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Don’t Miss The Brilliance of Wallace Chan at TEFAF NY

Wallace Chan | Gem Gossip Wallace Chan | Gem Gossip Wallace Chan | Gem Gossip

Stare for a moment at the breath-taking work of Wallace Chan, a jewelry designer who comes from Hong Kong, and you’ll realize there’s an enchanting allure to his whimsical world and there’s more going on than just a pretty piece of jewelry. From structured metals that reflect the buildings and architecture where he grew up, to an array of colorful gemstones that reflect nature all around him, each material Mr. Chan uses in each masterpiece he creates is built in his sub-conscious and is let out in the things he designs. His skills go beyond design, as his patented Wallace Cut weaves sculpture and faceting into one unique three-dimensional transparent engraving. He has trail blazed techniques along the way and has numerous patents to his name. These include a jade technique which refines and brightens the gemstone and sends the light across the surfaces, allowing for it to intensify in color, as well as a using titanium in jewelry which is incredibly lightweight and wearable.

Wallace Chan will be exhibiting at TEFAF, the fine and decorative arts fair scheduled to open in NYC on October 28th, 2017. There are nearly 100 exhibitors on display this time around in NYC, and Mr. Chan’s work cannot be missed. Bringing with will be 20 items that will blow you away in both creative design and function, once again innovating the world of jewelry like never before.

On the cusp of the exhibition, we asked Wallace Chan some questions about his work and his answers similarly reflect the intensely creative and in depth character he is, just like his designs.

Wallace Chan | Gem Gossip Wallace Chan | Gem Gossip

What are some of your earliest memories and influences for your jewelry design?

We are the products of our experiences. My childhood has a major influence on my creations. I think my curiosity was intensified by the fact that I had to quit school at a young age. Without a formal education, the wild, free and chaotic world was my teacher. I also learnt that the only way I could figure out the answers to my questions was through hands-on experience. When I first arrived in Hong Kong, I was only five years old. The buildings surprised me. They weren’t even skyscrapers at that time, they were just four or five-story buildings leaning on one another, some short and some tall. I remember myself imagining these buildings as human pyramids. Today you can see some of my gemstone settings resemble those structures. However, I did not do it on purpose! It was all in my head—my subconscious mind—where data from my experiences are stored and retrieved.

What metals and gemstones are your current favorites to work with?

I love that you asked what are my “current” favorites but no – I still don’t have a favorite. People say it is bad to play favorites when parenting – I agree, and I think it is not only bad for the children, it is also bad for the parents. When you have a favorite, two favorites, or three favorites, you blind yourself, you become biased, and you overlook the rest of the world. I am a parent myself and I have only a son – that’s ok. But there are so many metals and gemstones – some I have discovered and some I have yet. To keep the creative juice flowing, it is most important to empty myself and see the limitless possibilities and beauty in every single thing.

You'll be exhibiting 20 pieces at TEFAF in NYC, how did you go about choosing the pieces? Is there a theme?Were they all made for this particular event?

It is like going to sleep every night—you seldom tell yourself what to dream about, and even if you do, your subconscious mind most likely makes you dream about other things. When I create, I let my dreams take the lead. Sometimes it is about life or sometimes a long-lost tale; sometimes it is about history or sometimes the beauty of a flower; and sometimes it is as unfathomable as the mystery of the universe. Sometimes it is a combination of it all. Freedom is the key to it all, so I never have a pre-set theme.

What do you hope for people to take away from seeing your work on display?

When the audience asks me questions, only then will I know what they are thinking. I never aspire to impose ideas on the audience; I rather let them come to their own conclusions.

What sets your work apart from other jewelry designers?

We live in a world of unity. This concept originated from Confucius that sets out an ideal society with great harmony. However, even though we are all the same, I believe we are also all different. Building off of Lao Zi’s concept of Dao—the mechanism of the universe, which is a way of thinking, learning and living, I believe that everyone has their own Dao. It is a continuous process to comprehend your own system and relationship with the universe, from knowing and learning, to practicing which ultimately leads to understanding. It is a constant cycle. I am very much immersed in my own Dao. When I undertake this process, I merge with the universe. Once I finally understand, I forget everything and start again with a pure mind. This is full of challenges, yet this is how individual spirits accumulate energy and power. TEFAF was established in 1988 as a way for creators and dealers to present museum-quality works of all genres and time periods on one platform. It happens three times a year on two continents (in the Netherlands & NYC).


Click here to follow Wallace Chan on Instagram.



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Jewels at my Doorstep: Tal Barkel Featured Artist Boaz Kashi

Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Tal Barkel has been designing jewelry for over 20 years. We are so excited to have Tal as one of our sponsors, as we love his designs and innovative techniques. As a designer, Tal loves supporting other creators and showcasing them as "featured artists" in his showroom. His latest featured artist is Boaz Kashi who, like Tal, hails from Israel. Boaz Kashi is a fifth generation jewelry designer who mixes various alloys and textures to create gold pieces that look as if they were excavated ancient treasures. He also has an affinity for powerful works that draw inspiration from a mix of nature, science and history. He works with a vast array of materials and combines unexpected elements; gold and lava stones, silk and platinum, precious gemstones and ebony. 

For this feature, I chose my top five favorite pieces from Boaz Kashi and as you can see, his work really does have an ancient and "hidden treasure" feel to it. I was in complete heaven wearing these stylish jewels--below I break down each piece and talk about how I see them being worn. Hope you enjoy!

Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip

1. MAYAAN G bracelet, 18k yellow gold set with a diamond, Price: $2,990

This incredibly chic yet rugged bracelet is perfect for everyday wear! It easily slides on the wrist, with the bezel set diamond acting as a button. I could see it stacked with other bracelets, perfectly blending in and creating a beautiful look, or it even looks wonderful worn solo. It's modern, it's simple, and the texture of it is my favorite part.

Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip

2. NOA 4 ring, 18k yellow gold set with ruby and sapphire, Price: $4,300

This ring is totally my style and it caught my attention right away. I love the uniqueness of it--the crazy geometric shape of it and the gemstones used. I didn't expect this ring to fit so nice and comfortably on the hand, but it totally does! It drapes along the knuckle and makes a bold statement. I think it can be worn either way, which is why I love the versatility and everyone will stop and stare, guaranteed!

Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip

3. MAKEL AGIL earrings, 18k yellow gold with diamonds, Price: $3,900

These earrings had me feeling elegant and out-of-this-world! They're so bold and beautiful, they instantly transform any look. I think these would be great worn for an event or special party, with hair sleek and pulled back, sort of wet in style like I have mine. They're certainly loads of fun to wear and as you'll see in the video below, they pivot while the post stays put. What a cool design element!

Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip

4. MAY ring, 18k yellow gold with diamond, Price: $3,800

Like a golden wire wrapped around your finger multiple times, this heavy yet comfortable band is my ideal everyday ring. This could also be a great option for anyone looking for a unique wedding ring as an alternative bridal option. The possibilities are endless!

Tal Barkel | Gem Gossip

5. SIGAL earrings, 24k yellow gold, Price: $2,100

These are another fun pair of earrings, having a hammered finish and lots of movement when worn. They're light enough to be worn everyday and seem like a great pair of vacation earrings. When I put them on, I instantly wanted to dance! Can you tell?!

Tal Logo


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Newest Finds from Jewelry Finds®, October 2017 Edition

Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip

I bet you've mentioned it to someone lately or maybe you've even started already, but it is time for holiday shopping! I highly respect those who have already gotten a few presents set aside and for those who haven't even thought about it yet--let this be a fair warning! Every year the holidays sneak up on us and we try to promise ourselves we'll do better at preparing the following year. Those in the jewelry industry are busy stockpiling some amazing pieces for this crazy time of year, when people will often wait until the very last few hours of Christmas Eve to find something.

Luckily for those who are antique and vintage jewelry obsessed, Ashley & Janet of Jewelry Finds are more than ready, with over 200 pieces of newly acquired jewels. Every item is listed with detailed descriptions and easy one-click access to a virtual shopping cart. They even have a Youtube channel where many of their pieces can be viewed in action, giving you a full 3D look at the piece from every angle. I suggest getting out a blanket and curling up to your computer screen, while checking out Jewelry Finds' inventory, having a handy wish list available to jot down favorites. And don't forget that new pieces are added every week!

If you love their jewelry, you will be happy to know you can see everything in person at their first ever jewelry show appearance, coming up Friday, November 10th to Sunday, November 12th at the 50th Anniversary International Gem & Jewelry Show in Washington DC called InterGem. Details below as well and you can buy tickets to attend the show here. If you live in the DC area, you can't miss this show! Over 100+ pieces will be saved in order make their debut at the show.

Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip

Your Jewelry Finder | Gem Gossip


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One to Follow: @DanaSengJewelry

Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip Dana Seng Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Dana Seng Jewelry is the highly personalized jewelry line out of LA that has admirers hitting "like" after every Instagram post. The stacks on stacks on stacks theme is heavily used throughout Dana's feed and keeps people coming back for more. As an owner of TWO of her necklaces, I can easily see why--I wear my lucky #8 necklace and D initial necklace layered amongst old and new pieces, as it goes with just about anything.

If you're not following Dana Seng Jewelry on Instagram already, we highly recommend as this month's One To Follow. Look out for fun stacking posts that will get you inspired and get you adding pieces to your wish list. We'd like to thank Dana for partnering with us and we are happy to spread the word of your gorgeous line with others!


Click here to follow Dana Seng Jewelry on Instagram.



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October's Theme: #GemGossipCharms Giveaway!

Erica Weiner Hand Clasp Necklace Erica Weiner Hand Clasp Necklace Erica Weiner Hand Clasp Necklace Erica Weiner Hand Clasp Necklace

We've teamed up with Erica Weiner, NYC's double-location antique jewelry mecca and favorite of ours, to help celebrate our charm theme we've been running all month long since October 1st! If it isn't obvious, CHARMS are the hottest thing to collect right now and everyone is looking for special ones to tell their story. Whether it's little enameled pieces, movable parts, or ones that are highly symbolic...we've been coveting charms while treasure hunting and have been finding loads. But a common and reoccurring theme for collectors is needing a better way of wearing them. Our jewelers are so over us bringing in handfuls of charms with very specific places to solder them onto our bracelets...only to want to remove them months later. Our thin gold chain isn't cutting it, as the more we pile on, the weaker it becomes! And I'm sure you've heard this one before, "I want a unique chain, something sort of heavy, but I don't want to spend a lot of money." Meanwhile, every antique chain is usually VERY heavy and VERY expensive. So what's a collector to do?!

Introducing the newest creation from Erica Weiner, designed specifically for charm addicts. It is a chain that features a handclasp and large spring ring, ready to be loaded up with charms. The spring ring allows you to add charms and remove them instantly, so you can collect and go, changing up your themes and talismans depending on mood. We love details and if you collect antique jewelry, I bet you already noticed that the hand is wearing a tiny diamond ring. The necklace measures 20" in length and is done in 14k yellow gold with the hand being done in 10k. The retail price is $725.

We are giving away one of these necklaces and here's how to enter! (Click here & follow rules on Instagram post)

🚨🚨SURPRISE ALERT 🚨🚨 Ok, I hinted about a surprise and here it is! All month long we’ve been posting #gemgossipcharms & the response has been amazing! Everyone has lots of charms BUT what I’m finding is people are searching for a necklace they’re able to put charms on easily that is unique. @ericaweiner noticed that too which is why they’ve created this 14k gold necklace—it has a jumbo spring ring where one can easily slide on charms and close it, finished off with a hand clasp done in 10k gold (and yes the hand is wearing a diamond ring) 👉🏼 We’re giving away one of these necklaces & here’s how to enter: 1️⃣ follow both @gemgossip & @ericaweiner 2️⃣ tag 3 charm obsessed friends that would love this necklace in the comments below 3️⃣ winner announced on the last day of #gemgossipcharms month, October 31st at 5pm CST *charms pictured not included, just necklace

A post shared by GEM GOSSIP™ (@gemgossip) on Oct 17, 2017 at 6:45pm PDT

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