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Designer Spotlight: Gabriela de la Vega

It is enchanting to read about a jewelry designer and begin to see similar stories about how designs are conceived.  Along with other designers, Gabriela de la Vega gets inspired by the gemstones, letting them sort of “speak to her.”  She uses and is inspired by cognac diamonds, sapphires, tourmaline, emeralds and turquoise.  The collection of keys, which was started in 2003, and continues to be popular, is a favorite of mine.  A key can have so much meaning and symbolism to it, and Gabriela’s pieces are each unique.  Check out some of the keys below, and her website as well to see her other beautiful designs.

key2 Queen Key 18k yellow gold, Price: $760

Open Heart Key 18k yellow gold, Price: $700
key3 Skate Key 18k yellow gold, Price: $900

hole Keyhole with pave rubies, Price: $2860