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Ross-Simons Year-End BLowout Sale: Must Haves

Desperate times call for desperate measures. It seems "end-of-the-year" sales are everywhere...with coupons galore! Frankly, the only year-end sale I am looking forward to is the Ross-Simons sale. Offering perks like free shipping and additional 20% off already low prices, you can't beat that. My top "must haves" are featured below, but see for yourself and browse the huge selection...you won't be disappointed! Vintage 1970 star sapphire dome ring, done in 18k yellow gold. This ring is on sale for $636 currently. I like the swirling bypass effect it has. This is an onyx ring that features a carved jade floral. The 14k yellow gold bezel adds an elegance to the look. Priced at only $92 currently. This is as good as it gets! Vintage 1900 diamond ring with blue enameling around the center diamond, which is a half carat. The total diamond weight is 1.5 carats, at only $6636 currently with the sale. This is a perfect example of a Victorian piece. I love this citrine masterpiece. It is an estate find from the 1970s, featuring a 22.5 carat citrine! At only a size 3, this would make a great pinky ring. It is $1436 on sale. And lastly, this sapphire dome ring is vintage from 1980. It has almost 3 carats of blue sapphire, flanked in 14k white gold. Priced at $1196 currently. [polldaddy poll="1228270"] Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Christmas Eve 2008

...Off to Midnight Mass, Merry Christmas!  Hope everyone's holiday is filled with warmth and good people! Antique Virgin Mary blue enamel pendant, circa 1910. Done in 18k yellow gold from France, priced at $244. From Adin. Diamonds and sapphires outfitted in platinum and gold, burst pendant featuring the Virgin Mary. Priced at $1200 from Doyle & Doyle. Golden enamel pendant featuring St. Therese of Lisieux. Priced at $293 from Adin. Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry Heaven found on Ruby Lane

I recently found a tiny ad in Domino Magazine for an antique emporium where buyers and sellers can come together.  I love checking out new sites, but hate getting disappointed by most.  When browsing Ruby Lane, I was very much surprised.  Their selection of antique and vintage jewelry goes on and on, with so many sellers to choose from.  After looking for a few hours, I was about to call it a night since my eyes would no longer stay open without me making them.  I then came across a dainty little ring, with a reasonable price.  I read the description, and it fit my standards: 10k solid rose gold, small diamond, great condition, from the Victorian era--check, check, check AND CHECK!  I had to have it!  With a sudden burst of energy, I emailed the seller.  A good vintage jewelry hunter always asks slightly lower than ticket price.  Just remember to be reasonable.  After work the next day, I was happy to learn that the seller accepted my offer and would include shipping and handling!  Well, I just received the ring and absolutely love it!  It was worth staying up late to peruse just a few more pages worth of jewelry.  When I glance at it throughout the day while wearing it, I often wonder who wore it before and what memories it holds.  Being from the Victorian Era, it probably has a great significance.  Stop on by Ruby Lane to find your very own treasure today (or late tonight)!  Website: www.rubylane.com Seller: Barnsley Collection Read More

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Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Gem Gossip’s Pick of the Week!

My pick of the week comes from Doyle & Doyle, a team of two sisters who specialize in hand-picking unique estate and antique jewelry.  With twelve years in this business, you know everything in their store or on their site is remarkable!  While browsing through inventory on their website, I came across this precious necklace.  You may remember how I said doves are an important symbol in my life from this post.  And this necklace is just as cute!  It is 14k yellow gold with blue guilloche enamel design on the pendant.  I like how the two doves are together, rather than just having one alone.  It sells for $375. Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Bravo Chad; Victoria’s Vintage 1 year Anniversary Gift

You know you watch the show every week; you even watch reruns and not even know it.  Twenty minutes into the rerun you're like--"wait, didn't I just watch this episode last night?"  But you'll finish the last ten minutes until the end just because.  Million Dollar Listing has been pretty good television.  I even get to have snack breaks when Madison's part comes on (he's so boring).  Chad is my favorite.  I also like to predict what clips are going to be on The Soup because Joel McHale does a sweet job of making fun of him.  Now, after the latest episode, I've come to like Chad and his girlfriend Victoria even more, so I might not laugh as hard the next time Joel McHale makes fun of him.  The episode shows Chad at a jewelry store, picking out a gift for Victoria for their one year anniversary.  Chad chose a vintage diamond ring from the 1920s--nice move.  The ring was perfect for the occasion and he presented it to her in Palm Springs.  I've found a few "look-alikes" on some vintage jewelry online shops, so check them out below, and you could have you're very own vintage ring as seen on Million Dollar Listing! This ring has a similar style to the one Chad gave Victoria. It is also from the same time period. There are seven rose cut diamonds (lucky number??) and the ring is set in 18k yellow and white gold. It can be found here at Adin. Price: around $625. The next similar ring comes from Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry. This one is very elegant and has more diamond weight to it--1.15 carats to be exact. It is also set in platinum. The price on this one is $3950. Worth it! This one is probably the most similar to the style and shape of the ring Chad got Victoria. He mentioned while purchasing the ring, that it sort of looked like a butterfly, and this does as well. It is from the Ross-Simons estate collection, and priced at $1195 ($956 if you catch the Labor Day Sale). Very pretty, set in 14k white gold with, again, seven diamonds. Must be a trend that was done back in the 20s-30s, with the seven diamonds. You can tune in to the Bravo channel, and check your local listings for times of Million Dollar Listing. You could probably turn it on TV right now and watch it, it's always on. Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry that is unfit for air travel

Awhile back, I remember being shocked after reading an article about a woman who was forced to remove her necklace she was wearing because it was a "security risk."  That necklace was a tiny pistol pendant, something that the woman probably did not think would cause such commotion.  I personally think that kind of necklace is completely trendy and one-of-a-kind.  If you've got travel plans soon, any involving flying, think twice about the jewelry you wear.  Check out the article here : http://blogs.usatoday.com/sky/2008/06/pistol-pendant.html  And if you want to make headlines the next time you fly the friendly skies--make sure you buy this amazing vintage pistol pendant from Ross-Simons estate collection. It is encrusted in a half carat of diamonds and priced at around $1300, depending on sales that run. Read More