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Designer Spotlight: POEZ Jewellers


POEZ Jewellers officially launched in May of 2006, however the creator behind the jewelry line has been assembling the ideal qualifications since she could remember!  Poesy Liang is an avid collector of gemstones and has a background in interior design with formal training in architectural engineering.  So you can see what a unique designer Poesy is–with each creation paying homage to the beauty of the gemstones and the women who wear them.  Many designs are done in exclusive editions, with each being 18k gold.  Here are some of my favorites from her current collection.  She continues to design more and more creations, like the latest Grinning Grapefruit or Blushing Icicle, all of which are gorgeous gemstone rings.  

To order a piece from Poez Jewellers, email Poesy at contact@poezjewellers.com


poezbubblenecklace The “Fat Catch” fish pendants, featured are kunzite + tanzanite and aquamarine + rubelite, each set in 18k yellow gold, $2700 each.  The fish are on the “Bubble necklace” which is set with moonstones, available in limited quantity, $1950.  


The story behind the “Fat Catch” fish pendants is quite fitting for the name. The designer created the original for someone who is considered a great catch for marriage and obviously that person had very high calibre/qualifications too besides coming from a noble background. The original turned out so cute, that Poesy made one for herself…and soon people were asking about them. Each are usually designed with rare gemstones and vary in price. Poezsweetheart The Sweetheart rings are whimsical and vibrant! These particular pieces are as follows: Sweetheart (ruby + diamonds) $9200, Electric Love (sapphire + diamonds) $4350, Heart of Gold (yellow sapphire + canary diamonds) $4350. poezearrings How pretty are these earrings? I love the bows and the delicate pink color of the Kunzite. And these are no small rocks–each Kunzite is 20 carats. The price is $24800. Poesy is designing smaller version of these earrings, so look out for those! poezjewelry These gemstone rings are yummy, and Poesy has designed many more with equally yummy names. These particular two are called Pinkest Debutante (spinel + tourmalines) $1800 and Grape Delight (amethyst + tourmalines) $1950.