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Favorite Instagrams: February 2015

gemfever charmcony goodgirljewelry asos gemstonegypsy marissanaples workhorsejewels eriebasin watchanish fd_gallery leolarevives bellandbird ruggedandfancy theantiqueguild

gemfever photographed the most exquisite little Victorian pearl and diamond ring, being surrounded by some Tahitians

charmcony if I haven’t already been tempted at collecting antique Figa charms–this image sealed the deal!

goodgirljewelry holding up a fluorite slab from her gem collection

asos displaying some fun sunglasses that have me wishing for sunny weather

gemstonegypsy posted these incredible late 2nd century byzantine gold rings from Rome, on view at the Museo Nazionale Romano

marissanaples modeling some gorgeous Sylva Cie pendants available at their store

workhorsejewels stacked up some of their swoon-worthy jewels in the rosiest rose gold

eriebasin always has the most delightful jewelry case displays in his shop

watchanish tripping on someone’s insane watch collection–I love collectors and their possessions 

fd_gallery features a belle époque emerald and diamond brooch formerly in the collection of Anita Delgado, 5th wife of the Maharaja of Kapurthala

leolarevives is a favorite antique jewelry shop on Etsy of mine–she is based in Hungary

bellandbird photographs this immaculate striped enamel band that is engraved February, 18th 1867

ruggedandfancy capturing some of Bobo Intriguing Objects’ amazing wares and curios

theantiqueguild love this Georgian pendant set with diamonds and enamel