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Designer Spotlight: Kristin Pasternak Jewelry


I’ve gotten really good at spelling “Kristin Pasternak” from the amount of times googling her newly launched line of beautiful fine jewelry. There is a fine line between jewelry that is for everyday wear and jewelry that is for special occasions only–with Kristin’s line uniquely fitting both categories. I think this distinction came easily for someone who transitioned from the fashion industry into the jewelry industry. Today, you basically need to have a grip on both aspects to make your mark and Kristin’s background allows her to do so. With being an assistant buyer for Polo Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent, she surrounded herself with luxury fashion, but always had a love for jewelry. Her line launched in 2009 and has influences from the past while maintaining a modern luxury-elegance that high fashion is accustomed to.

Swiss Blue Topaz Trifoil Cocktail Ring and sketch


Kristin Pasternak has shared a few of her sketches that have become some of her trademark pieces within her collection. Sketching is an important aspect to her designing and helps her visualize an end result. She says, “For me, the process starts with a vision, develops into a sketch with proportions and dimensions which become the outline for a silver model, or “master” prototype of the piece.” I love the trifoil motif and the choice of a swiss blue topaz. This ring is priced at $1825 and can be purchased through her website. Diamond Trifoil Undulating Large Hoop and sketch

Designs can often be modified in the final phases of design, as seen here. Kristin describes this case: “You’ll notice that there are sometimes changes with between the sketch and the final piece, which is quite common. For example, on the hoops, the trifoil is inverted in the finished product because I felt it was more consistent with the way the trifoil pendant would lay and how I envisioned that the trifoil studs would be worn. Designing jewelry as part of a cohesive collection is always a process of switching back and forth between micro (the individual piece) and macro (how does this fit with or compliment the rest of the collection) perspectives.” These hoops are done in 18k yellow matte gold, with diamonds and are priced at $2275

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