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Designer Spotlight: Daniela Villegas



So incredibly inspired by designer Daniela Villegas. Her buggy bug world comes to life with the bright, intense gemstones she uses. Each insect depicted in her designs looks very real, but in a “cute” way. She is obviously inspired by nature and wildlife, along with traveling. Take a look at her designs and you will understand why Daniela Villegas is quickly becoming a big name in the jewelry industry! 311682_293360400761519_2081189592_n 45805_370391669725058_476593140_n534841_286451444785748_11552592_n 302634_317313888366170_1893105614_n 75974_335831063181119_1525725459_n 543763_341396412624584_1343095923_n 400051_346024042161821_1662460900_n 295294_348567861907439_449523124_n