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2020 Jewelry & Design Trends





Several weeks ago I asked everyone in an Instagram question — what are some trends you’ve been noticing in regards to jewelry. I made sure to point out that I highly dislike the word “trend,” however there’s not really a more superior word that describes something that’s currently hot in jewelry. So, for lack of a better word, we’ll have to use the word trend. I received some AMAZING feedback and I’m here to report back, giving you a full summary of the best answers, mixed in with my own thoughts.

I’ll admit, this topic wasn’t discussed randomly — I took part in a Design Trends panel discussion for AGS Conclave. I was sad to see Conclave canceled this year because of coronavirus, but they ingeniously put together a completely virtual experience, which goes live TODAY for AGS members. I’ll be logging in live to answer the Q&As, which I’m excited about.

Here are some of the hottest trends currently happening in jewelry:

1 — pieces that attach & detach easily (like charms and clips)


3 — Pearls

4 — Layers of necklaces

5 — vintage & antique

6 — mixing textures, not metals

7 — “curated” ears, dainty studs and multi-pierced look

8 — paper clip chains

9 — coin jewelry

10 — zodiac jewelry

11 — gypsy set rings, bold rings

12 — charm obsessed, both layered onto chain or even worn on hoops

13 — hoops

14 — maximalism, bold, chunky

15 — one-of-a-kind gemstones, special cuts or carvings

Bridal trends? Anything goes! Brides are finally buying for themselves and not looking toward trends. We’ve seen this with some brides choosing a pearl ring as an engagement ring (a stone not suitable for everyday wear, but that is what was wanted). Morganite center stones and other colorful stones besides diamonds. Big, chunky rings without a wedding band.

What makes a trend? A trend has staying-power and is something I see across designers’ collections as well as what people are wearing. Not something like a fad which is more short-lived.

Some past trends that are fading? dainty jewelry, rose gold jewelry, salt + pepper diamonds

Some retail trends? “spark” parties (where you get a bracelet chain soldered permanently onto your wrist), piercing parties, pop-up shops with influencers, trunk shows, creating events/experiences for clients to attend and share on social media