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Designer Spotlight — Lu Rebuffo

Lu Rebuffo | Gem Gossip

In March I announced my first-ever virtual trunk show featuring a brand new designer, whom I’ve been really excited to feature and share with everyone–Lu Rebuffo. Every piece is handmade by Lu using 14k yellow gold and genuine gemstones, based in Miami, Florida. The gemstones are all stone-cast, made to look almost treasure-like with a semi-finished feel to them. The collections I debuted over on @shopGemGossip are inspired by Miami’s Art Deco architecture where Lu grew up, his fascination with the celestial sky, his interest for memento mori jewelry, and his extensive visits to museums worldwide.

Lu Rebuffo | Gem Gossip

Lu is continually working on new collections, with the first three being the Baguette Collection, the Halo Collection, and the Esqueleto Collection. I’ve posted 15 pieces from these collections, all for sale over on shopGemGossip–you can see details of each piece, size and price on every post. Keep in mind most pieces can easily be sized.  Each collection has a distinct motif, yet they play off one another and look great together. More about each collection in Lu’s own words:

The Halo Collection is my homage to the celestial sky. These pieces are created to simulate orbits of celestial bodies and are statement-makers. The Esqueleto Collection is inspired by memento mori pieces from the past and have almost a treasure-like feel to them. They are great for stacking with other rings or other skull designs of mine. The Baguette Collection is mix-in collection…these pieces can be incorporated with my other collections.

It has been a pleasure working with Lu and learning about his studies and teaching himself when most “old school” teachers didn’t understand the types of pieces and ideas he dreamed of creating. Although he has taken classes on jewelry making, most of what he does today has been self-taught. He currently is working on new collections, adding gemstones like opals to his designs, and making some rings for the Halo Collection that are smaller in scale. I own one of his statement-making Halo rings and I am totally obsessed. I wore it recently while in NYC and was stopped TWICE from people asking me about it.

Lu Rebuffo | Gem Gossip

If you like any of these pieces shown here, feel free to contact me to purchase! If you own a store and think these designs could be a good fit, let me know.

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