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Diamond Empowerment Fund’s “Diamonds in the Sky” Event, Celebrating Diamonds Do Good


The Jewelry Industry sure knows how to put together an evening of festivities and if you catch yourself in Las Vegas during jewelry week, the Diamond Empowerment Fund‘s event every year is one you don’t want to miss!  No matter how tired or drained I am after back-to-back appointments all day, missed lunches, skipped dinners–I stop everything, clear out my evening schedule and attend this charity event. Last year’s performance by Chaka Khan was exhilarating and truly once-in-a-lifetime. Hoping to have an even better time than last, I sort of had a feeling it would be after finding out this year’s performer was going to be Kelly Rowland formerly of Destiny’s Child, and knowing that my date for the night was going to be Monica of iDazzle, it was a night destined for the record books!  

The “Diamonds in the Sky” event brings together a diverse array of people–diamond industry veterans and newbies, government officials, a few celebrities, jewelry bloggers and industry insiders, and honorary D.E.F. scholars and award recipients.  “The Diamond Empowerment Fund believes that education is a key component to sustainable development, which in turn is essential to empower individuals, communities, and society toward future economic prosperity, stability and advancement.” (Diamond Empowerment Fund, to learn more see their website)  

Taking center stage were student scholars representing D.E.F.’s “Diamonds Do Good” mission of developing the next generation of leaders in diamond communities around the world through access to higher education. Chantal Uwiringiyimana, one of D.E.F.’s scholars from the African Leadership Academy and currently a University of Arizona undergraduate, said “Having grown up in a poor Rwandan community, education has been the key to opportunity…I am now on track to become one of the few African female engineers.” Ashna Mehta, student ambassador for Veerayatan—a D.E.F. beneficiary based in India—said “Without access to education, the cycle of poverty is perpetuated and difficult to break free from…Veerayatan enables youth to reach their full potential and become leaders and change-makers in their communities.” There was also a live auction, which D.E.F.’s co-founder Russell Simmons helped introduce, and some serious money was raised!  A definite success finished off by the glorious voice of Kelly Rowland.  Another memorable Diamonds In The Sky event in the books!

For such a commendable project and mission, I was honored to attend the gala in Las Vegas with some of my fellow jewelry friends.  Special thanks to Jen C. Williams of Luxury Brand Group and everyone who made the night one to remember: Katerina Perez, Monica of iDazzle, Natalie of Jewelsdujour, Liz Kanter of Todd Reed, Amanda Gizzi of Jewelers of America … and finally meeting Craig Danforth and Helena Krodel.  Until next year…

Above photos provided by: Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F) Last photo is a scan of JCK Magazine–we made it into the “social diary” page! Yea!

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Women’s Jewelry Association: 2015 Awards for Excellence Gala in NYC

There have only been a few times in my career as a jewelry blogger where I felt my hard work, dedication and passion have exceeded my expectations and provided me with opportunities I had never dreamed of.  Hearing my nomination for the Women’s Jewelry Association Awards in the category of Excellence in Editorial Media really left me awestruck and emotional.  It is amazing to have little moments throughout my days as a self-employed writer through emails and comments from people appreciating my passion and what I do, but to have an industry call you out on it and nominate you for an award is on another level!  And not just an industry, but the WOMEN of the industry–women who are here to empower, stand up, back you up, praise and applaud–and the highest up women, mind you.  So thank you.  Thanks for acknowledging what I do, which I started seven years ago when most in this industry didn’t even know what a blog was.  

The Women’s Jewelry Association Awards for Excellence Gala is held every July in NYC since 1984 (a great year, may I add) and is an event that most will say is something they look forward to every year!  I was excited to attend for my first time ever and as a nominee no less, so it came with mixed feelings–one minute I was super pumped and then the next I had butterflies going 90 mph in my stomach.  I’m sure it didn’t help that I flew in alone and had my Uber driver side-swipe another car only 15 minutes into my arrival in NYC.  But that is the nature of the beast, I guess!! The night itself was magical due to the people I was with–seeing old faces, meeting people I’ve been wanting to since forever, reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen since Vegas, and making acquaintances friends for life!! Also shoutout to Barbara of Adornmentality and Mr. Chris Matty for their excellence in accommodation recommendations–I know should you ever wish to embark on a career change, a travel agent is where you both will soar.  (hysterical crying face emoji)

Big congrats to Monica of iDazzle who *dazzled* hardcore at the evening’s event and took home the coveted award in my category.  Also another big congrats to Rebecca Moskal who won for Excellence in Marketing & Communications, whom I was rooting for more than I was for myself. I’ve experienced her professionalism and hard work first hand, so it was great to see her win in the most deserving way.

I was terrible at capturing pictures that night, but thanks to those that did–I stole one of my favorites from Payal Shah (L’Dezen Jewelry) featuring myself, Monica, Barbara, Payal and Dallas Selsey.