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Gem Gossip as guest blogger over at Kabiri



Excited to write a blog post for a favorite high-end jewelry store of mine, Kabiri.  Kabiri has an exceptional eye for remarkable jewelry and is very discerning when seeking out designers to add to their lineup.  I always love browsing through their exciting selection of jewels.  Here is what I contributed:

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Blast Off With Space Age Jewellery

Jewelry designers like Merle OGrady and Fred Butler are going out of this world to hone one of this year’s top trends–Space Age. Lady Gaga has gravitated toward outfits that capture “astronaut” in a whole new and fashionable light. Bright colors, sharp lines, unconventional proportions, bubbly-shapes make up this futuristic trend. Jewelry designers are able to bring this look into jewelry for those who want to try it out without looking like your headed to the moon. Let’s orbit around these great pieces from Kabiri, which are shown below.

geometric venusearrings