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Entries in stack bracelets (4)

My Tips for Stacking Bracelets


Over at Frost Yourself, I gave some tips for stacking bracelets--wanted to share here as well!  Check out my post over at Frost Yourself and be sure to follow the jewelry blog for fun reads!

"Stackable jewelry continues to be a big hit and will stay that way into 2011. Bracelets are fun to stack, but it is often intimidating to do if you’re not sure where to begin. Here are my tips on stacking bracelets. Follow these and you’re sure to get the right look:

1. It’s all about trial and error. Try a combination out, see how it looks, and choose to add or subtract depending how you feel.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix high-end with low-end.  Like an 18k gold Cartier bangle with a red heart silly band….? Yes, it works!

3. Mix in charity bracelets that have a meaning. Or wish bracelets/friendship bracelets.

4. If you are going to wear a bunch of bracelets with color, make sure the color combination has contrast. For example, yellow gold looks good against red and black. I like wearing lilac, grey and bright teal. Brazilian wish bracelets have lots of color to choose from.

5. Make sure once you have all your bracelets on, they are comfortable and non-distracting. If you have a job which involves typing, and your bracelets are preventing you to type efficiently, it’s not going to work!"

Gold Rush: Big Bold Gold Bracelets


With the price of gold climbing everyday, one of the smartest investments right now would be a nice, heavy gold bracelet. A perfect pick would be one that would withstand the test of time, remaining classic years from now. All the above bracelets are true examples, and I've picked out my favorites below that would make a great statement ringing in the new year--both as an investment in your wardrobe and your pocket! boldgold

This is a vintage bracelet from the 1980s, that features tiny sapphire flowers along with the woven mesh gold done in 14k yellow gold. This bracelet is from Beladora2, price: $1505


I love the design of this high end, Italian Contemporary bracelet. Designed by Carlo Weingrill, done in 18k yellow gold with diamonds. From Beladora, price: $9950

boldgold4 Another great bold gold bracelet design is this one. Vintage, 1980s with a chevron style and done in 14k yellow gold. This one is also from Beladora2 and priced at $1750


Just as the inspiration photo suggests, a high-polished, plain gold bangle is a necessary staple for every jewelry wardrobe. This one has a 3/8" width, which is a great size and priced at $1000 from Beladora2. 14k yellow gold, from the 1980s.


Lastly, a bold gold bracelet from the Retro Period is a perfect compliment to the other classics. This one is 18k rose gold, and its definite Retro Period open links. From Beladora, price: $2450

Designer Spotlight: Scosha NYC

Us adults need our version of the friendship bracelet.  This is where designer Scosha comes in, bringing you a mix of friendship-like bracelets reminiscent of our childhood's past.  Only this version is much cooler, has some diamonds added, and made of vintage fishing line.  Give a girlfriend one of these, and I'm sure you'll be best friends forever.  Love how these bracelets can be worn with other stackable kinds.  They have just the right amount of sparkle.


This bracelet comes from the Poetry Wheel Collection in Scosha's line. The turquoise, yellow gold and black color combination is just beautiful. This dainty, little bracelet is made of antique silk fly fishing line that has been braided. Can you believe a single line can hold up to 120 pounds?! All the gold is solid, 10k yellow. Price: $550


These bracelets come from the Caravan Collection--with your choice of ruby, emerald or sapphire. This one has a 14k button closure, with a black and white braided fishing line look. Price: $235 each.

Want one with more sparkle? This one's for you. It features small, gold rondel beads with the middle bead set with diamonds. From the Jessijean Collection, this bracelet consists of black fishing line crafted so that it adjusts to fit any wrist. A couple of these on and you will sparkle into the night! Each are $179.

Just putting it out there...


I have been continually inspired by this photo above on a regular basis, as it is my desktop background. I've been wanting a leather bracelet that wrapped around twice, and have yet to find a good one. Yesterday, while browsing through the Mizuki trunk show that was hosted by Ylang|23 of Dallas, I came across what I've been looking for. Oddly enough it is the perfect size for my tiny wrist and has the initial 'S' on the yellow gold tablet. Those of you who know me, know how significant that letter is to me. I think this will be the one and only item on my Christmas list this year. Designed by Mizuki, priced at $300, and found at