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My Jewel Box: Rings Found at the 2014 Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

IMG_4046 IMG_4069

Sometimes a lot of pressure can be put on yourself to find a special piece to bring home to your jewelry box, and shopping at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show is definitely intense! You only have so much time, so many days, x-amount of dollars, and lots of other tasks to get done during the anticipated jewelry week. A certain piece has to speak to me--I have to feel like I can't live without it, and the feeling and moment are both hard to describe but it happens! Once I made that first purchase, a load of pressure was put off my shoulders and I felt more relaxed as I knew for certain I was not going home empty-handed. For some reason this time around that act of buying one ring for myself opened up the flood gates, because I found four more to bring home with me that trip!  

Here's what I bought:

10k yellow gold antique baby shield ring with barely-there "A" engraved on front of shield

14k yellow gold garnet and seed pearl Victorian ring

10k yellow gold wide eternity band with black enamel design engraved "E. L. Taylor, 1920"

10k yellow gold antique baby ring

14k rose gold Victorian "man on the moon" moonstone ring

*special thank you to Sunny S. Bond for the lovely jewelry pouch from Clare Vivier, I love my gold monogram of GG for Gem Gossip :)

Gem Gossip & Beth Bernstein Ring Showdown!

Ringoff Untitled Untitled Untitled Designer Untitled eternity betheternity

Gem Gossip                        vs.                                 Beth Bernstein

have you been following our Monday night ring showdowns?!  Here's a recap, with more details to follow...


bethbjeweled broken_english celeandclio hodboutique3 jenngandia4 karrisoph satine_julia suzannekalan ylang23

{from top to bottom:

bethbjeweled snapped this photo while at the NY Antique Show, modern mixed with antique

Broken English showing how pieces by Lito can look so cool worn all together

Cele and Clio have this amazing showstopper ring in their collection, love it

these evil eye rings from Hod Boutique are calling my name

Jennifer Gandia of Greenwich Jewelers & her personal collection, both antique & pieces from designers she sells

Karrisoph and her incredible serpent ring collection

Satine_Julia with a new shipment of Shay Fine Jewelry

Suzanne Kalan wearing some one-of-a-kind opal ring designs she created for clients

Ylang23 stacked up to perfection--diamonds and mixed metals }

Gem Gossip Recap: Jewelry Looks Late-2013 #LoveGold

Untitled Cartier Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Gemgossiprings Untitled Untitled

I’ve been meaning to recap my favorite ring stacks and jewelry moments from the later part of 2013...since the year continues to dwindle at an even faster pace!  Technology is amazing for being able to document events and everyday life all with a cell phone.  And thankfully it let’s me be visually organized and even helps putting together a ring stack. Hope you enjoy!

{from top to bottom:

work look wearing 14k gold Arosha Taglia Anubis ring, 14k gold Victorian Garnet ring, & Daniela Villegas Kephri Knuckle ring in 18k gold 

got to spend the day with a Cartier Love bracelet and loved every minute of it 

bedside table gold stash--the necklace is 14k initial pendant from Ariel Gordon and I added a vintage 14k gold lightning bolt charm

wearing garnet rings set in 14k gold next to a stack of antique bands and a Victorian turquoise ring

loved this all Victorian look--with a 14k yellow gold filigree ring, a serpent and cameo stack, & Victorian baby rings on my pinky

these wing earrings are actually 14k yellow gold jackets--so you can wear them with any type of stud earrings.  I chose a plain gold ball in 14k gold.

I like wearing large hoop earrings when I wear my hair pulled back--these are thin j-hoops in 14k yellow gold that have a braided pattern

I’m obsessed with this stack! The first finger is a 14k gold chained ring I made out of old wedding bands and bracelet extenders, two of my serpent rings from my collection (Gem Gossip Jewelry, ring FIVE) just finished differently--one is coiled closely the other is stretched out, and then my ring finger sports four different solitaire rings stacked up.  I love the idea of stacking solitaires for a bigger look--one Victorian pearl in 14k gold, one shell by Lena Skadegard in 18k gold, one small diamond in 14k gold disc, and a pearl bypass ring in 14k gold.

My newest jewelry purchase--14k white gold sunburst stud earrings from the 1950s converted from brooches.

Matt gave me the sweetest gift before I headed up to NY without him--this Victorian forget-me-knot ring done in 14k gold with tiny blue enameled flowers.

Catching rainbows while wearing Gem Gossip ring ONE on top of Arosha Taglia Anubis ring both 14k gold, a bunch of paper thin vintage bands all 14k gold, and my favorite 18k yellow gold Ram head ring. 

Working on a blog post--when I take off all my rings to do work, that means business!  

At Matt’s birthday celebration, wearing diamond X earrings in 14k white gold

Also at Matt’s birthday celebration, my ring lineup: 14k yellow gold vintage leaf ring, Victorian 14k gold turquoise serpent ring, & 14k gold malachite ring.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold


My Jewel Box: Victorian Trefoil Ring from Verlaine Davies' Collection


I've recently added an amazing piece to my ring collection and am still freaking out about it.  If you're an avid jewelry reader and book fan, you have Verlaine Davies' book Rings 1800-1910: A Study of English & Related Designs in your collection (if you don't, you NEED it).  Well, a few years ago I got the opportunity to interview her for Gem Gossip--read the interview here.  We recently reconnected and to my surprise, a couple of the rings featured in her book are for sale.  My chance to own a piece from one of my favorite jewelry books happened to strike, and I feel so honored to have it now a part of my collection!  

In the book, Ms. Davies features about 300 Victorian rings from her personal collection, which she has collected over the span of 30 years.  Her travels to England and being a native of England have helped grow her collection, as some of the finest examples of that time period are from England.  I love how the book features photos of the rings, which then in turn, help illustrate different parts, motifs, styles, and examples of turn-of-the-century rings. Such a good read!  

IMG_8490 IMG_8487

My ring is featured on page 63, with the caption reading:

Fig 154. Trefoil bezel comprising round amethysts, with a seed pearl in the centre and one in the stem. Thick round wire hoop, transverse ribs on shoulders. Rose gold. American, circa 1895. Bezel diamond 10mm, hoop diameter 16mm.