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Entries in vintage jewelry (241)

Estate Finds

This week's estate finds all have one thing in common: they make a bold statement. When you wear pieces like this, you don't need any other jewelry on or else you'll have a mess. There's only one person I can think of that can pull off loads of bold jewelry, and that's Mary-Kate Olsen. Each of these pieces could also be worn day or night.


I can picture this bold, enamel cross necklace with a deep plunging, summer top. It would stand out in such a pretty way. It is from 1800s, France and can be found on the website Adin. The company is located in Belgium and they deal with fine estate jewelry, mostly from France. Their selection is always unique and fun to look through.

This ring belongs on a hand of someone who is ready to make a statement. I would wear this on my middle finger, with no other rings. It deserves a funky/trendy outfit to go with it--something from Urban Outfitters or American Apparel. It is from Ross-Simons estate collection and goes for $8556, which is actually on sale! The diamond is over 1 1/2 carats, set in platinum with rectangular diamonds as accents and rubies.

Another estate find from Ross-Simons is this incredible yellow diamond necklace. It is from the 1900s and the yellow diamond comes with certification. This necklace is bold and looks like royalty. If you have $6636, it could be yours!

eBay: Pick of the Week!

I feel like eBay has been slow this week--maybe it is the economy or maybe it is just me, but this is a good time to make some good "steals" on eBay. In my search, I found two vintage rings, both very different in style, but unique at that!

The first one is a 14k yellow gold ring with turquoise stones. It looks like a piece from ancient Egypt! The seller's name is spunkymonky19d80. It should probably do at least $300...


The next ring I spotted is such a stunner...0.55 carats in this single diamond, alongside a 1.10 carat blue sapphire. It is 14k white gold and a size 5.5, from the 1930s. I like all the filigree work in the gold--it makes it a true vintage piece. The seller's name is alexanderauctions.

Happy bidding to all, and 'lucky you' to whomever bids highest on those!

Obsession: Vintage-Inspired Necklaces

My favorite kind of necklaces or pendants are ones that have a vintage-inspired look to them. They look more intricate and have a unique style of their own. The above picture has two great examples. They often have a chandelier look to them or dangles of diamonds. Some prominent symbols are bows, hearts, or drops. Many jewelry stores carry brand new pieces that have the estate-style to them, while other times you can buy the real thing at antique stores or online. Here are three examples of my top choices:

This 14k white gold necklace has round and baguette diamonds that weigh a total of 1/3 of a carat. It is from Reeds Jewelers, which has stores located in the upstate New York area, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Price: $399.


This necklace I have been eyeing for quite sometime! I love the bow at the top and the two pear-shaped sapphires dangling. This is a true vintage piece from 1910. It is priced at $7395 from Ross-Simons. Their estate selection is always amazing!

This last one comes from Fay Cullen. It is from the Art Deco time period and is a pear-shaped citrine hanging from 18k white gold scrolling. So beautiful and for a price of $780.

Engagement Rings

I came across a website which specializes in antique and estate jewelry.  As I was checking it out, I realized what a great selection of engagement rings they had to offer!  I think a lot of people underestimate the Internet when ring shopping.  Right away one might think it would be too risky or a rip-off.  However, these sellers have been doing this sort of thing for years, and if they did happen to sell you a fake diamond, you could probably get them in a lot of trouble.  Anyway, my advice to you is to shop around!  It won't hurt to look on the Internet.  And you never know, there might be that special ring somewhere in cyberspace waiting--the perfect one!  Remember, you will be wearing this baby "til death do you part."  So make it a good one!

rosecutemerald cut

My top two picks from the website I found, Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry, are shown above. The first one being a rose cut, which is unique because it is more like 3-D, where it juts out alittle ways, rather than being flush with the prongs. I like the style of it and the cut. It is 1.35 carats, which is big but not too overwhelming, and is priced at $7950. The Emerald cut ring is breathtaking! This one is 1.89 carats and set in right there sets the bar pretty high. I like how the center stones and the side stones match and I also like how the side stones are set with the bezels instead of prongs. Are you ready for the price? $14750!

Which one do you like better?

Estate Finds

Vintage jewelry is a whole new level of the jewelry scene. The intricacies of the workmanship do not compare sometimes to present-day jewelry. And the hunt for unique pieces is the best! Here are a few finds I came across in my if I could only afford them...


This gorgeous bypass ring is from Dover Jewelry.  You have 1.55 carats right here, set in platinum for $5400.  Would make the ultimate engagement ring!


I am pretty much in love with this estate bracelet from the 1950s! I like the delicate look of the blue enamel. Of course it has lots of diamonds, which make the price tag come in at $1595! From Ross-Simons.


Lastly, I spotted this necklace on Fay Cullen. I don't know why, but I like it...I think it would look great with a plain black strapless top and some skinny jeans. The price is $690 and features lapis and turquoise.

Find any good estate pieces? Post the web address in the comment section of this post! Looking forward to checking out your finds!