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{from top to bottom:

Colette Jewelry stacks up some new pieces that are dark yet colorful!

The Gem Hunter showing off some rings of the day, including some that are for sale

The Eden Collective creates a moody feminine vibe with cameos and black hearts

a fist full of Jacquie Aiche jewels some of my favorites in her collections

Roseark wearing Gienia Design + Barry Brinker Fine Jewelry, a winning combination

Doves Jewelry proves that all one color can have a major impact, love it

Logan Hollowell Jewelry creates stacks that are elegant, trendy and downright beautiful 

Broken English Jewelry plays with Andrea Fohrman's celestial rings

stacks and stacks of Sirciam Jewelry on the fingers and on jewelry cases}


Say "I Do" with The Eden Collective's Bridal Collection

The Eden Collective 13 The Eden Collective 1 The Eden Collective 11 The Eden Collective 6 The Eden Collective 7 The Eden Collective 4 The Eden Collective 12 The Eden Collective 10 The Eden Collective 8 The Eden Collective The Eden Collective 5

As much as I needed a bridal selection like this when I first began to even think about engagement rings, I'm glad The Eden Collective is just now launching this fine, curated selection.  I wouldn't know which to choose, there are so many stunning, heirloom pieces ready to be treasured for a lifetime. The collection is a natural extension of Eden's desire to provide unique and personally meaningful pieces to her clients. It focuses on bridal options, with a hand-selected bunch of original antique and vintage pieces, coinciding amongst some new pieces created with antique inspiration and often cast from original pieces. Wedding band options are plentiful, along with lots of alternative engagement ring choices--something that has been buzzing a lot around the world of all things bridal as of late. And I'm totally on board with it! Future brides are no longer wanting a solitaire diamond with a plain gold band. Even more so, they don't even want diamonds! They want different, unique, one-of-a-kind...

Here's where The Eden Collective's new bridal collection comes into play just in the knick of time.

Eden says, "I think the bridal market has expanded beyond the diamond solitaire “box" to encompass individual expression and a desire for deeper personal meaning in one’s ring choices. It’s like wearing white after Labor Day: the old rules are obsolete and speak to a different time. There’s value in tradition certainly, and beautiful sparkling diamonds will always have a place (though I do prefer the antique cuts) but I think the time has come for acceptance of personal choice and the myriad of variation that can make your engagement ring uniquely yours."

We couldn't agree any louder and prouder. To start the collection, The Eden Collective created the stunning boulder opal ring, the first within a series of original pieces which will focus and bring to light gemstones and their romantic gemlore. Gemstones on deck? Eden excitedly says, "Turquoise, opal, moonstone, amethyst, ruby, sapphire... Gems that have symbolic reference to love, fidelity, patience, communication, truthfulness, passion and nurturing affection: all the things a happy successful relationship is based on."

If you're currently scoping the jewelry world for your future engagement ring or wedding band...or even a special anniversary piece of jewelry, make sure to check out the new collection from The Eden Collective. Find meaning behind the gemstone, discover something deeper than "just a ring" and create lasting memories.

Some of the pieces featured in the above photoshoot:

14k yellow gold one-of-a-kind handmade boulder opal ring an Eden Collective original, Price: $1,050

14k Moonstone and demantoid garnet flower statement ring (antique pin conversion) 

14k LOVE midi (vintage pin conversion), Price: $250

Original 14k bug cuff with diamond eyes, Price: $338

14k moonstone and diamond engagement ring, Price: $525

14k sapphire, ruby and diamond heart pinky (antique pin conversion), Price: $225

14k rose gold vintage ruby eternity wedding band, Price: $725

14k green and white enamel moonstone engagement ring (antique pin conversion), Price: $450

14k Agate statement ring (antique pin conversion)

Antique moonstone trilogy ring, Price: $495

14k gold mine cut diamond enamel flower statement ring (antique pin conversion), Price: $700

14k yellow gold vintage amethyst solitaire ring, Price: $350

This post was brought to you in collaboration with The Eden Collective.


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fergusonsfinejewelry jewels_by_grace theedencollective diamondsinthelibrary lisajshuler sarahnehama jewelleryhannah maelgwns_muse ringhoarder

{from top to bottom:

Ferguson's Fine Jewelry has some serious rings in their inventory--loving these

Jewels by Grace met up with Bellflower Bay, This_Is_Ferro and GemstoneGypsy and it was AWESOME

The Eden Collective wearing some of my favorites, especially that 1944 ring, most from her personal collection

Diamonds in the Library met up with Diamond Doodles, GemFever & EatJewels and it was epic 

Lisajshuler shows off some bright blues from items in her shop--some turquoise, some enamel and some aquamarine

Sarahnehama displays some special keepsake mourning/sentimental rings from her personal collection

Jewellery Hannah stacks up some pieces from her shop and others from her own collection

Maelgwns_muse piling on all her favorite rings from her personal collection--I'm dying!!

I guess you can say RingHoarder has a thing for pearls...and rings, obviously}

Gem Gossip Visits The Eden Collective in Philadelphia, PA

The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip The Eden Collective | Gem Gossip

I've been such a fan of The Eden Collective since she first launched her Etsy shop back in 2013 which she started as a hobby.  Not even two years later, her five-year plan has now turned into a budding business and she is transitioning to making antique jewelry her full-time gig!  And it is not a bad gig, considering it is her passion and she has been surrounded by antiques her whole life--it is only fitting!  Her taste in all things old and vintage is impeccable--every piece in her inventory is incredibly covetable and her natural knack for curating great pieces is perfect for her fans and followers who can't wait to see what she finds next. I am right there with them!  Whether it is a trip to Brimfield or a day spent bidding at auction, antique jewelry collectors are left clamouring at what she will bring to her online shop. 

I couldn't have been more excited to meet my virtual antique-loving friend and get the opportunity to see her inventory in person. Lining Philadelphia’s straight, gridiron streets, an iconic row house was the setting for our meetup. Built during the early 1900s and fully decorated and restored with treasures Eden has picked up throughout her life.  I was greeted by her adorable dog Darla and a few of her cats strolled in from time-to-time. She had several trays full of rings, which immediately had my attention!  One tray with all conversion pieces, one tray with engagement rings and alternative engagement options, and another tray with a wide variety of all-original antique pieces--like signets, large onyx rings, gemstone rings, REGARD rings, portrait rings, intaglios and lots of gorgeous agate pieces.  I surely was in heaven!  I got to try on some of her pieces and style a few different looks.  

Eden is excited about her bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces that are a part of her limited edition, original designs based on the pieces she has gathered over the years. Some great examples are her bug midi-rings and her Amor ring, which is cast in recycled 10k yellow gold with a warm rose tint, after a vintage ring found in Merida in the Yucatan Penninsula!  More pieces are being added to the collection.  She specializes in alternative engagement rings, not to mention customer service, with emphasis placed on the idea of repurposing and rediscovering the value of things once loved, giving them new purpose and new appeal.

The Eden Collective recently reached a milestone on Instagram, gaining 5k followers and is hosting a really great giveaway to celebrate. Up for grabs is a 10k gold Amor ring from Eden's original designs collection.  All you have to do to be entered is follow @theedencollective on Instagram, find the Giveaway photo and repost it, hashtag your entry #amor5000 and tag 3 friends!  The contest ends at the end of this month!

Links to pieces featured above from my visit:


14k yellow gold split shank antique Essex Crystal dog ring, Price: $1575

14k yellow gold oval onyx ring with rose cut diamond flower on top, Price: $850

14k yellow gold Victorian love knot coversion ring, Price: $585

10k yellow gold antique Australian boulder opal ring, Price: $495

10k yellow gold Victorian dendritic agate ring, Price: $275

10k yellow gold oval Turquoise conversion ring, Price: $475

14k rose/yellow gold Old Mine cut diamond engagement ring with side stones, Price: $1850

10k yellow gold onyx Odd Fellows foiled ring, Price: $425

10k yellow gold Victorian flower foiled carnelian ring, Price: $550

10k yellow gold Victorian turquoise cluster ring, Price: $425


10k bi-color gold sweet Victorian flower bracelet, Price: $325


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anitakojewelry valejewelry rockingthatgem sequinharvest chrissiekim fiatluxsf camillecarnevale theedencollective quadrumgallery

{from top to bottom:

Anita Ko Jewelry spotted Hannah Bronfman wearing her triangle diamond ring

Vale Jewelry captures Linda Rodin wearing lots of their rings stacked up for a interview with StoneFoxBride

Rockingthatgem wearing some stacks of Michelle Oh Jewellery at a bridal showcase 

Sequinharvest trying on two incredible rings from Dezso

Chrissiekim admiring her family heirlooms-- each has its own story and history

Fiatluxsf--San Francisco's leading spot for handmade--stacks all kinds of goodness

Camille Carnevale doing it REAL big with these diamond stunners

The Eden Collective showing off some favorites before she lists them in her shop

Quadrum Gallery stacking mini Gabriella Kiss rings, the more the merrier!}