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2023 May Is Gold Month — Celebrating Six Different Makers

If you’re in the jewelry community on Instagram, a typical day involves scrolling through your feed.  You’ll no doubt encounter karat gold jewelry on a daily basis. In fact, you’ll probably see 50-100 pieces each day if you follow enough accounts like I do.  It is easy to become… Read More

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2023 Gold Jewelry Trends with May Is Gold Month

May is Gold Month is back and it seems like just yesterday I was coordinating gold looks for this feature.This collaboration has been a staple in my content, as I’ve been doing so since 2014! I love looking back at MIGM posts from the… Read More

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Jewelry Collection Stories – Aleda of Always Aleda

Today’s Jewelry Collection Story comes from jewelry collector & maker, Aleda of Always Aleda. I have so many pieces from her – a handmade chain that I wear endlessly, I sent her all my charms and she made me a charm… Read More


A New Chain Style Releases Today – The Trombone Link

Happening Today! I’ve been on the hunt for a chain that needed to be incredibly versatile and I’ve finally found it! Now, I’m offering it to you. This “unicorn” of a chain had to be substantial enough to be worn alone, as well as layer-friendly. I wanted… Read More

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Gem Gossip Challenge – Jewelry Calendar of Themes

Every year, as a new year approaches, I try to think of some goals to accomplish. These usually end up not going very far or become a waste of time. This year I tried something new – I created a challenge to push myself to create content for 30… Read More