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Rings That Had Instagram A-Buzz in 2015

barioneal levievdiamonds meredithkahn homeoftheland gemstonegypsy eriebasin gloriousantiquejewelry thirdcoastgems ericaweiner jewels_by_grace mikkelbroggerjewelry jeobloy margaretcross umajor

Do you get excited when people you follow on Instagram post an incredible high-res image of a beautiful ring?! Well I do! And these 14 rings set off the "like" scale with big numbers. Some landing on our wish lists, some ending up on our jewelry bucket lists, while others immediately sold and were one-of-a-kind. Goes to show how an incredible ring can come to life on Instagram!  Here are my favorites that were posted this year!

Bario Neal created this unique cluster ring and it has everyone stopping in their tracks (also comes in other gemstone combinations)

Leviev Diamonds posted this incredible diamond ring--the various diamond shapes and colors make for a unique presentation

Meredith Kahn debuted her twist ring this year in all gold with a chevron engraved motif, definite wish list

@homeoftheland posted this vintage Navajo ring from the 1970s signed Dar H. which she has been on the hunt for

Gemstone Gypsy posted this insane turquoise and pearl antique ring from Fourtane and everyone agrees it couldn't be more perfect

Erie Basin uncovered this custom made Masonic diamond ring from the 1950s at an estate sale and we're like WOW

Glorious Antique Jewelry posted and sold one of the few rings which started my pink gold and yellow gold obsession

@thirdcoastgems posted this Spinx ring by Line and Hue and it immediately went on my wish list

Erica Weiner gave this epic mourning ring to her business partner Lindsay for Christmas last year, wonder what this year will bring?!

Jewels by Grace posted this insane peridot and enamel ring by Rene Lalique in all its Art Nouveau glory

Mikkel Brogger Jewelry designed this geometric dream called the Susanna Ring

@JeObloy posted this amazing moonstone and diamond ring from Lawrence Jeffrey, and yes, this used to be a brooch

Margaret Cross designs this ring which has been on my wish list for far too long, need it now! Those are Herkimer Diamonds

URSAMAJOR designs this Striped Cushion Inlay ring--this one features lapis, jet and mother of pearl!

Trend Alert: Colorful Gems Set in Yellow Gold #LoveGold

IMG_7765 IMG_7778 IMG_7767

It is a shame that we only have one color of the year, chosen by Pantone--in a world full of diversity and endless possibilities, surely one would think at least maybe a top five?!  Whether it is Marsala or Radiant Orchid, or whatever fancy title given to a hue, I'm declaring BOLD COLORS the trend for Spring/Summer 2015! This can be captured by some brilliant gemstones in all shades of juicy colors--citrus yellow citrine, icy blue topaz, mossy green emerald, or royal purple amethyst. The best part about these vibrant colors is that, in my opinion, they pair best with yellow gold.  Colored gemstones and yellow gold go gloriously together--a white metal just isn't the same!  Vivid colors for spring and summer is just what we need after a long, cold winter. While photographing some of my brightest gem set rings in yellow gold that I could find, I was instantly ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures...maybe even a beach!  

Are you ready for this Spring/Summer jewelry trend?!  What is your favorite bold color?

Rings pictured:

14k yellow gold antique moonstone cluster ring from James McHone Jewelry in Virginia

14k yellow gold blue topaz heart ring custom made as my "something blue" for my future wedding

18k yellow gold yellow topaz heart ring from Burns White Galleries live auction

14k yellow gold emerald cut emerald circa 1890s

14k yellow gold multi-gemstone pinwheel ring from Jewelry Television (used to be a pendant)

14k yellow gold custom-made Australian opal ring by Communion by Joy


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



Five Gold Ring Looks You Need Now! #LoveGold

IMG_7299 IMG_7352 IMG_7424 15635575005_ffd0100737_b IMG_7480 IMG_7446

So many rings, so many different ways of wearing them...what is a girl to do?!  Lately I've been taking a look at my ring stacks each day and sort of "analyzing" them.  After all, I choose them every morning on a whim, almost instinctively based on what I'm feeling that very moment.  Instagram has been an awesome tool for acting as a diary of sorts--a ring diary--capturing so many feelings, emotions and bits of everyday life in each photo of my daily ring choices.  It is incredible to look back at photos from a year ago or even two years ago, look at my ring stack and instantly know so much more going on in the photo besides which rings I'm wearing! 

What have my latest gold ring looks revealed this time around?!  These five photos share some styling tips that anyone can adopt and can help steer you in the right direction when deciding what to buy next for your jewelry wardrobe!  Let's take a look:

Look One/Style Tip: Wear all the same designer at once!

Yes, mixing designers and old/new jewelry is fun and all, but have you ever worn lots of rings from the same designer?!  If the designer has a distinctive aesthetic, it is emphasized even more if you wear many of their pieces at once.  In this photo, I'm wearing all Communion by Joy--her bohemian, laid-back feel shines through, and all three play off one another.   

Look Two/Style Tip: Stack antique rings all from the same Era!

Again, mixing is usually my go-to look, but wearing lots of rings from the same Era is an awesome look! In this photo, I am wearing all Victorian Era--with many rings having an untold history and sentimental secrets that will forever be untold.  The blue enamel one, for example, is 14k gold and on the inside it is inscribed "13th Sept. 1869," so intriguing!  All these are available at Arrow & Anchor Antiques.

Look Three/Style Tip: If you're going for a bold look, remember to balance!

If I want to make a bold statement with your rings and are trying to put a ring on almost every finger, it is all about balance!  Leave at least one finger free and stack similar widths--in this photo I noticed it looked better to make the height match up as well--so I used either wide bands or two rings stacked on top of one another.  Balance turned out to be more important than I thought!

Look Four/Style Tip: Put a bow on it!

I've had these bow rings in my collection for years and I always look them over.  They are nice on their own, but I rediscovered from an old Instagram post that if you stack them with the right ring, they look like a present!  A solitaire looks best paired with a bow, but in my photo, I have a small cluster as one of my pairings.  Next time you see a gold bow ring, purchase it and create your own "present" on your finger!

Look Five/Style Tip: Try antique baby rings as midi-rings!

It is no surprise, I've been personally collecting baby rings and wearing them as midi-rings for a few years now.  If you haven't tried out the midi-ring, you must!  If you think it will be uncomfortable or you will lose the ring, it does take awhile to get used to.  I've also worn antique baby rings on my pinky, which is just as fun, but a little more safe.




This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold


Obsession: RUIFIER Jewellery

Visage Collection Carina Necklace Visage Rings Visage Smiles Celestial Solstice Rings Halo Midi Rings Galaxy Rings Galaxy Rings B Icon Fine Rings Stella Collection

Every now and then I come across a jewelry collection that I get really excited about and inspired by--RUIFIER has been on my mind ever since a few weeks ago when I discovered their brand while browsing for some unique ring designs for my #GemGossipWishList.  

RUIFIER is based out of London, where modern luxury is formed into real, wearable jewelry for the sophisticated, but not too serious, woman.  Their designs are incredibly playful but are not too trendy--each piece could be worn years from today and passed down to future generations.  All the precious gemstones that are used within their designs are bright and colorful, lending perfectly with the brand's overall attitude.  The name RUIFIER comes from the English word ‘reify’ – to make an abstract idea concrete. RUIFIER's design inspirations come from architecture, whether it's linear lines or geometric shapes, a simple notion is then transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry.  

I can't seem to decide which collection I like best--they really are incredible works of art, there isn't one I wouldn't wear!  And they all truly complement each other rather nicely! Each collection has its own story, and I love are the names and inspirations behind each one:

VISAGE COLLECTION: the visage collection encourages the wearer to combine elements to form smiley faces, repeated patterns or solo pieces to match all moods and occasions. the collection is chic, minimal and playful.

CELESTIAL COLLECTION: the celestial collection contains vivid gemstones nestled in-between linear golden shapes, reminiscent of rays of light and city skylines. Part of the collection can be interlocked and worn a number of distinctive ways.

ARRIS COLLECTION: Architectural influences are translated into fine jewellery in the Arris collection, with geometric shapes forming spire- like contours. vibrant gemstones enhance the smooth gold with a myriad of shades and tones.

ICON FINE COLLECTION: the classic shapes of the Icon ring take on an understated and delicate reinvention in the warm hues of rose gold with graduated brown and white diamonds. the Icon Fine collection is truly elegant, precise and luxurious.

GALAXY COLLECTION: Inspired by the hypnotic quality of a spiral galaxy, gentle swirls of ombre gemstones create the Galaxy collection. Hundreds of delicately set gemstones shimmer like stars in the night sky, catching and reflecting the light.

STELLA COLLECTION: the stella collection sets innovative pyramid cut gemstones within an inverted pyramid of polished gold to create ever-changing reflections and optical illusions.

>> To shop the collection, you can purchase directly from their website or this list of stockists.


The Ultimate Ring Wish List #LoveGold


This year, my holiday gift guide came in a different form--a hashtag, which became incredibly fun to procure each morning.  It became a game, where suddenly I held a magic genie lamp and got to wish for a gold ring upon waking up.  I made sure to pick rings that I truly would want, and then I posted them on Instagram, with the hashtag #gemgossipwishlist ...I have been doing this since October and have compiled quite the ultimate list!  I will continue to do this until Christmas, however here is a round up of all the gold rings up until a couple days ago that have been featured:

18k yellow gold Memphis Chevron enamel ring by Alice Cicolini

18k rose gold Sonny Gold ring by Spinelli Kilcollin 

14k rose gold smokey quartz and sapphire navette ring by Arik Kastan for Anthropologie

18k yellow gold Hawthorn ring by Shaun Leane

14k yellow gold ring THREE by Gem Gossip Jewelry

14k yellow gold Mini Ella Twist ring by Ilana Ariel Jewelry

14k yellow gold Wave ring by The Heart Department

18k yellow gold Boulder Opal Ellipse Twist ring by Brooke Gregson

14k yellow gold Eclipse ring by Uma K

14k yellow gold sapphire evil eye ring by Kismet by Milka

18k yellow gold Blood Red ring set with ruby and red lacquer by Solange Azagury-Partridge

14k yellow gold Amina buckle ring by Workhorse Jewels

14k rose, yellow & white gold Bloom Petal stacking rings by Sandy Leong Jewelry

14k yellow gold Scarlett ring set with a faceted onyx by Katie Diamond Jewelry

18k yellow gold World ring by Artelier MX

14k yellow gold Tourmaline and Chrysoprase cuff ring by Melissa Joy Manning available at Greenwich Jewelers

18k yellow gold Le Cage Champagne ring by Coléoptère exclusive to Stone & Strand

10k yellow gold Lapis ring by The Mania Mania available at Love Adorned

18k yellow gold Fluid ring by Fernando Jorge

14k yellow gold Link ring by Kiel Mead

18k rose gold black diamond horsebit ring by Gucci available at Levinson Jewelers

14k yellow gold diamond crown ring with boulder opal by Michelle Fantaci

14k yellow gold Lindsay Allison cocktail ring set with abalone and diamonds by Dana Rebecca Designs

14k yellow gold Nefertiti ring with green tourmaline by Daniela Villegas

18k yellow gold Mini Octo ring with emerald by Holly Dyment

18k yellow, rose and white gold black enamel bands by HOORSENBUHS

14k yellow gold Caillou diamond slice ring by Vale Jewelry

14k yellow gold Eye Piercing ring with pearl by Delfina Delettrez 

14k yellow gold Lace Crown ring & Beaded Crown ring by Grace Lee Designs

14k yellow gold Rainbow South Sea Pearl ring by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

18k yellow gold Moonstone Shield ring by Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry

14k yellow gold Flower Seed rings by Blanca Monros Gomez

14k yellow gold malachite and diamond ring by Jacquie Aiche

14k yellow gold Third Eye ring in Onyx and white Agate inlay by Makers Circle



This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold