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Cartier Love Charity Bracelets

THE LOWDOWN:  The combination of two wonderful things--jewelry and charity.  The Love Bracelets from Cartier are not only beautiful, but are hip and trendy right now.  Cartier had some good marketing for these pieces--I've seen the ad for them in almost every fashion magazine.  On top of that, a celebrity party was held in its honor, with some of the top celebrities becoming ambassadors with their own cord color.  NOT SO GOOD: Each bracelet sells for around $475, with $100 going to charity.  A little too expensive if you ask me, for a silk cord and an 18k gold mini "Love" ring.  I would rather spend that kind of money on a good lobster dinner and some tiny diamond studs.  I think I will be waiting for them to hit eBay... www.cartier.com Read More

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