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Q & A with White/Space Jewelry

Exciting happenings today — this blog feature is the first of a monthly series from Asia of @iRockGems where she will be interviewing some movers and shakers within the jewelry industry that are Black & POC. Today’s interview features Khadijah Fulton of White/Space Jewelry. Take it… Read More

Guest Posts

Protection Jewelry — Good Luck Totems

You are underground. Summer has come early this year. A fetid breeze blows past. You can’t see the train yet, but you feel its pressure pushing down the tunnel. You reach up to put your book in your bag and prepare for the wild, sweaty press of people… Read More

Guest Posts

Unisex Jewelry — A Tale from Jenn of @bellflowerbay

One day, I noticed my husband, Mike, peering intently at my necklace holder, letting the chains pool in his palm as he tested the weight. “Uhh whatcha doing?” I asked, keeping close watch. “Oh,” he replied casually, “I think I want to… Read More

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