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Currently Reading: Dior Joaillerie

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Dior Joaillerie is my current reading book on these cold mid-winter nights. Victoire de Castellane‘s passion and design aesthetic really warms me up. She is effortless in creating breath-taking pieces of art. The lacquered flowers, ribbon motifs, and huge skulls that make up her repertoire are all incredibly inspiring. A favorite line of mine, so far, while reading happens when talking about Victoire’s favorite gemstones: she is “particularly fascinated with beautiful opal stones and their chameleon-like ability to harness all the colors of the rainbow, as if by magic.”

I’m about 1/3 into the book and love both the writing and the gorgeous pictures. I tried capturing my favorite pages above, along with my current obsession within my personal collection, antique baby rings worn stacked on every finger and every part of the finger. I recommend this book to any jewelry collector looking for another to add to their personal library!

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