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Couture 2014: The Top Five Gold Looks You Need Now #LoveGold


Couture 2014 was, as predicted, a whirlwind of fun.  At times a zombie-like Gem Gossip strayed off course, but for the most part I stuck with every single appointment I made and then some!  In total, I spent time with 31 jewelry designers and if you’re wondering how I pulled that off, a typical day began at 10am entering Couture and I left around 4-4:30pm, on Saturday and Sunday only, providing I started out my morning with $50+ room service (oye!).  It was the enthusiasm of the designers, the adrenaline rush upon seeing/playing with each piece, as well as the warmer ballroom conditions (I think someone took our “we’re freezing” complaints seriously this year) that kept me going.  And hey, unlike last year I actually made appointments and brought business cards–hooray I’m growing up!  

I’m also learning the in’s and out’s of being an A+ jewelry shopper.  It may seem obvious, but actually trying on necklace, rings, bracelets and earrings is my biggest piece of advice. Sometimes a piece could look totally different when worn, or may surprise you and really stand out, when in the case it was unnoticed.  Often times, a piece of jewelry can make you feel a whole new way, giving you a new attitude to boot!  I am so grateful for these five jewelry designers for letting me try on their pieces, because not only did I love them, but they are my top five gold jewelry looks from the Couture Show!  Each look evoked some great feelings and I totally want these a part of my collection.

Look: Two 14k yellow gold choker necklaces from Lana Jewelry, their pre-Fall collection, featuring the Glam Choker and the Blake Choker.

Feeling: Lana may be known as the “Hoop Queen” but she has taken sexiness to a whole new level with these sleek necklaces.  Meant to be worn in almost a choker fashion, these worn together made me feel chic and modern.


Look: 18k yellow gold diamond and abalone Strelitzia earrings from Kavant & Sharart

Feeling: With pointy and spiky being a huge trend this year, these were my favorite examples. I felt trendy and cool by pairing one pair onto one ear, and I love the overall look!  Abalone is my new favorite stone!


Look: 18k yellow gold matte finish “Loves Me” Bloom collection, earrings and four rings from Sandy Leong Jewelry

Feeling: Flowers are a motif that have been represented in jewelry for hundreds of years, but these blooms from Sandy Leong are unique!  Here’s why: the concept behind the collection illustrates plucking petals from a flower, while reciting, “he loves me, he loves me not…”  The rings actually have one petal plucked off, with the lone petal playfully placed on the other end of the shank.  So cute!


Look: 18k yellow gold earrings set with 2,000 year old coins from 1884 Collection.

Feeling: Wearing these earrings made me feel closer to my roots–my Italian roots, that is.  These ancient Roman coins are all unique in their own way, and are never cleaned or polished, keeping them as close to original as possible.  I think it is very captivating to know that you are wearing something with such history and heritage. 


Look: 18k yellow gold jewelry from Jemma Wynne, featuring pieces from their new Revival Collection. Three stone deco cuffs done in 18k yellow gold diamonds and fire opal, rubelite, and emerald, as well as a Tahitian pearl cuff with chain element.  An 18k yellow gold snake chain love knot necklace with graduated emeralds, and a pair of 18k yellow gold Emerald trillion and diamond studs with baguette ear jackets finish off the look.

Feeling: Jemma Wynne is continually raising the bar by taking their classic pieces and putting an cool spin on each one.  These new cuff bracelets have a closing hinge with vibrant gemstones, and the earrings are able to mix/match with different additional jackets which hang from the back easily.  I still felt classic like their collections always provokes, but this time with a little edge and a punch of color!  


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