Endless talk of all things sparkly.

Favorite Instagram Pictures: Mid-Spring 2013

tiffanyandco jm_london_nz highvoltagetat benballer lauriekaiser sydneyevan manrepeller kismetbymilka ireneneuwirth christiesinc shrevecrumplow delphinejewelry zshock songofstyle

tiffanyandco gorgeous Christmas scene makes me miss the holidays

jm_london_nz Asscher cuts + black nail polish = LOVE

highvoltagetat certain pictures, like this one, make me want another tattoo 

benballer makes the craziest chains and neckpieces #gangsta

lauriekaiser love this artwork featuring vases

sydneyevan layered necklaces done the best way possible

manrepeller favorite thing ever is gallery walls–this one is amazing

kismetbymilka a snapshot of the Octium jewelry shop with their octagonal displays

ireneneuwirth a gorgeous gown being painted on 

christiesinc a glimpse back into the Elizabeth Taylor auction madness prep

shrevecrumplow a stunning opal necklace

delphinejewelry wearing all her own designs

zshock with a fresh pack of diamonds

songofstyle has the most ideal closet