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Decoding the New Definition of a Diamond

Today on the blog, I'm explaining the differences between natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. While real diamonds and ones that are produced in a lab may look similar to the naked eye, there are significant differences in heritage, value, growth structure, and most importantly: rarity. Read More

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10 Must-Have Crystals for Your Gem Collection

Just starting out collecting rocks, minerals and crystals? Or if you already have a collection, which stones are definite must-haves? Here's my list of my top ten favorites which I think should be in every collection... Read More

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What I Learned at JTV’s Experience Conference in Knoxville, TN

I attended the JTV Experience last week -- a three-day conference which brings together lots of jewelry and gem enthusiasts to Jewelry Television's headquarters in Knoxville, TN. Read about what I learned and then some... Read More

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My Favorite Way of Cleaning Gold Jewelry — An Ultrasonic

I get asked ALL the time -- what is the best way to clean your jewelry? I recommend an ultrasonic cleaner, as it the most efficient way to completely clean your karat gold jewelry. In this video, I take you step-by-step on using this Elma Sonic from Rio Grande! I also give you a link to buy the ultrasonic that I'm using in the video, which I completely recommend. Read More

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40 Diamond Facts I Learned While Attending the Gemological Institute of America

Diamonds are fun to learn about and when I attended the Gemological Institute of America, I definitely learned more than I ever realized I could possibly know about these incredible jewels. I recently found my notes from my diamond classes and put together this list of 40 diamond facts...enjoy! Read More

Education & Advice

What I Learned at AGS Conclave 2018

AGS Conclave is a three-day jewelry trade conference that combines education, networking and fun. It happens every year in a different location and this year was especially exciting because it was in Nashville (where I live). Here is a complete guide to everything I learned in the seven classes I took (just to let you know, there were over 80 different learning sessions and I learned SO MUCH just from seven of those). Read More