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New Key Charms Launch on shopGemGossip.com

I’ve collected key charms for several years now and got the idea to collaborate with some of my favorite designers using motifs that they are known for, to create different key designs. I’m so excited to bring these special designs to life and launching them all this year!  Our… Read More

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2024 May Is Gold Month — Celebrating Six Different Makers

The connection that every maker has with each piece of karat gold jewelry that they create is incredibly special. The time, the care and the creativity – it is all there, directly poured into each gold chain, earring, bracelet, ring and pendant. Gold jewelry has several stages when coming… Read More


2024 Gold Jewelry Trends with May Is Gold Month

May is Gold Month is back and wow this year is extra special because I’m celebrating 10 years of partnership with them! I cannot believe I’ve been sharing my take on gold trends and featuring some incredible talent of those who make and create using gold every… Read More

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Gem Gossip Launches shopGemGossip

> I haven’t said hello on here in a long time, so first off HELLO! I wanted to inform everyone that shopgemgossip.com has launched and if you haven’t already, check it out and let me know what you think!… Read More