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Entries in Vintage Motifs (4)

Vintage Motifs: Equestrian Inspired Jewelry

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Riding horses is a skill that has been practiced since man and horse met.  Not sure when equestrian inspired motifs were incorporated into jewelry, but I've seen many Georgian and Victorian pieces with horse-related themes.  Whether it's an actual horse, a horse bit, or a horse rein or bridle, jewelry has featured this popular sport and animal.  Gucci has trademarked the horse bit and made it a part of the brand.  Horseshoes are another very popular jewelry motif--seen in Victorian jewelry of the late 1800s and has lasted into today's trends.  Above are all great examples of horse-inspired jewelry from many different time periods.  All jewelry can be found at 1stdibs.

Vintage Motifs: Unexpected Accents


We all know that I love vintage and antique rings--but not all are created equal. Rings with unexpected colored stone accents are sure to catch your eye.  This style became very popular during the Art Deco Era, 1920s-1930s. The pop of color interrupted the typical "white-on-white" look that was en vogue, created during the Edwardian Era. Platinum and diamonds were still used, however French or Swiss cut accent stones like Onyx, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald were the new thing. The rings below demonstrate this vintage motif--all of which can be purchased at Adin.

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Leaf Motif: Leave it to Autumn...

Photo taken by ming_chai

The first day of Autumn has arrived and although the weather has been terrible here in Tennessee, this is usually a beautiful time of the year. The first thing I think of is fall leaves. Many hours were spent as a kid raking leaves and jumping into huge piles of them. Now, I just love the colors and the beauty. Leaves have been a motif within the realms of jewelry for quite some time. Famous Jewelry Houses like Tiffany & Co. have used it in many of their designs. It makes for some elegant jewelry pieces as well as having a symbolic side. They could represent a new chapter in life or an end of another. Take a look at these gorgeous examples of some jewelry that feature leaf motifs.


The leaf motif is used as the main design element in this bracelet by Tiffany & Co. circa 1940. The leaves alternate between 14k yellow and 14k rose gold. This bracelet can be found at Ross-Simons in their estate jewelry section and priced at $2995.


Secretly obsessed with this ring from the 1950s. It is done in 18k yellow gold with sapphires and diamonds. I like the detailing of the leaf, but more importantly the brilliance of the design. It's like a leaf wrapped around your finger! Found at 1stdibs by seller Neil Marrs, price: $3750


This is such an elegant piece--a leaf motif bracelet from the 1970s. Each link is perfected with texturized 18k yellow gold. The total carat weight is 3.5 in diamonds! Would look great worn any time of the year, really. Can be found at Ross-Simons, estate jewelry section, price: $9995.


Here is the use of the leaf motif in a neat way, done in 14k yellow gold. The ring is a bypass style, featuring a gray and white cultured pearl. This elegant little ring is from Beladora2 and priced at $146.25!

Vintage Trend: Lovebirds


Photo taken by lempel_zev

Not sure where that saying "two lovebirds" came from, in reference to two people in love, but it is quite endearing. And anytime birds are cuddling rather than dive bombing people is a moment worth noting. Can't say birds are my favorite creature, but they sure make great appearances in vintage jewelry. There are so many vintage pieces that feature all sorts of breeds--eagles, lovebirds, swallows, flamingos--but my favorite are the doves. Doves are the image of everlasting love and fidelity as they mate for a lifetime. When one passes, the surviving dove will remain alone for the duration of its life; it will never seek another mate.


Such a pretty band, with the lovebirds almost camouflaged within the gold. This is a French Victorian piece from the 19th century. The band is crafted in 18k yellow gold, from The Three Graces.


These little guys are so cute, especially their little turquoise bellies. This bird necklace is from the 1950s, done in 14k yellow gold. Each lovebird has ruby eyes. Price: $1702 from Broken English.


These lovebirds are found on a brooch circa 1880, of Belgian origin. They are mainly etched, with seed pearl bodies, done in 18k yellow gold. Price: $357 from Adin.