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Entries in stud earrings (9)

Q & A with Designer Wing Yau of WWAKE

Wing_portrait Jewelry designer Wing Yau created WWAKE in 2011 in the most artistic way possible. A sculptor at heart, Wing likes to experiment with texture, movement and flow, creating something truly unique. Her minimalistic style has stirred up a cult following, and I was easily one of them!

I was honored to catch up with her before the craziness of Couture!


I'm developing a small collection of simple engagement rings and wedding bands and working on the next WWAKE collection. I'm interested in exploring simple, yet surprising stone settings with my upcoming work. Lots of opals too!

1426174_557999767629634_1575474579_n 1376467_505142532915358_1761148945_n


I'm actually trained in sculpture, not jewelry. Back in school they encouraged us to make large sculptures out of bronze, wood and clay. Though it was kind of overwhelming then, it made making jewelry quite natural. All of my experience in jewelry comes from applying those basic sculpture techniques into a small scale.

WWAKE started by experimenting with rope sculptures, and how to make them wearable. As I continued to make pieces that were more "challenging" in terms of traditional jewelry, I also understood the timeless value of wearable, metal jewelry. Everything just snowballed from there!

1604568_556845171078427_1629524413_n 1798671_568464376583173_2023162650_n


I like making little sketches out of clay and seeing how the forms relate to each other. I look to a lot of painting for inspiration.

1924925_585494238213520_91558211_n wwake


Just a lot more jewelry! I hope to grow the WWAKE with an awesome team behind it and keep offering the world inspiring things.

1472828_539914089438202_2038807396_n 1527797_541802182582726_598883173_n


It's a simple & beautiful ivory ring from my grandma.


FOR SALE: Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings

IMG_8455 photo-7

After selling out of a batch of watermelon tourmaline studs several months ago, I've finally got a couple of pairs available! The stud earrings are set in 14k yellow gold and are $400 and the sterling dangles are $160. Email if interested!


Obsession: Stacks of Stud Earrings

jacquieaiche:earrings karripsoph pamelalovenyc catbirdnyc stone_fox_bride jacquieaiche:earring jaimiegellerlovegoldlive

Just like stacking rings, earrings are following suit...and thanks to some amazing jewelry designers, there are lots of options out there to pull off an ear that will surely flash a double-take. The tiny studs that are popular right now come in tiny sizes, different shapes and animals, letters, numbers, spikes, bars, gemstones or no gemstones! The possibilities are endless, and the above photos demonstrate some ideas of ways to do this flawlessly! With three holes in each of my ears, what I had considered a "college mistake" may be totally cool right now, and I thank the trend setters for this! Some of my favorite designers that are doing studs like these are: Dana Rebecca, Sydney Evan, Jacquie Aiche, Jennie Kwon, Zoe Chicco, Sethi Couture, among others.


Rachel Roy wearing Jacquie Aiche leaf ear cuff

Instagrammer karripsoph wearing Anita Ko cuff & stud, and Jacquie Aiche starburst earcuff

Pamela Love rocking a daggar-like ear ensemble

Catbird wearing Jezebel pearl earrings and two ear cuffs stacked

cool picture seen on Stone_Fox_Bride Instagram--extreme ear piercing

Jacquie Aiche during the Couture show in Vegas

Jaimie Geller Jewelry wearing a diamond halo stud from her store and a Jacquie Aiche ear cuff

LoveGold spotted this swirly vintage earring which I thought was cool!

My Jewel Box: Stud Heaven

DSCF2905 DSCF2906 DSCF2907 DSCF2912

My stud collection has been continually growing lately thanks to some categories I've created based on what I like and what looks good for my ear shape/hair style. Here are the categories:

1. Wing shaped or ribbon-like studs

2. Gemstone studs

3. Pearl studs

4. Cross studs

5. all yellow gold studs

6. diamond studs

I really like the new 14k yellow gold faceted studs that I recently got--they have a large octagonal shape and take up most of my ear lobe.  And my studs are all sprawled across the book I am currently reading: Daphne Guinness.  

Stud Earrings from TWIST

My love affair with rings needs to calm down, so I am diverting towards stud earrings.  I found some amazing pairs over at TWIST, a jewelry boutique located in the Pacific Northwest of the US (Portland & Seattle).  Their selection is the best-of-the-best in terms of new designers.  Now the next step would be to fly out there and try on each pair! Maybe in another lifetime!

wat-e675b wat-e796s R foh-katg gur-edr13 hydra wat-e422tq

Above: Cathy Waterman 22k blackened gold diamond flower earrings $935, Cathy Waterman 22k blue sapphire hexagonal earrings $1065, Andrea Fohrman bone and black diamond earrings in 18k gold $2300, Gurhan gold and diamond tuft earrings $860, John Iversen 18k gold hydrangea earrings $1280, Cathy Waterman turquoise overlay earrings $2390

All can be purchased at Twist.