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Gem Collector & Hunter, Michael Abraham

fbprofilepicmichaelabraham Michael Abraham has been collecting gems since he was a child–both his parents were gem and mineral collectors, always traveling, digging up treasures from the Earth, and bringing Michael along for the ride. His appreciation and fascination grew with age, and now, with a gemology degree under his belt and years of experience, he brings his rare finds to his customers. His specialty is bringing the rare and collectible gemstones to you, as well as customizing jewelry tailored to the wearer. His approach is like a gemstone concierge–name the stone, and he will find it anywhere in the world , while educating the client at the same time.

Here are several photographs from Michael’s adventures, which have taken him to jungles in Africa, parts of Asia, and rural mining towns in Australia & Tanzania. 919486_524045114297557_901205733_o 463898_519314268103975_1846578110_o 976004_525785180790217_1572037268_o Untitled Untitled Untitled 920411_520608517974550_1282286535_o