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Designer Spotlight: Hughes Bosca Jewelry

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Finding Hughes Bosca Jewelry and stumbling upon their incredible designs was so exciting to me!  That is why I am jumping for joy as I type this.  I love antique jewelry and I also love newer designer jewelry, however Hughes Bosca Jewelry is in a category all of its own.  I want to call it artisan jewelry, where each piece is handmade using the finest materials, and the duo behind the jewelry call themselves “goldsmiths” rather than designers.  The care and precision that goes into each piece is on a whole different level.  Most pieces, to me, belong in a museum–which is actually a hope/dream for the two brilliant minds behind these jewels.  

Mary Hughes and Caro-Gray Bosca began their careers on separate paths–Mary studying at California College of the Arts on the west coast, while on the east coast Caro-Gray studied at School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University.  Both combined their talents and have been creating jewelry together for 16 years.  Traveling and getting inspired go hand-in-hand for this team, and they say they are truly happy and proud of their many clients who love and wear their jewelry on a daily basis.  

Some of the pieces that caught my eye right away are the rings created using carved gemstones.  The carved turquoise and coral parrot heads are unlike anything I’ve seen.  I also am blown away by the hand-painted quartz used in a few ring designs–with painted leopard spots and another having polka dots.  As with all their designs, everything is done in 18k yellow gold.

Currently, the design duo is busy working on a giant Baltic Blue Amber necklace with Blue Diamonds and Orange Sapphires, Mexican Fire Opal and Peridot.  Sounds out of this world! 

Their own personal favorite pieces they own? Mary loves her Afgani seal, an anchient stamp with a phoenix in the reverse accented with Emerald and Hot pink Spinel.  And Caro-Gray wears a lemon South Sea Pearl with a diamond cap worn on my everyday irregular link 18K chain. Both sound amazing.

>> Check out their website for more designs!