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All You Need to Know About Diamond Carat Size

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This month’s article I wrote for The Knot got me doing some hands-on investigating, as I took a closer look at one very important C of the Four Cs: Carat size. Thanks to King Jewelers in Nashville for supplying me with diamond for this story. The diamonds pictured above are as follows:

Smallest to largest (bottom to top): 

(my hand is petite, as I wear a size 4.5 on my pointer and middle finger)

0.50 carat, VS-2 clarity, F color

1.00 carat, VS-2 clarity, G color

2.01 carat, SI-1 clarity, F color

3.01 carat, SI-2 clarity, G color

4.02 carat, SI-2 clarity, G color

5.59 carat, VS-1 clarity, G color

To read the article, click the link below:



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