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My Jewel Box: Frozen Antique Rings


frozenjewels frozenjewelss

I'm pretty sure there is a correlation between online shopping and snow days. After growing up with snow days as being a common occurrence, moving down south and experiencing their "snow days" is usually somewhat comical. But, these past few days have truly been a rarity with an ice storm that has pretty much shut the whole city down. The roads have not been treated, so no one ventures out and most businesses are closed. This leaves everyone stuck at home with lots of freetime paired with boredom. Solution? Online shopping! Here are all my current favorites from my personal jewelry box, some of which were purchased online, with some new pieces I haven't talked about yet!

From left to right:

Edwardian diamond elogated ring set in gold, with platinum-top STORY HERE

my grandmother's 10k gold and glass cluster ring STORY HERE

my latest date ring added to my collection a Victorian 14k gold '01 from MarketSquare Jewelers

Victorian 14k yellow gold signet ring with an M engraved and small old cut diamonds from eBay 

center Edwardian diamond elongated ring set in gold with platinum-top STORY HERE

Victorian monogram ring conversion, used to be a flat nameplate affixed to a black ribbon

Edwardian diamond ring set with an old cushion cut diamond and single cut diamonds

14k yellow gold Emma fringe ring designed by Ashley Childs


My Jewel Box: Gold Rings for Christmas 2014 #LoveGold

IMG_6183 IMG_6122 IMG_6108

After putting together two large ring collages (1 & 2) full of potential gift options, this Christmas I was left wondering what would be under my tree. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to gift a memorable piece of jewelry. Rings are very personal. Giving a ring as a holiday gift almost guarantees a special memory which will forever go along with it. I was actually just saying this the other day when my mom asked me a detailed question about last Christmas, and I honestly couldn't remember certain details from that day. But I could tell you which ring out of my collection I received that year, along with some memories that went with it!

Last year, Matt got me five golden rings, each he picked out himself except for the double-finger ring from Elisa Solomon.  Christmas 2011 and 2012 were also ones for the memory books.  This year, Matt surprised me with a ring he picked out himself, found on eBay.  It has such a unique style and swoops down into a point, with a braided style of 18k yellow gold.  I love lapis, and a tear-drop shaped lapis at the point sets it off perfectly.

I also unwrapped a gift I've been waiting for for a few months--a ring specially designed for me by LFrank Jewelry using a bi-color quartz I provided.  I fell in love with Liseanne's aesthetic after visiting her store earlier in the year with LoveGold.  I had to have that buttery-matte gold with lots of prongs, all done in 18k.  It turned out better than I expected, and it really shows off the unique gemstone.

Two surprises from designer friends--Misa Jewelry diamond branch ring in 14k gold and an 18k yellow gold lucky clover ring from Elisa Solomon made my holiday complete!  Unexpected gift-giving is one of the best aspects of this time of year...and it reminded me to pay it forward.  Although the holidays are now over 350 days away, next year I hope to expand on good-deed-doing and I hope you will join me!  A little gift of gold can go a long way!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold


Gold Gifts for My 30th Birthday #LoveGold

IMG_4812 IMG_4298 IMG_4810

Monday, September 8th marked a milestone in my life--I turned 30.  And like any other birthday of mine, I had to commemorate it with a piece of jewelry.  But for me, turning 30 is a big deal, so each gift had to have some meaning and significance!  You only turn 30 once!  

For the longest time, probably since I could remember, I've always wanted a charm bracelet.  I've picked up different gold charms along the way throughout travels and special occasions, but never really did anything with them except keep them in my jewelry box.  Well, my day has finally come!  My parents bought me an 18k yellow gold long-linked bracelet that was given to me during my birthday lunch that will become my ultimate gold charm bracelet!  It was given to me empty, except for one charm to start me out.  The charm my mom gave me was her key charm (from previous post) which my dad had given to her on one of their first dates!  I was speechless! The photo above shows the bracelet with some possibilities--I have lots of charms, I just need to get the bracelet going and well balanced.  I am very excited!

I had been searching for a spectacular gift for myself for seems like I find some of my best rings on eBay (this one came from seller  When I came across the Edwardian diamond ring, I was instantly in love.  eBay did the trick again!  These Edwardian diamond rings, with the elongated look to them, and the yellow gold shank, platinum-top are my absolute favorite!  The diamond weight on this thing is insane.  This was no doubt my 30th birthday present to myself!  And if you have never bought yourself something for your birthday, I highly suggest it.  You should love yourself and celebrate another year within your life...especially if you're hardworking and dedicated in many aspects.  You deserve it!

My last birthday gift came from my fiancé.  Since 30 is such a milestone, we decided on a piece from Tiffany & Co. because of its iconic and classic nature; something truly to be passed down and continue to have value.  I have been a fan of the Atlas Collection for quite some time and had my heart set on the open Atlas ring in yellow gold. I loved how the ring was open in between the roman numerals, rather than closed.  One day, I had gone to their website to admire the ring once more, and found that it was no longer available.  I was really sad and searched for answers.  An employee of Tiffany explained that the company likes to release styles in limited quantities for a limited time.  When Tiffany released some new Atlas styles designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof recently, it was again available.  Just in time for my 30th birthday, with a special order for a size 4 in 18k yellow gold.  I love the look of the ring, a real classic style, just what I had hoped for!

My 30th birthday has been an amazing one!  I got three important gifts that will forever be significant in my life, all with one thing in common--gold!  Here's to many more birthdays celebrated with gold!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



My Jewel Box: Kissing Snake Ring from Good Girl Jewelry

893260_573351546030540_1746702817_o good girl jewelry ss 2013 28 web (1) 893771_573354126030282_684262788_o 10177334_784450228254003_5054032442449268339_n Goodgirljewelry

Snakes and crystals, two of my most favorite things…and when I stumbled upon Good Girl Jewelry, I knew I had to have the Kissing Snake ring for my collection! Good Girl Jewelry is a collection of bewitching pieces for girls who have a dark side. Magic, myth and mysticism fuel the inspiration for these shiny bits of spiritual armor. Although most pieces are cast in either brass or sterling silver, I had my ring custom made in 14k yellow gold. I also got to choose my crystal--either aqua aura, smoky citrine, rose aura, or angel aura. Each crystal represents different healing properties and positive energy. I went with the angel aura clear quartz crystal for powerful protection. I love how the ring mixes nicely with other yellow gold pieces.

The Swimming Snakes ring is next on my wish list! Which do you like better--Kissing or Swimming Snakes?!

Above photos: first three features some looks from the Good Girl Jewelry Lookbook, the photo with the dog shows the Swimming Snakes ring and a crystal scarab ring, the last photo is my collection of all antique/vintage rings + my Kissing Snake ring


The Life of a Collector: Inside the Mind of Gem Gossip


It's 5am.  Your alarm you've titled "Get Up, It's JEWEL-TIME" sounds off and you quickly fling yourself out of bed. You can barely open your eyes, but you easily type in your username and password and get ready to go head-to-head with buyers who are actually at the auction house which you've just virtually logged into, bidding live somewhere in England.  

Yes, that is a normal week day in the life of an avid-obsessed collector.  A jewelry collector, that is...and to be even more specific--antique rings.  These little, sometimes sparkly, golden hoops of joy.  I can't imagine anything else that I feel so much allure for--the charm and temptation is overwhelming at times.  How can something so unnecessary be so...well, NECESSARY?!  

And since you collect antique rings, you've got that annoying saying, "wow when will I ever see one like that ever again?!  I need it!"  

From one morning bidding session, to another.  I frantically check eBay and my "Watch" list gets longer and longer.  I spend over an hour browsing and realize I shouldn't be spending, rather $aving... So, I've devised my own Savings plan--cut back on what I spend most on, FOOD.  I decide on a new meal plan called, "whatever is in the refrigerator."  A couple handfuls of scredded cheese, a scoop of peanut butter and some leftover walnuts in the pantry.  That should hold me over.  

An hour goes by and I realize that is the worst plan ever.  I then take matters into my own hands and delete my eBay application from my iPhone.  There!  No more bidding.

So where did this undying love for jewelry come from?  I try to think back to when I was little and I do have some fond memories of playing in my mom's jewelry boxes.  Most of her stuff was costume jewelry, but I loved draping on necklaces and piling on bracelets.  My paternal grandmother loved jewelry and still does today.  She would travel to Italy when I was little, and come back with a piece of jewelry for everyone.  I remember being so excited every time she came back from Italy, I always would wonder what she brought back for me. One time it was a heart charm, another time it was a gold bracelet...I still have each piece of 18k Italian gold. Now, my maternal was her that I know I got the collecting bug from!  It is almost a borderline collector/hoarder.  She collected lots of things--owls, wolves, teapots, trains, miniature houses (which she formed an entire mini-city), tin boxes, plates...I know there's more.  The best part of her collecting, which I definitely inherited, was the way she displayed things.  Her small cabin in the woods was basically a mini-museum.  It was so fun to look at each thing and she loved going to garage sales, which was where she bought most of her collectibles.  She now lives in a small townhouse, which she has shelving throughout the entire house in order to display her enormous teapot collection.  

As a collector, I think my favorite things consist of:

1. finding new hidden places, full of the coolest/neatest antique jewelry

2. finding others that share my obsession and talking with them

3. planning my next adventure/buying my next acquisition

So, no matter how broke I become or how much sleep I lose over these little things we call Rings, I have never had an inanimate object bring so much happiness, purpose and drive to my life.  I will always have a memory or story behind each and every one.  And I will continue to collect, and venture to far away places in search of new pieces to add to my special collection.  

Happy collecting!