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The Knot: 3 Awesome Alternative Engagement Ring Styles to Consider

The Knot | Gem Gossip


We are incredibly pumped to reveal some exciting news--I am going to be contributing monthly features over at The Knot! The online destination and magazine are both leaders in all things bridal, reaching 8 out of 10 brides in America with more than 11 million monthly unique visitors! I'm looking forward to applying my gemological knowledge and style expertise, along with my taste and creative energy, to The Knot and reach a larger audience.

Look out for my posts--I will be sharing them on my social media platforms and I will try to post them here as well!

Here's my first one--I've rounded up some alternative engagement ring styles. Here's the link:


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Vegas Prep: Interview with Yves of Spinelli Kilcollin

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Yves Spinelli may be the hardest working designer in the biz--world traveling all in the name of trunk shows, perfecting his designs and creating new ones, continually at the top of every editor's wish list, getting ready for one of the biggest jewelry shows (Couture)--and if that's not overwhelming, he even got married last year all in the midst of it. The bridal collection just launched, and I love how it incorporates the orginal concpet of the Galaxy rings.  Spinelli Kilcollin is a brand and dream child of Yves, and although simple in concept, when you get into the design, the fit, the combinations, it gets much more complex. When you see it, you know it...when you wear it, you don't take it off. This will be the third year for the brand to be at Couture and if you've never experienced trying on a Galaxy Ring or held a conversation with the warm and kind-hearted Yves, I suggest you put Design Atelier booth #4 to your MUST SEE list!

How many times have you attended Vegas jewelry week?

This will be my third. 

Biggest tip for Vegas jewelry week you’d give your rookie self on the eve of your first time going to Vegas?

Don’t stay out too late on the first night!! And drink A LOT of water. I still need to remind myself of both of these, by the way. 


Name five things you ALWAYS bring to Vegas Jewelry Week.

A suit

Healthy snacks for the booth - we drive out so it’s easy to pack a bag

A stapler - very important!!

My favorite pens

Last time we packed a humidifier for our room :)


One big difference from last year to this year?

I’m leaving a few days early this year to take a long-anticipated vacation. 


Favorite things about Vegas Jewelry Week.

I like seeing all of my designer friends. Sometimes it feels a little like summer camp. 


Biggest pet peeve about Vegas Jewelry Week.

That you don’t go into natural sunlight for about five days.  


Weirdest thing to happen to you during Vegas Jewelry Week in the past.

Last year I corralled about 20 people to go to eat at German beer garden off the strip. Since there were so many of us, we opted for a stretch monster Hummer complete with flat screen monitors, neon lights and stripper poles. It cost about $8 per person. It’s always a good idea to leave the strip to see what’s going on in Las Vegas. It’s a very unique city.  




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You can follow Yves --> @spinellikilcollin


The "It-Ring" of the Season, Spinelli Kilcollin #LoveGold


IMG_8065 IMG_8025 IMG_7992 IMG_8013 IMG_7851 IMG_7913

Every season, the fashion world claims an "It-Bag," a purse or handbag every fashionable girl must own! Oftentimes the criteria for this highly acclaimed title is classic, not trendy, and can be a staple within one's wardrobe for years to come.  Even better, the movie world sometimes has their very own, "It-Girl" who is so lovable and talented that she lands role-after-role in many feature films.  Well, if the jewelry world had its own "It-Ring," I would declare the Sonny Gold ring by Spinelli Kilcollin just that!  

Why, do you ask?  Well, it is simple:

Classic look: the Sonny Gold ring combines classic pieces like a diamond eternity band and two plain gold bands into the design.  All three are timeless on their own, but when combined and looped together, the look is sophisticated and slightly edgy.

Goes with anything/everything: I love the kind of rings that can easily be dressed up or down--this ring is definitely one of those!  I can easily wear it with jeans and a tee, or paired with an elegant dress--day or night, dressy or casual!

Comfortable: a really important aspect of good design in rings is comfort and this ring is surprisingly comfortable any way you wear it!  It is so comfortable that you will want to turn it into an everyday staple and almost never take it off!

Interchangeable: the genius designs of Spinelli Kilcollin allow you to wear your ring in multiple ways.  Try wearing all three rings on one finger for a stacked look, or loop each on separate fingers for a more dramatic effect.  I've even tried two of the rings on one finger and one on the other--it looked so unique!

Will someday be a future heirloom: this 18k gold ring has value as a piece of luxury and future heirloom. Passing it down to future generations 40-50 years from now will be a definite, and its quality and craftsmanship will withstand the tests of time.  


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold