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Just Launched: The Fox & Bond Major Mini Necklaces

Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini

You may be familiar with these mini ring necklaces which Fox & Bond first launched last year.  Since then they have been adorning the necks of fashionistas, celebrities and it-girls across the globe. Each one commemorating a milestone or event special to every wearer...each one customized with a favorite gold color, gemstone...and each one possibly holding a hidden engraving. What has been making these little keepsake necklaces so popular is how wearable they are, how collectible (and slightly addicting) they are, and most importantly, how each is personalized. The girls of Fox & Bond decided to launch another version and as they say, "We wanted to make The Mini a sister, but we wanted her to be bigger and blingier!" 

Gem Gossip has your first look at the new version, dubbed the Major Mini, a name quite fitting. The new baby is outfitted with one center diamond and six side diamonds, packing some major sparkle in such a tiny ring. Similar to the original, it can be customized in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold and up to 8 characters engraved inside. It also comes on a 16" chain which is my favorite length right now for the daintiness of it. Ready to layer--black velvet chokers, long antique chains or 22" rope chains--all go perfect with the minis and its 16" style.

The Major Mini is perfection for gifting--especially for brides-to-be! That's exactly what I am doing with mine, pictured here.  My husband's cousin is marrying her future bride and she proposed with a vintage ruby ring in white gold. I know they often partake in fun outdoor activities and gardening that leaves rings at home in jewelry boxes (where they should be for these types of hobbies) so the Major Mini will be the perfect remedy on occasions like this!  I bet she will love this wedding gift so much it will become her signature necklace, worn everyday!  I absolutely cannot wait to give this to her!

Whether you want a Major Mini for yourself, or if you are going to ask your significant other to buy you one, or you buy one to gift to a bride or bride-to-be, this will surely be a hit. And yes, I'm working on my collection of minis and adding one to my necklace every wedding anniversary. Can you believe I already had to put my order in for the one year anniversary?! Crazy.


Fox & Bond Major Mini

The Major Mini, available in 14k white, yellow or rose gold

Price: $500

Jewelry Collection Stories: Natalie's Jewels

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

There's always those kind of people that you feel like you've known your entire life and for me, Natalie is exactly that kind of person! I got to meet her for the first time on my trip to LA just last month and her passion for jewelry is electric. She has been lighting up Instagram and other social media platforms for Jewels by Grace as their Instagram manager and photographer (as of February 2016, she no longer works for Jewels by Grace). So happy to have her share her new, yet growing collection with us today--take it away, Natalie:

"I have been attracted to sparkly things for as long as I can remember, an attraction that quickly became an enthusiastic hobby, which has since manifested itself into a full-blown love of gems and jewels. It has also helped persuade me to attend GIA in the pursuit of becoming a Graduate Gemologist, which I am really excited about! I’ve been a collector for a long time, but have only recently begun collecting fine jewelry. My first piece of memorable jewelry is a yellow gold necklace with six pearls, it was given to me by my beloved uncle when I turned 6. My next most significant piece was a mother of pearl and white gold ring with a freeform, organic vibe that my mother designed and had made for me when I graduated high school. My third most memorable piece was also my first antique jewel, an early Art Deco-era diamond and sapphire dome ring. This was a college graduation present from my late grandmother, a particularly special gift because it was one of the few remaining pieces of jewelry from my great-grandmother’s estate. These pieces will forever remain some of my most cherished treasures, and they have definitely aided in sparking my interest in jewelry.

Fast forward a few years to when I was newly engaged and searching for thee perfect wedding band to pair with my antique ring. Enter Grace Lavarro of Jewels by Grace, and the platinum french cut and single cut diamond eternity band that started it all. What quickly followed was a custom pair of pear-shaped rose cut diamond earrings that my mother designed for me, as well as a diamond wedding band that I designed for my husband. I was hooked, not only were the jewels beautiful, but so was the amazing, generous woman behind them.

Since that fateful time two years ago, I have had the pleasure of working with Grace as a jewelry photographer and managing the Instagram account for Jewels by Grace. I have been taking much joy in familiarizing myself with this wonderful industry, as well as getting to play with the numerous jaw-dropping pieces that come our way. Given my extreme lack of self-control, especially when it comes to antique jewels, I ended up “adopting” many of the pieces in my personal collection from Grace. I also love to collect pieces from other friends in the jewelry industry, two of my latest acquisitions have been a Georgian diamond pendant necklace conversion piece from Angela of GemstoneGypsy, as well as an antique table cut and rose cut diamond ring from Laurel of LaurelStearns.

Lenore Dailey once told me that I was an “old soul” when it came to the jewels I gravitated towards, and I couldn't agree more. I love antique jewels - the rarity, the unique designs and cuts used, and the undeniable sense of time passed and enduring beauty simply delight me. I will forever be in awe of the level of craftsmanship that exists in pieces that have been on this earth for hundreds of years--don’t even get me started on Byzantine and Medieval jewelry! I hope to add a few ancient jewels to my collection in the near future, but for now I am quite happy with my antique and vintage pieces. My favorite design eras would have to be Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian, though there are some contemporary designers that are also creating amazing designs.

What you see below is much of my humble fine jewelry collection (Please keep in mind I’ve only been collecting for about a year or so!), with the addition of a few pieces from my bling partner-in-crime’s (aka my mother’s) collection for some added sparkle. Enjoy!"

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

My own gemmy version of an ISpy page, a photo that is representative of the collector in me. to name a few: antique gold pendants, an antique figa (from LenoreDailey), a rose cut diamond and gold claw pendant (from MarketSquareJewelers), a big ol’ pearl, raw almandine garnets, turquoise from the No. 8 Mine, boulder opal specimens from Australia, gold nuggets from a trip to Alaska, vintage and antique gold stick pins, a 17ct bi-color quartz, and a lapiz lazuli standing point (from The Opaque) to name a few!

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

Current favorites, including the Georgian citrine ring my husband surprised me with and the early Art Deco-era gold signet ring that was found with all three of my initials! Also a Victorian rose cut garnet 5-stone ring, vintage hexagonal opal ring (from Jenn of BellflowerBay), and a new addition: Victorian old mine cut diamond and crystal opal earring-to-ring conversion (from Jewels by Grace).

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

You can never have too many navettes, including two of my favorites: a perfectly grungy antique foil-backed rose cut diamond navette ring (my score from this year’s Antique Show in Las Vegas) and my mini Victorian old mine and old European cut diamond navette ring, in buttery 18t yellow gold (Jewels by Grace). #nevertoomanynavettes

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

Ring stacking, one of my favorite pastimes. Clockwise from top left:

  • Admiring the attention to detail shown to the shanks of these antique rings.
  • Colored gemstones in action in the fading sunlight.
  • Some bands from my collection.
  • Rings designed by my mother, including the giant onyx and silver ring she manufactured for me! Also shown is a 6-stone August Vintage Round diamond band she & I designed with JbG.

Ring stacking, part two. Clockwise from top left:

  • The fleet of navettes in action.
  • A sampling of my yellow gold jewelry, including my late uncle’s massively chunky ring, and a sentimental double-row diamond ring from my mother (from my father, who never buys jewelry~).
  • Antique rings doing their thing.
  • A few more antique rings.

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

A spectrum of colored gemstones: Victorian rose cut garnet 5-stone ring, antique ruby and diamond navette ring (from Jewels by Grace), vintage pink sapphire and diamond ring (a family heirloom from my husband’s family that was given to me on our wedding day), Georgian citrine shield ring, vintage hexagonal opal ring (from Jenn of BellflowerBay), Victorian old mine cut diamond and crystal opal earring-to-ring conversion (JbG), antique emerald and diamond navette ring (JbG), Victorian bloodstone ring, antique Persian turquoise ring, sleeping beauty turquoise ring (from SkyDogJewelry), aquamarine ring, vintage Native American moonstone ring.

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

Rings, my favorite type of jewelry, especially when they are vintage or antique: antique faint pink rose cut diamond tablet ring (JbG), Art Deco-era geometric diamond ring, vintage old European cut diamond dinner ring (JbG)

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

The crème de la crème of my wedding ring stack, an antique cushion cut diamond halo ring (inscribed 1809!) in platinum, on a peachy rose gold shank. This diamond had me at hello; for all the beautiful jewels I’ve seen while working with Grace, this ring truly called out to me. I loved the fact that it was so old, and yet the elongated octagonal design was beautifully simple and timeless.

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

Earrings; from left: beautiful paste and rose gold earrings (a Christmas gift from the wonderful Grace herself), my great grandmother’s antique amethyst and pearl earrings, the earrings my mother surprised me with on my wedding day, a pair of old European cut diamond earrings my mother had made for herself.

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

Jewels that belonged to my grandmother who passed recently; I wear the solid gold nugget almost daily as a reminder of her love. The gold cartouche was acquired in Egypt by her many decades ago.

Natalie's Collection | Gem Gossip

A close-up of my wedding day bracelet, a surprise gift from my mother, with each charm being hand selected to bring us luck. The locket opens up to pictures of my husband and I as kids!

>> You can follow Natalie on Instagram @fortheloveofgems

The Perfect Wedding Day Jewelry Gifts

Gem Gossip Wedding Gem Gossip Wedding Gem Gossip Wedding

Your wedding day may be one of the most important days of your life and being able to commemorate it with jewelry will allow you to treasure the memory for years to come.  A piece of modern-day sentimental jewelry is a must-have for your special day, where possibilities are numerous--what are my go-to favorites?!  Well, take it from me who just celebrated my special day on October 21st, 2015.  Most know me as a very sentimental person, so antique jewelry is usually my thing, especially family heirlooms.  I believe you can celebrate your wedding memories with antique heirlooms as well as modern-day pieces.  My two favorite modern-day pieces that were a part of my big day were my Mini from Fox & Bond and the Navigator Necklace from The Dowry Fine Jewelry. Both are really special pieces; here is why:

Fox & Bond Mini: the Mini is exactly what it says it is, a mini solitaire ring--it is SO mini, it won't even fit on my pinky--which I've been known in the past to be able to squeeze into a ring-charm. It is the cutest little thing, where everything from the central gemstone to inside engraving can be customized.  Mine of course is set with a diamond to commemorate my wedding day, and engraved with my wedding date and D + M (for Danielle + Matt). I had no idea something this tiny can be engraved and I think it is perfect for SO many different important occasions, not just a wedding. I will treasure my Mini for years to come and hopefully it will become a tradition to collect a Mini with every special event in my life. 

The Navigator Necklace from The Dowry is a very special piece where there's more to it than meets the eye! A shiny gold bar done in 14k yellow gold, with further investigation one finds longitude, latitude coordinates engraved across the bar.  My special necklace features the coordinates of where I got married in Nashville, TN. The old Victorian mansion where we said our "I do's" will forever be a sacred place to me and it is forever embedded into this piece of jewelry that I will treasure and pass down.  The Navigator Necklace can be engraved with coordinates of ANY special place--your hometown, where you had your first date, where you graduated, or your favorite city. So many possibilities to make this piece special and one-of-a-kind for you!

To order your own Mini or Navigator Necklace, click on the items below!

Fox & Bond Mini necklace Navigator_Necklace_YG_grande

30 Days of Engagement Rings: The Best of the Best Right Now!

30 Days of Engagement Rings

As my big day is looming closer and closer, I've decided to dedicate all of August to bringing you the best out there in terms of engagement rings! So if you're in the market for an engagement ring or wanting to upgrade/redesign your current one, this is the ultimate engagement ring guide. Thirty breath-taking rings, covering different and unique styles, taking into consideration the top requests of brides-to-be, pulling together all my resources to narrow it down to 30. It should be mentioned that no one has paid me to be included in this list; it is truly a compilation that took several days to put together, focusing solely on choosing a wide variety of timeless rings that I felt every bride would say YES to and treasure for years to come!

So without further ado, the 30 Days of Engagement Rings!!

Day 1: From Craig Evan Small >> Center Old Mine cut diamond 1.25 ct. flanked by smaller diamonds, circa 1910.

Day 2: From Craig Evan Small >> Platinum 1.40 ct. center diamond set with calibre cut sapphire accents, circa 1920s.

Day 3: From Craig Evan Small >> A Victorian cluster ring, clover motif in 18k yellow gold set with three Old Mine cut diamonds totaling 3.00 carats.

Day 4: From Craig Evan Small >> Edwardian dome-shaped in platinum for a low-profile feel set with a 1.23 ct. center Old European cut diamond.

Day 5: From Erstwhile Jewelry >> A cross between a marquise cut and an oval cut--a "moval" 3.25 ct. outstanding diamond with French origin.

Day 6: From Polly Wales Jewelry >> Five pyramid halo ring featuring inverted diamonds for an alternative look.

Day 7: From McTeigue & McClelland >> European Ideal cut diamond Aperta Stretta ring 1.43 carats in 18k & Platinum.

Day 8: From Lang Antiques >> Such a unique Victorian cluster ring with an Old Mine cut center approx. 0.80 ct. center surrounded by bezel set diamonds.

Day 9: From A.Brandt+Son >> This dome of filigree is a popular look from the Art Deco Era, this ring has since sold, however their inventory is large!

Day 10: From Sophie Bille Brahe >> The Escalier de Lune ring in 18k yellow gold would make an awesome alternative engagement ring.

Day 11: From Sarah Swell Jewelry >> The Fern Dell Solitaire ring in 18k yellow gold has such a unique silhouette with a nature-inspired feel.

Day 12: From Karen Karch Jewelry >> The Floating Star Tiara ring fit for a queen--or just a really badass chic!

Day 13: From Filigree Jewelers >> Classic filigree style of the 1920s set with a 1.19 ct. Old European cut diamond.

Day 14: From Sofia Kaman >> The Twiggy Band with a yellow sapphire bezel set for those who don't want a diamond.

Day 15: From Mirlo NY >> Trillion cut white sapphire prong set on a 14k gold band--great option for those who can't afford a diamond right away.

Day 16: From Alison Lou >> Their "Mrs." rings because these would make a cool option for an engagement ring--personalize the gemstone and letter.

Day 17: From Taffin Jewelry >> Try something really different like a shield cut diamond or enamel band.

Day 18: From Gatsby Jewellery >> A spin on a classic solitaire featuring a 1.23 ct. Old European cut diamond in platinum.

Day 19: From Macklowe Gallery >> A gorgeous Art Deco ring in platinum set with 1.59 ct. Old European cut diamond flanked by marquise cut diamonds.

Day 20: From Jade Trau >> The Rae Wrap ring is like a swoop of gold wrapped around your finger with a big diamond sparkling at the end. 

Day 21: From Joden Jewelers >> A truly unique antique ring set with 4 Old European cut diamonds in a cluster of nearly 3 carats total!

Day 22: From Elisa Solomon Jewelry >> A one-of-a-kind antique rose cut heart ring with antique rose cut melee gives off a Bohemain vibe.

Day 23: From Trumpet & Horn >> Named the Cloverdale ring this Edwardian engagement ring is perfect those wanted something no one else has!

Day 24: From Levy's Fine Jewelry >> Emerald accents make this alternative antique ring even more stunning--it has since sold, but click link for more!

Day 25: From Doyle & Doyle >> An Old European cut Victorian ring with black enamel detail for an impeccably stylish bride-to-be.

Day 26: From A La Vieille Russie >> Unique Arts & Crafts domed ring with black enamel filled etched designs, set with three diamonds.

Day 27: From Berganza >> A crossover, bypass style (similar to my personal engagement ring) set with a 2.28 ct. & 2.18 ct. diamonds.

Day 28: From Estate Diamond Jewelry >> Classic three-stone diamond ring, this one set in platinum with Old European cut diamonds and bezel settings.

Day 29: From Excalibur Estate Jewelry >> A nicely decorated BIG European cut diamond, try 3.56 ct., framed by scalloped parenthesis of diamonds.

Day 30: From The Three Graces >> Heart-shaped diamond set in a modern platinum mounting flanked by a rose cut diamond.


You Can Style Your Wedding Day Look Using Jewelry Found at Fellows Auction!

Fellows Auction Aug. 13th | Gem Gossip Fellows Auction Aug. 13th | Gem Gossip Fellows Auction Aug. 13th | Gem Gossip Fellows Auction Aug. 13th | Gem Gossip=

With this month being all about engagement rings, wedding jewelry and THE BIG DAY, I've been challenged with the task of styling four different types of wedding dresses with jewelry.  I've learned that accessorizing for your wedding day is all about your personal style and adding some sentimental flair to the overall look. Buying jewelry at auction can uncover some amazing finds--but can you style an entire wedding day look from auction finds alone?! My answer is YES and better yet, you can do it from one single auction, like the one coming up on August 13th, 2015 at Fellows--their Antique & Modern Sale!  Fellows always has incredible, one-of-a-kind treasures that go up for auction every month and I especially like their Antique & Modern Sales. I've purchased some great pieces over the years from Fellows. Whether your look is classic, ultra-modern, or has a vintage vibe, you can find jewelry to go along with each style at Fellows.  Here's what I've put together:

Look One: Vintage Sentimental Bride

Lot 50: A highly sentimental fede gimmel ring flanked on each side by an Old Mine cut diamond. Early uses of this type of ring include as a wedding ring because of the symbolism within the clasping hands, like a joining of marriage between two people. It goes further to reveal a double heart behind the hands once you open up the mechanism. So amazing. If you're a size P (7 3/4) you MUST bid on this!  These usually can't be sized. 

Lot 153: A classic yet antique three-stone diamond ring would make a perfect engagement ring for a bride that loves anything antique. The fede gimmel ring would pair beautifully as a wedding band. This ring is special because the detailing on the sides as well as the old cut diamonds.

Lot 203: A great pair of earrings for the vintage bride would be a pair of old cut diamond cluster stud earrings, and these are killer!  They beautifully sparkle with a total weight of 2.10 carats and can easily be worn as an everyday look, long after the wedding day.

Lot 462: To layer a Victorian long chain on your wedding day would be such a treat--but for it to have a gloved hand as its clasp?!  Out of this world! Such a dream piece! This would make a great wedding day gift for the bride who will treasure it forever.

Look Two: Trendy Cool Bride

Lot 54: Such a classic style, but with so much character being antique! This is a great engagement ring and a perfect diamond size--approximately one carat.  The cut of the diamond is a beautiful Old Mine cut set in an 8-prong mounting with an 18k yellow gold band.

Lot 89: Stunning pair of cameo drop earrings.  These are neat because the cameos are different, so it is very trendy to have mismatched earrings right now, even though these are from the late 1800s!  These would hang elegantly from one's ear and make a beautiful pair of wedding-day earrings.

Lot 143: A bold Art Deco diamond brooch is a dream piece for your wedding day!  It can be used in so many different ways and it is always elegant and stands out. You can pin it in your hair, on your flowers, or on the front of your dress. Definitely a must-have piece for a trendy bride.  This particular brooch is French and has 4.25 carats total of diamonds!

Lot 531: The ultimate right hand ring for a trendy cool bride! This cluster navette diamond ring features 2.75 carats total of old cut diamonds and will sparkle every moment on your wedding day!

Look Three: Pearl Princess Bride

Lot 4: This gorgeous elongated pearl and diamond dress ring could act as a right hand ring for the wedding day and even be your "something old." It will be a special piece that you keep within your jewelry collection for years to come and always remember your special wedding day.

Lot 440: An incredibly gorgeous pearl and diamond tennis bracelet. This piece is rather special since the center pearl in the bracelet is a natural saltwater pearl and comes with a certificate. The design is really pretty and very feminine. The diamond accents total over 1.30 carats.

Lot 442: A cute pair of diamond and cultured pearl dangle earrings.  The diamonds form an almost ribbon-like look with a pearl dangling from the center. The size and drops are very flattering for a bride on her wedding day.

Look Four: Ultra Modern Bride

Lot 252: Such an elegant necklace from the early 20th century--it drapes wonderfully along the neckline and the dangle gives it some extra appeal. Done in platinum and gold with an overall kite-shape silhouette. 

Lot 291: An ultra modern bride wants a big diamond, a unique cut and a brand name.  This ring has all three! It is from Cartier and is a 1.60 ct emerald cut. Although it is very classic, it also has a uniqueness to it.

Lot 538: A pair of 18k white gold diamond stud earrings which match the center stone of your engagement ring are a brilliant idea!  These cluster studs keep things modern and simple, yet hold some serious sparkle. Perfect whether you wear your hair up or down, subtle and sweet.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions