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Gem Gossip Visits TWIST in Seattle, WA

TWIST | Gem Gossip TWIST | Gem Gossip TWIST | Gem Gossip

GREAT MIX of designers: top left, going down--Ileana Makri, Fernando Jorge, Marc Alary; top right, going down--Spinelli Kilcollin, Marc Alary, Sophie Bille Brahe

TWIST | Gem Gossip

Love the artisan-made cases, organized by designer

TWIST | Gem Gossip

Wearing all Polly Wales

TWIST | Gem Gossip

Trying on some Kothari pieces

TWIST | Gem Gossip

The colorful world of Jamie Joseph, some best-sellers!

TWIST | Gem Gossip TWIST | Gem Gossip

A nice stack of Dorette rings, I'm in love!!

TWIST | Gem Gossip

...and can't forget the matching Dorette necklace

TWIST | Gem Gossip TWIST | Gem Gossip

All these are by Judy Geib: emerald bracelet, circular band, number ring, emerald ring

TWIST | Gem Gossip TWIST | Gem GossipTWIST | Gem Gossip

Rings by Marie-Hélène de Taillac 

TWIST | Gem Gossip TWIST | Gem Gossip

Checking out the bridal selection, it's like a store within a store!

TWIST | Gem Gossip

Some of my bridal favorites! Pinky is Rebecca Overmann, ring finger is Mandrel Studio, middle finger is Mandrel Studio, pointer finger both rings by Mallary Marks (awesome necklace in background)

TWIST has been well-known for their incredible selection of fine designer jewelry for years! I realized a few weeks ago that my second blog post I ever wrote on Gem Gossip, I featured some selections from their website, so saying I've been a fan for awhile may be an understatement. Those not akin to the Pacific Northwest may not realize that TWIST has TWO locations, one in Seattle, WA and one in Portland, OR. Most are familiar with their popular website where people from around the world can shop their highly sought after curation of designer jewelry from the comfort of their home! I gush as I profess having a love affair with their newsletters. Anytime new designers are added or new pieces are added to their website, an eye-catching newsletter gets sent to my inbox, alerting me to check out what's new. And for TWIST, anything that they do is one step ahead of the curve. I learn of new, upcoming designers often from TWIST and love seeing how they curate their selection from all that is out there and available. Each piece is special, unique and often tells a story.

Walking into TWIST was like a fantasy becoming a reality. The store is located in Pacific Place shopping center, where some of the best shopping can be done in Seattle. A quick toss of the keys to the valet and off we were where five floors of shops awaited, TWIST being on level one. An aspect that defines TWIST since the beginning is their devotion to artists, so although jewelry now rules their main focus, some eclectic pieces of art (and although jewelry can be considered art) are still a part of the store. Items like sculptures, blown glass and pottery to be exact. Case in point, the giant penguin that stands majestically outside the storefront. It was created by artist Leo Sewell who transforms scrap metal and junk into fun animals. This piece has become iconic to the shop since first opening in 1999. 

The jewelry sprawls across multiple cases at TWIST, organized by designer and neatly displayed in artisan-made cases. Everyday pieces mixed in with one-of-a-kind, over-the-top...super cool alongside funky and chic, the jewelry is quite endless in terms of possibilities and truly such a fun shopping experience. The moment you think, "where is the engagement rings and bridal selection?," you stumble upon the tucked away bridal boutique that is just as unique as the rest of the store. Traditional mixed with alternative, with their favorite designers putting a spin on what they would consider bridal, this section reveals much to swoon over. Yes, there are diamonds, but there are also "rustic" diamonds, specially cut diamonds, inverted diamonds, fancy colored diamonds and so much more. I hope my photos above prepared you for some kickass jewelry!

Perusing the jewelry cases with Cullen, store manager and partner of TWIST, proved to be a Who's Who of the jewelry world. My favorite designers, pieces I've been coveting, and works of art I've had to stare at for a few minutes to grasp its amazingness, all in one place. Polly Wales and her masterfully-crafted jewelry set off one section of the store--both her staples and her most recent collection was displayed. I got to experience French designer Marie-Hélène de Taillac and her eye-popping colorful designs. She proves how color can be so fun and within one piece, a whole rainbow of spectral colors can be found. Arik Kastan, a brand I'm more than familiar with, was on display--but did you know they create an exclusive matte gold collection just for TWIST?! I've actually never seen it before because the pieces go straight to TWIST, so this was so great to see in person. It is funny how just changing one aspect, like the finish of the gold, can create a whole new look. And for the first time ever, I got to experience Judy Geib, a designer who hand-fabricates everything out of her Brooklyn studio. She is a phenomena in her own right, being self-taught, and on top of that, she mainly works with opals and emeralds, two of the most difficult gemstones to work with (very soft stones). There were SO many great designers featured, for a full list check out this link.

I don't think I can say enough positive things about TWIST, so I'm going to leave you with this idea--if you're in the area or planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, make sure you visit either their Seattle or Portland locations. You could easily spend hours in here, so plan accordingly. (I also recommend the wine bar located at Pacific Place, Sixth Avenue Wine Sellers for before or after visiting!) ;) 

Thanks Cullen and TWIST for showing me some amazing designer jewelry while in Seattle on my #JewelryRoadTrip, I'll be catching up in the meantime via newsletter!

TWIST logo

Pacific Place, 600 Pine St #300

Seattle, WA 98101

(TWIST's other location, Portland, OR)

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Your Answer to Last Minute Holiday Gifts--Our Top Picks from Arik Kastan

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Happy Holidays!

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bethguliyevakadish twistonline ft litojewelry tomaykovintage lauramasselos abrookhouse hollydymentjewelry theoneilovenyc ericaweiner elizabethsaylesjewelry

{from top to bottom:

bethguliyevakadish showing off some intense, warrior-like rings

Twist online displaying an array of Lito Jewelry rings, I love them all!

tomaykovintage having her own ring party for Gem Gossip, lots of fun rings

lauramasselos wearing some of her favorites from her collection and I'm dying of the pinky ring

thehandmadeheroine taking a moment from selling at Artists & Fleas to show some rings

Holly Dyment Jewelry proves that purple once again reigns supreme

theoneilovenyc and their morning brew couldn't be paired more perfectly with a handful of rings

Erica Weiner has an insane stack and an even cooler manicure

Elizabeth Sayles Jewelry sharing four glorius rings from all walks of life}

Ready...Set...SHOP! Arik Kastan on Cyber Monday

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Diamond Diva #LoveGold


Wondering what to spend all your Christmas cash on now that the holidays are over?! With gift-giving season gone, it is time to treat yourself! Here are eleven enchanting gifts you won't have to feel guilty about getting--we're talking YELLOW GOLD and a whole 'lotta diamonds!

1 - nothing looks better with yellow gold and diamonds than some exquisite white leather, from

2 - love the geometric daintiness of the Izel Pendant set with diamonds in 14k yellow gold by Lito, from Twist

3 - the inspiration for this ring is clearly Art Deco lines, set in 14k yellow gold by Carbon & Hyde, from Jaimie Geller

4 - this ring is heart-stopping in person, the prive bar ring in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, from Jemma Wynne

5 - Kataoka is my newest Japanese jewelry muse, her designs are incredibly unique, from Ylang 23

6 - I've pulled off my earrings and replaced them with ear cuffs, the new must-have! by Jill Hoffmeister from Roseark

7 - obsessed with this 14k yellow gold spiral ring with hearts, moons & stars, from Madyha Farooqui

8 - everyone needs a ring that is so unique, people can't help but ask about it, like a Gem Gossip ring ONE, from Gem Gossip Jewelry

9 - these ingenius "flip" rings actually flip to reveal a different design on each side, perfect for the girl that can't make up her mind!, from Zaiken Jewelry

10 - Golden sunburst mirrors are always on my treasure hunting/wish lists, I collect them and hang them up my stairwell

11 - the perfect cuff, a feather set with diamonds in 18k yellow gold called the Blow Bracelet by Daniela Villegas


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold