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Battle of the Bands


Bands are such an important staple in a jewelry wardrobe. Everyday I am reminded, as I search for the right ring combinations to put on my fingers. Just adding an extra band or two makes a beautiful stacked look. I have a whole row dedicated to bands in my jewelry box–yes, they are that important! So, if you are wanting to buy a new piece of jewelry and are wondering what would make a good choice, go for a band! Here is a great selection below!


I think a lot of people are obsessed with the studded anything and everything trend–and this ring surely captures that. I love the added diamonds amongst the rich 22k yellow gold. The pyramid-like studs wrap all the way around the band, which is designed by Cathy Waterman. Price: $2110 at TWIST.


Love this branch-like band with an opal all done in 14k gold. The ring is designed by Ria Charisse and can be found at Lunessa. Price: $415


The inspiration photo includes a dangle ring, which is great for stacking. I personally have a 14k yellow gold, diamond cut dangle ring, which has a circular gold disc featuring the virgin Mary. The above dangle ring is designed by Yasuko Azuma and has two small diamond leaves. The ring is 14k yellow gold, with some light texture added to the metal. Price: $715 at Ylang|23.


This type of band ring is stacked already for you. It is called a rolling ring, which is a popular piece designed by Cartier. Although this is not a Cartier piece, it is just as beautiful and is vintage. The ring is 14k yellow gold, with a total of 2 carats of diamonds. From Lang Antiques and Estate Jewelry, priced at $3350.


I like the beaded look of the gold in these bands–each features a diamond which can be white or black. It looks great stacked. Designed by Zoë Chicco, a choice of yellow, white or rose gold is also given. Priced at $316 for white diamond or $272 for black diamond.