Endless talk of all things sparkly.

Favorite Instagrams: Late Summer 2015

lorinya danielavillegasjewelry mociun jeanjeanvintage lisakramervintage rkjewels_ reliquarysf jewelleryhannah macklowegallery thezenobia vadajewelry pippinvintage arrowandanchorantiques phillipshouse

lorinya collecting some Santa Monica garden inspiration

danielavillegasjewelry knows how to make a bug look desirable, definitely WANT

mociun stacked up in vintage/antique bracelets she brought back from the Vegas antique show

jeanjeanvintage giving us some Italian micromosaic envy with this ring from The State of Hermitage Museum in Russia

lisakramervintage sold this reverse intaglio ring featuring a marsh scene and blue bird very quickly, I missed out!

rkjewels_ pairs a 1970s Chopard watch with blue jeans, a match made in heaven

reliquarysf organizing some newly acquired pieces for their San Francisco shop

jewelleryhannah gives us a peek into her jewelry box, omg YES

macklowegallery captures their 1880s billy goat brooch amongst the “snow capped mountains” of this quartz crystal

thezenobia shows off her diamond photography skills–they are on point

vadajewelry giving us some marble vibes, the best kind to have

pippinvintge making a 1960s Boucher “birds of paradise” brooch look reallllly good

arrowandanchorantiques is convinced Opals are magic…we are too!

phillipshouse new designs featuring these gem set door knocker earrings