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Sentimental Jewels Offered in the Upcoming Fellows October Auction

A&M October 2017 Fellows

There's something about sentimental jewelry that makes my jewelry obsession very happy. Hearing stories behind a special piece or knowing that an object has more depth to it than being a material thing is exactly what I'm all about. The upcoming October 12th Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale from Fellows Auction is filled with pieces that beckon to sentiment, both past and future. Some pieces look as though they are filled with harrowing adventure and stories of love and lost love...while others could potentially be attached to warm stories, they're just waiting for a new owner to make that happen.

I've picked my TOP TEN favorite sentimental jewels from next week's sale--and don't forget to SIGN UP to bid and put the auction date in your calendar: October 12th, 2017.

8 54

Lot 8: Lockets always seem to bring the sentiment meter up from zero to one hundred, real quick. I love a good locket and they've been consistently a popular gift-giving item for holidays and birthdays. This locket is especially unique because of the symbolic heart and arrows on the front of it. Set with a heart-shaped ruby cabochon and shot by two diamond laced arrows, this locket screams love. There's even a French engraving that reads, "Mon Coeur Perce" which translates to My Pierced Heart.  

Lot 54: Easily fall in love with this heavily symbolic sapphire and diamond heart ring. Every romantic whim is asking for this ring to be a future engagement ring. The arrows at the top make it even more unique, although it is thought that they were added at a later date (the heart portion being orginal Victorian). The sapphire is of very good quality and is even a color-change one from Sri Lanka. What a gorgeous ring!

73 118

Lot 73: Birds represent an uplifted spirit and often very symbolic. This rose cut diamond swallow brooch immediately caught my attention because it is very sentimental. Swallows go hand-in-hand with representing love, affection and friendship.  How sweet would this brooch be if pinned to a jacket to remember a loved one? Or added to your scarf to commemorate a dear friend? 

Lot 118: Every woman needs a charm bracelet!  It is the perfect extension of yourself, in charm-form. Tell your story with gold charms that become instant sentiments: first vacation, a marriage, a new job, becoming a mom, traveling around the world, birthday surprises, a big move...the charms and milestones are endless. I love this charm bracelet in this lot because it has already been started for you, you now must finish it! Add your story to this ongoing one and wear it happily!

130 271

Lot 130: If there ever were a perfect pair of antique diamond dangle earrings, these would be it! I can picture these as some memorable wedding day earrings that will be passed down to future generations, often borrowed by good friends and continually making memories. They are approx. 3.80 carats total and come with fitted box.

Lot 271: Double horseshoes, giving two doses of good luck for anyone that wears this sentimental brooch by Carlo Guilliano. A rare creation from a celebrated designer and highly collectible. And you may not notice from the photo, but their is rock crystal in the center--it is not open space. What a fantastic piece! 

372 462

Lot 372: I always assume that a two-diamond ring reminds me of my own engagement ring, both very sentimental to me and my husband. This particular ring is an incredibly beautiful take an a moi et toi style, symbolizing you and I. Are your heart strings pulled yet? The diamonds total 2.55 carats and I am truly in love with this one!

Lot 462: One might take a single look at snake jewelry and not realize how much symbolism is entangled in each piece. Those Victorians were highly sentimental and snake jewelry ranked high up in symbolic meaning. This particular necklace is quite the piece! Done in a navy blue enamel and accented with pearls, red gem eyes and holding a locket. The articulated body which composes the necklace is in immaculate condition!

472 485

Lot 472: These earrings grabbed my attention because of their silhohette and striking blue turquoise accents. I could imagine them having a great existence prior to becoming an auction item and I feel like the new owners should keep the adventure going!  Bring these on a fun getaway or dance on the dancefloor wearing them. The possibilities are endless!

Lot 485: More symbolic turquoise blue, this time being a light blue enameled necklace set with pearls and a heart shaped pendant. I love the sentimental heart and knowing that this piece is circa dated to 1860 only makes my head wander even more, thinking of all it has done and seen in its lifetime. Such a lovely necklace!

This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Jewelry Collection Stories: Jennifer of @Dupkaspike

Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection

To end out the year, our last Jewelry Collection Story comes from Jennifer, or as many may know her on Instagram, @Dupkaspike. Her collection is eclectic, heavily sentimental and so fun to look at. She captured her collecting essence perfectly in these photos. Now if only I can meet her one day and she them in person! ;) ...take it away Jennifer:

I can’t say that I have always loved jewelry, but I can pinpoint the moment when the love affair began. When I was 16, my Dad took me into Keil’s, an antique jewelry store on Royal Street in New Orleans, and bought me two rings. One was a mother of pearl cameo with an onyx surround, and another was a rose gold carnelian with a gold inlaid intaglio of a Rose of Sharon.

It was an important moment in my understanding of jewelry. My Mom was a big Southwestern jewelry fan (I’ve inherited her collection), but it wasn’t something that resonated strongly with me, though I admired it. I was drawn more to the sentimental, and to the personal.

I did not do a lot of collecting in early adulthood. My husband is Chinese, and so over the years and when we married, I received traditional Chinese 22k gold and jade pieces as gifts, which I look forward to passing on to my children. Traditional Chinese don’t really like lower-karat gold pieces and I liked history and sentiment; so we were in agreement that mall jewelry wasn’t really for me. The jade pieces are my favorites of these, as is a giant 22k dragon and phoenix ring.

Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection

Over the years I have gravitated to certain genres. As an amateur painter, I adore portrait miniatures, and greatly admire the skill required to produce them. I don’t have many, but I’m always on the lookout for special pieces. Recently I acquired a large Georgian locket brooch, from CJ Antiques, surrounded by amethysts and plan to commission a portrait of my kids and dog. One piece I wear often I got from Duvenay, a pretty portrait of Marie Antoinette, with a diamond halo that was converted from a stickpin.

I’m a strong believer in personalization, so mostly every new piece I own has some engraving or dedication on it. When my kids were born, I bought heavy Tiffany Lucida wedding bands and had their names engraved on the outside and their birthdates on the inside. Similarly, I had their names and birthdates engraved on the inside of gemstone and diamond stacking rings. I have several stacking rings, which I love to mix with larger pieces. One set I wear all the time is two ruby keeper rings from Jewellery Hannah, as well as a giardinetto from Pocket of Rocks. Last year I worked with Hoard Jewelry on engraving to flat gold bands for them with personalized messages. One has the cipher of a "nonsense" love song my son used to sing to me as a child when he was barely verbal; only he and I understand it. He later told me that it was his love song to his Mom, and so of course my heart melted. Other antique engraved pieces of jewelry with dedications or initials I own are mostly amatory, including a Russian rock crystal locket with diamond initials on the face that once held hair; a tiny acrostic locket with engraving and locket space for hair; a large, double heart picture frame, and a banded agate mourning locket. A favorite bangle acquired from Lenore Dailey spells, “Dieu Vous Garde,” or “God Protect You.” I also have a locket with that motif. One of my very favorite pieces it is really quite special. I got it from Glorious Antique Jewelry. It is dated 1790 and has some interesting initials on the back, and a lovely message on the front, “Pour ma Sophie pour toujours ma petite cherie toût, 1790” which roughly translates to, “To my Sophie, you will always be my little darling, 1790.”

Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection Dupkaspike Collection

I love LOVE, and as such can’t seem to stop seeking out pansy jewelry. I have several enamel and gemstone pieces—a pendant and pocket watch. Pansy jewelry of course was symbolic of the French for “ Pense à moi,” or “ Think of me.” Similarly a Georgian pendant brooch I find myself wearing often simply says, “ L’Amour,” and is decorated with two seed pearl lovebirds. A garnet and white enamel pendant reads in Latin, “ Dulcis Vita::Tibi Vita,” or “ The Good “ Life; Your Life.” One piece I have, ruby hearts with diamond wings, was acquired from Park Avenue Jewelry and I decided to convert it from a brooch to a necklace. I’m a strong believer that jewelry should be worn, and I realized that it would get a lot more use for me personally as a necklace. I got this piece as my mother was dying, and it will always be very special to me as a remembrance of her.

French St. Esprit pieces are also a love and I get a lot of use out of a French regional cross I found. One of the St. Esprits is probably late 18th century and makes a political statement, with its red and blue pastes. A favorite piece of mine is an 1835 rose cut diamond, gold and silver Halley’s Comet pendant (likely converted from a brooch) that I got from Inez Stodel.



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You can follow Jennifer --> @dupkaspike

Jewelry Collection Stories: Jenn of Bellflower Bay

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Continuing this week with Jewelry Collection Stories, the next collection is one I am really excited about. I've known Jenn of Bellflower Bay for several years, as she was one of my first friends I've met through Gem Gossip, and it is also special to see her collection and know that I was present when she purchased of few of the pieces shown. We've gone to London together and attended a jewelry conference in Chicago together...can't wait to see where our jewelry-loving friendship takes us next! What a great connector this blog has been. Take it away, Jenn:

Above: Black collection (l-r): Edwardian onyx & diamond long ring (acquired at Round Top Antiques Fair, outside of Austin, TX);

Middle finger, top is a Victorian agate & snake ring from @theoneilovenyc; bottom middle finger is a 1930’/ 40’s onyx and diamond ring made by Korean jeweler T.Y. Lee (side note: when researching the hallmark on this one, I found that American and other foreign GIs purchased rings from T.Y. Lee during WW2 and brought them home to their sweethearts when the war was over);

Index finger, top is an enamel and rose cut diamond mourning ring which says “in memory of” on the opposite side-- from the Pier Show (NYC); bottom index is a Victorian black & white agate and diamond cameo from a jewelry store in CT.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Dendritic agate & sterling ring: the piece I’m proudest of. After collecting for a few years, my mom and I decided to take a jewelry-making course. We trudged over to the 92nd street Y from our respective homes every Sunday for about six weeks. I highly recommend this course to any collector; it showed us just how much goddamn work it took to manipulate these materials, and gave us a much deeper appreciation for the skill that so many jewelers have.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Garnet collection (l-r): top ring finger is a Victorian garnet and diamond ring, a Christmas present from my husband that he got from @agelessheirlooms; bottom ring finger is a Georgian/ Early Victorian dendritic agate and garnet, found at Portobello road by @heartofsolidgold and @gemstonegypsy;

Middle finger: top is a bohemian garnet ring found in The Netherlands by my friend @quaintlytracy; bottom middle is a Georgian garnet halo mourning ring with a decorated urn in the center surrounded by the names of the deceased married couple “Tho. Blundell a38// Ellen Blundell a34” (Christmas gift from fella);

Index: top is a retro 1940’s “lovebird” ring with garnet center; bottom index is a crazy-ass ring of indeterminate origin—sold to me as a Victorian piece many, many years ago when I was a newbie (aka naïve & trusting) collector, but it appears to be a mish-mash of pieces from different eras. I like it anyhow.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Turquoise & Snakes: top ring finger was originally an all turquoise cocktail ring from the 50’s, but I worked with a lovely jeweler to switch out the center stone for that wonderful old diamond. Bottom ring finger is a Victorian turquoise & accent diamond cluster from in New Orleans, LA. It was our first trip to that amazing city, and my husband bought this for me as a birthday present. We were told that the woman who used to run the store had passed away recently, and when they went through her desk & safe, they found a small bag full of pretty little rings she had set aside (and had been apparently doing so for decades); this was one of them.

Middle finger is all snakes: top is a Victorian ruby & turquoise from Brodney in Boston, MA.; next is a 22k gold & ruby ring from a jewelry store in CT.; under that is a 9k & blue glass snake which was a gift from @heartofsolidgold; and then a vintage 18k wrap around snake from a jewelry store in Astoria, NY.

Index finger: Georgian double crowned gold & silver heart with turnaround, coral and table cut diamonds. I stalked this ring for over THREE years on the Ruby Lane store Robbins’ Roost Antiques, and then put it on layaway for almost a year. Bottom index finger: Victorian diamond and turquoise halo, from the same Astoria jeweler. (Also on layaway after much stalking!)

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Bling collection: “Why does she have so many engagement rings?” you may ask. Good question! Well, my fella is very sentimental, and wanted to propose with his grandmother’s ring (third down from the top), but after a bit, I realized it wasn’t quite my style. It’s a difficult topic to brooch, but listen ladies: you’re the one who has to wear the ring! So don’t be afraid to say something. Second down is the one I picked out: 18 ct Edwardian filigree. Top band is one of my wedding bands, an Edwardian diamond “bow” ring. Bottom ring finger was my grandmother’s engagement ring. Sometimes I wear them all just to confuse people!

Middle finger, top to bottom: grandma’s wedding band; ridiculous diamond cluster inherited when grandma passed (made in the 60’s with old family diamonds); platinum, ruby, and diamond Victorian (ish) cluster ring, which was one of my best early purchases.

Index finger: top is an antique platinum oblong mine cut diamond ring from this past Christmas; the next is an Edwardian era platinum, diamond and carved amethyst ring; last is a strange filigree ring studded with rose cut diamonds.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Some more bling collection: ring finger: contemporary emerald snake ring from @gemstonegypsy (goes with EVERYTHING); aquamarine & diamond navette made from an old pin of my grandma’s (my mom has a matching one).

Middle finger: vintage three diamond band; platinum engraved band that was my great-grandmother’s; retro mixed gold & diamond band; Victorian buckle ring; diamond cluster ring that I’m on the process of acquiring from @heartofsolidgold; Georgian blue enamel & mine cut diamond ring from Portobello Road (UK).

Index finger: Victorian gold & silver navette with a mix of rose & mine cut diamonds.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Wild rings, Pt 1: Victorian 18 ct & Banded agate “puzzle” ring with engraved floral band (series of carvings “say” something—haven’t figured it out yet!); Victorian painted ship ring from Brimfield.

Middle finger: Emerald and diamond lion ring converted from a Victorian cufflink (@heartofsolidgold has its twin); Victorian 18k emerald ring.

Index: Edwardian/ Deco Platinum Emerald and sapphire halo ring from Gray’s antiques in London; Edwardian platinum and sapphire elongated ring from the Pier show, NYC.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Wild rings Pt. 2: Victorian boulder opal; retro multi-gem “sputnik” ring (name so as it resembled the satellite).

Middle finger: 1930’s (dated in band) opal and diamond halo ring from Brooklyn jewelry shop; Gold, garnet and opal “fortune tellers” ring (Side note: I first saw this ring many years ago on Ruby Lane and hesitated; my loss—someone snatched it up. I looked for ages and happened upon it one day on eBay, listed so weirdly that it never would have come up on my searches. I made what I thought to be a generous offer on the timed auction listing; the seller declined. I ended up winning it for $100 less than what I offered. I feel like there are so many lessons in this story!) No clue when it’s from. I thought Noveau, but it could be revival.

Index finger: Victorian enamel “J” baby ring; antique gold bird & anchor signet.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Earrings: I have a bigger earring collection than this, but these are a sampling of the more interesting: vintage ruby pyramid studs; French Victorian era jet glass and 9k rose gold star earrings; contemporary earrings by wonderful artist Kristi Sword (@kristiswordjewelry)—I first saw her work at the art jewelry gallery GALERIE NOEL GUYOMARC'H ( when we visited Montreal and I fell deeply in love with the otherworldliness of her pieces. My fella got me this pair.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Sentimental: I’m not super mushy about jewelry—as a collector, I feel like you should love your pieces, but keep some distance so you can trade up in the future, but even I fall victim to sentiment! Ring finger is a turquoise and silver ring that my grandma got in Arizona in the 70’s—it was the first piece of interesting vintage jewelry anyone ever gave me.

Middle finger: my mom and I used old family stones to design this white gold, diamond and emerald moon with a jeweler from Queens; the Vintage coral and diamond cameo is from a shop on Cape May.

Index finger: promise ring from my dad to my mom when they began dating (it didn’t work out—they married and divorced each other TWICE, but I still like it); Vintage gold star ring from ebay that I wear as a wedding band most of the time.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Necklaces & charms: my favorites, basically. Antique garnet star converted by @gemstonegypsy from a pin won at Fellows auction; vintage gold & enamel chatting birds charm from my mom; Victorian spider locket.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Necklaces (cont): old diamond necklace, won at auction; huge-ass heavy retro revival locket (inherited from grandma); Vintage diamond & opal necklace won at Rago auction; fire opal bead necklace from Nora Kogan jewelry.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Art Nouveau diamond lady bracelet, won at a Rago auction a few years ago.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Two delicate Victorian bracelets!

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Cool antique knife I bought at a garage sale on Long Island; some lady was making her husband sell his knife collection! I carry this most of the time, except (obviously) to the airport, which did happen once it and it cost me $40 to ship it back to my house. I paid $3 for the knife.


Jewelry Collection Stories: Lisa Shuler


Our Instagram community of antique jewelry loving people consists of such outstanding women and avid collectors, all of which have incredible jewelry collections. I love spotlighting particular people and getting a more in depth look, including both stories and photos. Our latest feature delves into the jewelry box of Lisa Shuler, a long-time collector and now seller with an online shop called A Pocket of Rocks, soon to be launching. She also mostly sells through her Instagram page where she has over 5,000 devoted fans, swooning at every photo she posts.  

Here are some special pieces from her personal collection. And here are her stories, in her own words, which go along with each photo:

"I think my love of jewelry began with two things. I grew up on a ranch and was always outside. One of my favorite things to do was to look for rocks. I would gather the interesting ones, take them back to the house, and look at them for hours. The different Quartz and agates fascinated me. The second influence was my aunt. She loved jewelry and had a lot of wonderful pieces. When we visited we would pour over each piece and she would tell me the stories behind them. This began my obsession. I got my first antique ring at the age of 14 and I have been on the hunt ever since."

TOP PHOTO: selection of some of my mourning rings. IMy favorite in this group is the center with the two hearts. It was my birthday gift this year from my husband. Another favorite is the gold band with the black enamel. I love the beautiful simplicity of it.


My very favorite form of jewelry--earrings! These are a few of my favorite pair. The first pair are gold and black enamel Tiffany earrings. Next, Georgian poissarde topaz earrings, Georgian flat cut garnet earrings. Victorian tassel earrings, 18k snake hoops, steel cut earrings with stars, Georgian pink topaz foil backed earrings, Antique Indian earrings of 22 and 24k gold and last Victorian turquoise and black enamel earrings.


These are personal, sentimental pieces. The leather necklace has two beads made by Jeanine Payer. The beads were custom made with a poem that relates to my two children. The large silver pendant is also from Jeanine and is engraved with an Irish blessing. My son and daughter have the same piece. Next is an antique French coral skull. He is special to me because of his rarity and because of my love of Georgian jewelry, especially mourning pieces. In the ring box is my first antique ring. The bracelet on the box was left to me by my favorite aunt who I mentioned above. This was a piece her husband had made for her after a special trip. Last but not least in this photo are the pearls given to me by my mom, which she hand selected and had strung for me while traveling.


My snake rings! The one with the large diamond was my first and I have had him for about 20 years.

Untitled Untitled

LEFT: My Stuart crystals! I love mourning jewelry and these are just amazing. 

RIGHT: More mourning pieces. These are so special and I feel that we are the new caretakers of these amazing works of art. The first is a flat cut garnet piece with a scene of a lovely woman holding a bird. There are initials on the back. The third is a brooch and pendant combination. I love the blue enamel and the traditional image of the woman sitting at the urn. The next piece is the dearest to my heart and here I am showing the back of the pendant instead of the front. It is on a chain of French jet and rose gold. The piece marks a child's passing at 4 years, 4 months, and 4 days. What drew me to the last pendant is the magnificent garnets that surround the piece. It is very large in size and is attached to my favorite French chain.

Untitled Untitled

LEFT: The ring epitomizes my love of everything Georgian. It is a huge foil backed citrine surrounded by natural pearls. The back is engraved with the person's name. The strand of pearls in this photo are special for many reasons. They were an anniversary gift from my husband about 15 years ago. They are natural pearls from Tiffany and close with an amazing platinum and diamond clasp, stamped with the Tiffany mark.

RIGHT: This photo is of one of my very favorite things--pearls. There is a Victorian pearl and angel skin coral bangle, a pearl horseshoe that is a conversion from a brooch, several pearl rings and couple of pearl necklaces. My favorite is the pearl necklace with the locket. It has a baby's teeth marks all over it. It's previous owner must have had a baby that loved to use the locket as a teether. This is exactly the kind of thing that explains my love of antique jewelry.

Untitled Untitled

LEFT: more of my snake collection. The large snake bangle is 15k rose gold with pink sapphires. The Victorian gold and black enamel snake is a piece I picked up in Austin when I was there with my best friend for her 50th bday. I figured it would be rude of me to not buy a new piece when she was. The next piece is a bracelet with an ouroboros watch key. I will change out charms to go with it, but the snake always stays. Last is a necklace with a wonderful snake which holds a cross with table cut diamonds.

RIGHT: my lovers eye pendant. I love the uniqueness of this one and it incorporates pearls!


>> You can follow Lisa on Instagram here!

My Jewel Box: Workhorse Rings + Some Favorites

IMG_8347 IMG_8337 IMG_8393 IMG_8333

I am a sucker for sentimental jewelry--but who isn't?!  Some people get lucky and have relatives that pass down glorious family heirlooms, both precious in memories and price.  But what if you love jewelry but don't have the luxury of having family heirlooms?  To start, you can invest in your own pieces so someday you can pass down sentimental jewels and begin a family tradition.  

Workhorse Jewelry has some of the best sentimental, modern pieces for everyday wear I've seen! I'm wearing the Amina buckle ring in 14k yellow gold and a very special made-to-order Aric ring in all 14k yellow gold, both from Workhorse Jewelry.  Their Aric ring is shown online and in their collection with a sterling band and gold heart, but I had it specially made in all gold--which is one thing I love so much about their collection, you can get many pieces made to your preferences.  I also had the ring engraved on the inside.  I wanted something to commemorate my grandparents and their sweet relationship--so I had sort of an inside joke inscribed which reads, SHUT THE FAN OFF.  It stems from my yearly visits to their winter home in Florida during my college years--every January my sister and I would make the journey down there for some sun.  Oddly enough, every visit seemed like clouds and wind more than sunshine and pool, but we realized we enjoyed being with my grandparents more than our excuse to our friends of saying "we're going on vacation."  My grandparents were married over 50 years, their bond was undeniable and what was most fun to watch was how much my grandpa cared for my grandma.  He would do anything to make sure she was happy and comfortable.  We all went out one evening for pizza at a local restaurant, and if you've ever been with my grandparents you would know that between their Italian accents and very specific requests, you would always feel a little timid to go out to dinner with them.  After several requests by my grandpa to turn down the AC after seeing my grandma grandpa proceeded to stand up in front of the whole restaurant and yell, SHUT THE FAN OFF and make a riveting Italian hand gesture--the kind Italians always make when they're fed up with something. At the time, I was definitely embarrassed...but when I look back it was one of my most memorable and fondest insights into their love...completely funny now, especially when my sister and I tell that story to people and reenact it.  

A ring with a sentimental quote or inside joke is a treasure I recommend for anyone and everyone! Take a look at all Workhorse Jewelry has to offer and see if customizable engraving is available on your favorite piece.  It will be both special and wearable at the same time, and years from now you will be proud to pass it on.

Rings showcased above:

14k yellow gold Aric ring featuring Greek key band and heart, with engraving on inside from Workhorse Jewelry

14k rose gold engagement ring with two Old European cut diamonds in a bypass setting

14k yellow gold curved feather ring custom made from an earring (the other earring is available to be made into a ring)

14k yellow gold vintage narrow navette turquoise ring from James McHone Jewelry

14k yellow gold opal and diamond ring from Charlie & Marcelle

14k yellow gold Amina buckle ring from Workhorse Jewelry