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IOSSELLIANI does it again

IOSSELLIANI never fails to impress–stacking rings just looks so cool in every way possible. Most of their pieces are done in silver, however if you’re like me and will only wear solid yellow/white gold, you sort of have to hunt them down. Found the above three different… Read More

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Top Jewelry Blogs picked by Gem Gossip

As a jewelry blogger, I realize how much work goes into blogging–thinking of an idea, getting the words out, uploading/editing/finding pictures, and then polishing the final product.  Now try doing this on a daily basis, without sounding stuffy or repetitious, even after working twelve hours straight.  Yikes.  But… Read More


Happy New Year, 2010 from Gem Gossip!

2009 has been an amazing year, and like every December 31st, I like to look back on the good times.  Since Gem Gossip is very thankful for our many readers, I’d like you all to reminisce with me!  Let’s take a look:  Meeting… Read More

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Designer Jewelry

Designer Spotlight: Nan Fusco Jewelry

Based in Laguna, California jewelry designer Nan Fusco personifies the picturesque beach town with her jewelry. Her 18k and 22k gold chains are all distinctively handmade, adorned with precious gemstones. At first glance, one may find a typical jewelry collection made up of necklaces,… Read More