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Entries in twist (10)

Favorite Rings from TWISTonline

395762_10150525321462569_1359474805_n wat-r1955#1 nak-r12pt#1 fra-gb423.1.zoom pay-w2d.1.zoom

TWISTonline has been a favorite jewelry destination of mine since I knew it existed.  I always love to browse through their jewelry and check out their Facebook Page updates.  One time I even won one of their infamous jewelry giveaways.  Here are some rings I've really been liking over at TWISTonline:

Cathy Waterman branch and scallop band, Price: $4400

Nak Armstrong tourmaline and gold double band ring, Price: $2500

L Frank three part band and diamond bead, Price: $1350

Jeanine Payer golden band with quote, Price: $1100

Stud Earrings from TWIST

My love affair with rings needs to calm down, so I am diverting towards stud earrings.  I found some amazing pairs over at TWIST, a jewelry boutique located in the Pacific Northwest of the US (Portland & Seattle).  Their selection is the best-of-the-best in terms of new designers.  Now the next step would be to fly out there and try on each pair! Maybe in another lifetime!

wat-e675b wat-e796s R foh-katg gur-edr13 hydra wat-e422tq

Above: Cathy Waterman 22k blackened gold diamond flower earrings $935, Cathy Waterman 22k blue sapphire hexagonal earrings $1065, Andrea Fohrman bone and black diamond earrings in 18k gold $2300, Gurhan gold and diamond tuft earrings $860, John Iversen 18k gold hydrangea earrings $1280, Cathy Waterman turquoise overlay earrings $2390

All can be purchased at Twist.

December in Fast Forward

IMG_0403 DSCF2001 IMG_0409 IMG_0392 DSCF2010 DSCF0586 DSCF1913

December feels like someone pressed the 'fast forward' button and 'pause' is no where in sight. Here are a bunch of photos that have accumulated from this month. Enjoy!

{from top to bottom:

Victorian baby rings--finally found rings that fit my tiny pinkey!  I wear them stacked

Playing Wii, Alisha is the only person alive who plays Wii sitting on the floor

First time in ten years we have a real tree

On the Go? Check out Gem Gossip on your iphone. Ring in picture is by Zoe Chicco

The Julie Rofman bracelet I surprisingly won from Twist's Facebook contest, I love it

Toys & jewelry, the top two highest selling products during the Christmas season

Billy.  Nice tail}


Necklace Trend: Flattering & Floating

With this jewelry trend, all you need is a pretty shirt with a neckline that allows the necklace to drape down without interfering.  This look is sleek and flatters any style.  Check out the floating pretties below--are you a fan of this necklace style?



This necklace is designed by Shaesby, a design studio based in Austin, Texas. It can be customized in white or yellow 18k gold, and measures 16 inches in length. Price: $515


A floating petal of diamonds grazing across your collar bone is exactly what this necklace will give you! Such an elegant piece of jewelry designed by Andrea Fohrman. Done in 18k white gold and measuring 16 inches in length. From Twist, Price: $1700


Created by Lana Jewelry, this necklace has an emerald accenting the "evil eye" design. Done in 14k yellow gold here, but can be customized in white gold. Price: $456

Bold Gemstone Bead Necklaces from Darlene de Sedle

Need a bold look for that plain, boring sweater this fall?  If you add any of these necklaces from designer Darlene de Sedle, you are sure to outshine the fall foliage.  Each are hand-strung using precious gemstones such as turquoise, opals, pale emeralds and pink tourmalines.  All three look like they've been discovered in an Egyptian tomb!  You can purchase any of these pieces on Twist while checking out Darlene de Sedle's other bold designs!

j_ne_d-320485_xl Price: $5200, Turquoise with 22k Gold Beads
j_ne_d-320621_xlPrice: $3400, with Pink Tourmalines and Pale Emeralds
j_ne_d-320344_xlPrice: $8600, Peruvian Opals with 22k Gold Beads