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Designer Spotlight: Satomi Kawakita

satomi satomikawakita



Satomi Kawakita is the designer behind these tiny, delicate stacking bands that are incredibly irresistible. With a dress-maker for a mother and a background in glass-blowing, Satomi’s unique mixture has led her to create a jewelry line. At college she studied wood, metal, clay and textile design/creation in Japan. After working for a glass artist while in college, her love for making jewelry began to surface. She took her passion to New York City and studied jewelry making at Studio Jewelers. With the launch of Satomi Kawakita’s jewelry line in 2008, she now continues to create beautiful designs. Not only are her delicate stacking rings very popular, but her double finger rings are a statement ring for sure!

>> Check out the photos for unique stacking looks–you can purchase each ring individually through her website, Catbird, or stores near you!コピー ~ satomi_group06(1)

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