fan base–I could also easily see many of their pieces on the red carpet.

Phyne by Paige Novick recently launched, although the namesake designer has been designing costume jewelry for several years.  I had been a huge fan of her costume pieces, but here on Gem Gossip, I don’t write about costume jewelry so I never featured her designs.  Now with the launch of her 14k gold collection I can proudly write about her as a designer and I love the pieces she has put together for the Phyne collection.  Paige was also recently inducted into the CFDA!

Diane Kordas Jewellery caught my attention several months ago on Instagram.  I chose one of her rings as a part of my #gemgossipwishlist this past holiday season.  I couldn’t wait to see her pieces in person and it was so great meeting her!  The three rings I took a photo of I cannot stop thinking about–totally obsessed.  Her pieces are casual and classic, yet have this understated cool-factor to them.  Love it!

Photos above:

myself at the Mattioli Jewelry booth wearing pieces from their African Queen collection

Phyne by Paige Novick two-finger rings stacked up make for a cool look

wearing an 18k cuff and two rings from Mattioli’s Urban Animals collection

two versions of Ileana Makri‘s evil eye rings done in diamonds and sapphires

imitating an image from Mattioli‘s lookbook, love these two rings

checking out Arik Kastan‘s new pieces, some great bold looks with tempting gemstone combinations

designer Nora Kogan showing me her jewels, love that emerald, and her famous T & A rings

Moritz Glik diamond shaker rings are so incredible–MUST SEE in person

these enamel & gemstone rings by Mattioli Jewelry were inspired by Arcimboldo a 16th century painter who created masterpieces entirely out of fruit, vegetables, etc

celestial happiness created by Andrea Fohrman, these are her newest pieces using manganese sulfide 

love these gold collars accented by pearls and diamonds & the ear climber too, by Paige Novick

can you see why Etho Maria was on top of my list of must-see designers?!

meeting Maria Lalaounis was such a treat, ilias Lalaounis is one of my all-time favorites, all the way from Greece

a peek into the brightly colored display of Ileana Makri and her new Art Deco collection

Finn Jewelry had some really clever new pieces and these earrings stole the show for me

nothing like some bold gold from Buddha Mama Jewelry, so great to finally meet these rad ladies

Incredibly daunting and mysterious, the Morpheus pendant by Anthony Lent Jewelry

love Brooke Gregson and her insane opals, a gemstone lover at heart you can totally see it in her work

Diane Kordas Jewellery topping off my wish list with these three solid rings right here!

a little bit of Buddha Mama Jewelry mixed with some Michelle Fantaci Jewelry, great pairing

juicy gemstones from Kara Ross, so bold and luxurious 

dripping in gold with Spinelli Kilcollin who won two design awards at Couture!  Congrats!


Thanks for another great year, Couture! Read 2013 & 2014.