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Arik Kastan: New Designs, New Gemstone Combinations!

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Arik Kastan has been hard at work, designing and plotting their next move, and it’s a BIG one! The biggest and boldest designs yet, using the most sought after gemstones to date.  Debuting in Las Vegas at the highly acclaimed Couture show last month, Arik Kastan and team are proud to give you the first official glimpse here and in your inbox this morning! (sign up at the bottom right corner of page)

What’s new? 

New gemstone combinations:

Introducing Carnelian!

This semitransparent to opaque stone has an undeniable fiery orange color that is hard to not notice. We wanted to add a bold, pop of color and what better way to do it than introducing carnelian into the Arik Kastan lineup. Used in jewelry for over 3,000 years, we gave it a little modern flair by pairing it with turquoise. Carnelian is widely known for boosting courage and confidence and there’s no doubt our Arik Kastan pieces already do that on their own!

Smokey quartz paired with moonstone!

This combination gives a cool urban vibe with a color palette earthy and subdued. It will have you painting your nails in all shades of “nude” and easily transitioning to fall in no time!  We’ve become obsessed and will gladly pass the torch.  Smokey quartz is said to be very centering and can clear oneself of any negative vibes.  Pair it with moonstone, which is known for aiding intuition and protection, and you’ve got your own winning team.

Turquoise paired with garnet!

A color combination quite frankly only seen in vintage and antique jewelry, we thought we had to bring back this deep, rich color combination!  And the verdict is in–everyone is swooning over it. From editors, to stylists, and tastemakers alike, this is the hottest combo we’ve ever created. You’ll be sure to see it hitting your nearest Arik Kastan retailer soon. Turquoise is well known as a powerful healing stone and helps with self-acceptance.  Paired with garnet, which is a powerful protecting stone, this combination has you feeling safe and looking gorgeous.  

New designs:


The “Mandala” ring: 

Our inspiration for this new design brought together nature and the concept of spiritual wholeness. We created our own version of a Mandala, with a floral twist! Finishing it off with a bright gemstone pattern was fitting, with turquoise being our anchor color and accented that with colors of garnets for one design and carnelian for another.  Garnets and turquoise gave off an antique vibe, so we decided on turquoise and carnelian for its boldness and newness. These circular rings represent a woman of today’s spiritual journey in a modern world.  



The “Nouvelle Marquise” ring: 

Our navette-shaped rings have defined our brand and what better way to continue with our favorite silhouette than to recreate another version!  This one holds nothing back–we’ve used a large turquoise cut in a marquise shape and decorated it with some rugged diamonds to give it the understated luxury feel. Bold enough to wear alone or amongst your everyday ring look, that is exactly what we were going for when designing this newest ring.





Padlocks on dainty chains:

Arik Kastan’s signature padlocks are now available on thin chains, an addition that has made dainty jewelry lovers VERY happy!  The new chain size allows for even more layering combinations and gives our beautiful vintage-inspired padlocks more prominence in the collection.  So layer both the bold and the beautiful padlocks, with the delicate and intricate, for a dynamic look. Seeing all the fun, new arrangements everyone is creating has been delightful. Send us your Arik Kastan necklace look on Instagram, @arikkastan #arikkastan 





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