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Excited for Jewelry Camp 2013!


The date is getting closer! Jewelry Camp is August 1-3, and I am excited because this year it is taking place in Atlanta, GA. That means I can go!  The line-up of speakers is also superurb–including topics ranging from ivory, Gothic revival jewelry, daguerreotype and early photographic jewelry​​, and antique diamonds!  Another exciting event is having Judy Cohen set up with her rare jewelry books for purchase. Jewelry Camp is three days long, with morning and afternoon sessions, packed with informational presentations. 

I brought out my “appraisal studies” notebook and looked over my notes from my last appraisal conference which was a few years ago–the NAJA Appraisal Conference in Rhode Island. I always think it is important, no matter what field you are in, to continue to learn by attending professional development seminars.  Now that I have my Graduate Gemologist degree, it is important to me to attend classes like these and read from the abudance of jewelry books that are out there!