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Obsession: RUIFIER's Newest Eye Spy Chokers

RUIFIER | Gem Gossip RUIFIER | Gem Gossip RUIFIER | Gem Gossip RUIFIER | Gem Gossip RUIFIER | Gem Gossip

I've been keeping tabs on my favorite British jewelry brand RUIFIER and I'm happy to report they've just launched a new collection! Called the Eye Spy Collection, our latest, favorite jewelry trend comes to life the RUIFIER way. It is a collection of chokers; each choker features Italian leather and a signature RUIFIER charm done in 18k gold and gems dangling from the center. The closures are done in 18k gold with an extended chain, so the perfect fit will be found every time!

The collection retails from £755-£1035 in 18k yellow gold and can be pre-ordered on their website. Each choker captures abstract details of facial expressions in contemporary graphic shapes--from jewelled eyes to a hanging chain forming a mouth--this range explores the significance of visual language.  They are fun, trendy and perfect for summer!  Layering necklaces has certainly become very popular this year and one essential element to a necklace stack is a great choker.

If you've been wishing for a choker to add to your jewelry wardrobe, these are what you've been waiting for!  You can shop the collection below--there are four different styles in 18k gold. Click photos to shop!


This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with RUIFIER.



RUIFIER website




New Designs from RUIFIER: Spectrum Collection

Spectrum Adagio Ring Spectrum Allegro Ring Spectrum Quarto Ring IG Spectrum Quarto Ring IG 2 Spectrum Crescendo Ring 2 Spectrum Duet Ring - Tsavorite Spectrum Verde Ear Cuffs IG Spectrum Doppio Ring IG Spectrum Amethyst Rings Together 2 Spectrum Linear Grande Ring Spectrum Allegro Ring IG Spectrum Adagio Ring IG Spectrum Verde Earcuffs Spectrum Amethyst Ring 2

My obsession with RUIFIER began last year, while browsing for unique ring designs. Ever since, I've been diligently following this company and being inspired daily.  I was so excited to get a sneak peek at some of their new designs, slated to launch for Fall/Winter 2015--I was instantly taken by their Spectrum Collection. Geometric pieces always seem to catch my attention and this collection is inspired by shapes, colors and modern lines. The pieces include some innovative ring designs, cool ear cuffs and a couple pendants, all with square cut gemstones in vibrant colors.  I can't seem to pick a favorite--all of them, please!!

Pictured above:

Adagio Ring >> 18k black and yellow gold set with blue topaz

Allegro Ring >> 18k black and yellow gold set with blue topaz

Quarto Ring << 18k rose gold set with rose chalcedony, ruby and pink sapphire

Quarto Ring << 18k rose gold set with rose chalcedony, ruby and pink sapphire

Crescendo Ring >> 18k yellow gold set with yellow and white sapphire

Duet Ring >> 18k yellow gold set with tsavorite garnet and white sapphire

Verde Ear Cuffs << 18k yellow gold set with dioptase and white sapphire

Doppio Ring << 18k yellow gold set with moonstone, white sapphire, chalcedony, and diamond

Double Amethyst Ring >> 18k rose gold set with amethyst

Linear Grande Ring >> 18k yellow gold set with yellow and black sapphire

Allegro Ring << 18k black and yellow gold set with blue topaz

Adagio Ring << 18k black and yellow gold set with blue topaz

Verde Ear Cuffs >> 18k yellow gold set with dioptase and white sapphire

Amethyst Ring >> 18k rose gold set with amethyst





RUIFIER website




Obsession: RUIFIER Jewellery

Visage Collection Carina Necklace Visage Rings Visage Smiles Celestial Solstice Rings Halo Midi Rings Galaxy Rings Galaxy Rings B Icon Fine Rings Stella Collection

Every now and then I come across a jewelry collection that I get really excited about and inspired by--RUIFIER has been on my mind ever since a few weeks ago when I discovered their brand while browsing for some unique ring designs for my #GemGossipWishList.  

RUIFIER is based out of London, where modern luxury is formed into real, wearable jewelry for the sophisticated, but not too serious, woman.  Their designs are incredibly playful but are not too trendy--each piece could be worn years from today and passed down to future generations.  All the precious gemstones that are used within their designs are bright and colorful, lending perfectly with the brand's overall attitude.  The name RUIFIER comes from the English word ‘reify’ – to make an abstract idea concrete. RUIFIER's design inspirations come from architecture, whether it's linear lines or geometric shapes, a simple notion is then transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry.  

I can't seem to decide which collection I like best--they really are incredible works of art, there isn't one I wouldn't wear!  And they all truly complement each other rather nicely! Each collection has its own story, and I love are the names and inspirations behind each one:

VISAGE COLLECTION: the visage collection encourages the wearer to combine elements to form smiley faces, repeated patterns or solo pieces to match all moods and occasions. the collection is chic, minimal and playful.

CELESTIAL COLLECTION: the celestial collection contains vivid gemstones nestled in-between linear golden shapes, reminiscent of rays of light and city skylines. Part of the collection can be interlocked and worn a number of distinctive ways.

ARRIS COLLECTION: Architectural influences are translated into fine jewellery in the Arris collection, with geometric shapes forming spire- like contours. vibrant gemstones enhance the smooth gold with a myriad of shades and tones.

ICON FINE COLLECTION: the classic shapes of the Icon ring take on an understated and delicate reinvention in the warm hues of rose gold with graduated brown and white diamonds. the Icon Fine collection is truly elegant, precise and luxurious.

GALAXY COLLECTION: Inspired by the hypnotic quality of a spiral galaxy, gentle swirls of ombre gemstones create the Galaxy collection. Hundreds of delicately set gemstones shimmer like stars in the night sky, catching and reflecting the light.

STELLA COLLECTION: the stella collection sets innovative pyramid cut gemstones within an inverted pyramid of polished gold to create ever-changing reflections and optical illusions.

>> To shop the collection, you can purchase directly from their website or this list of stockists.