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Designer Jewelry

New Jewelry Collections from Always Aleda

You’ve often heard of the phrase new phone, who dis? Something Aleda can say about the progression and development of her jewelry skills and aesthetic, as she has intensely been honing her collection while finding her place in the jewelry industry. As much as she… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Gem Gossip’s Black Label Launches

Just in time for the holidays, our Black Label has just launched featuring handmade diamond and gemstone rings that are truly stunning. This four-piece collection is geared toward those with a higher budget for holiday shopping, as each one is $2900. The gemstones chosen reflect each setting, both for… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Intarsia Collection — Parlé Gems x Gem Gossip Collaboration

It’s no secret that I have an obsession with Intarsia — gemstones that are small pieces of artwork, created by artisans from cutting and fitting stones together like a puzzle, creating beautiful patterns and shapes. I’m drawn to them for so many reasons, but I think… Read More

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Designer Jewelry

Rare Indicolite Tourmaline Ring Worth $125k 😱

 When Joe Murawski showed so much enthusiasm for this one single ring, I immediately knew it was going to be breath-taking.  Joe has seen thousands, if not millions, of pieces of jewelry in his lifetime.  He is the… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Dana Rebecca Launches Buddha Jewels

When Dana Rebecca creates jewelry, each piece has meaning and significance within her own life. If you’re someone who has been designing entire jewelry collections since the age of 16, you’re bound to make some jewels that not only touch your life but plenty of… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Trend-Spotting — Gold Bead Jewelry with ARME DE L’AMOUR

Lately I’ve been loving this gold bead look I’ve been seeing on Instagram — maybe you’ve seen it as well? It features gold beaded jewelry, like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, all strung together. Some are large gold beads, some are… Read More