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Exploring the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

Gem Gossip US Antique Shows

Gem Gossip US Antique Shows

Have you always wanted to go to the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show?! In this video put together by the US Antique Shows, in collaboration with Circa 91 Productions & The Wright Consulting Co., I was interviewed in the morning just before day two of the show! We discuss how I started Gem Gossip, connecting with my followers, my favorite feature of my blog, and what I love most about attending this show every year! We also go shopping! So you can actually follow me and see what goes down, what catches my eye and more.

Thanks so much US Antique Shows for this on-camera interview opportunity. I’m still learning how to get used to the camera and honestly when I was asked to be a part of this, I immediately wanted to say no because the thought of talking on camera makes my stomach hurt, but I’m SO GLAD I said yes. Sometimes you have to do things that scare you a little and put you out of your comfort zone–these moments challenge you as a person and help you grow in the best way possible. So remember that…whatever you are facing or if public speaking makes you cringe, just do it!