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Jewelry Collection Stories: Jenn of Bellflower Bay

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Continuing this week with Jewelry Collection Stories, the next collection is one I am really excited about. I've known Jenn of Bellflower Bay for several years, as she was one of my first friends I've met through Gem Gossip, and it is also special to see her collection and know that I was present when she purchased of few of the pieces shown. We've gone to London together and attended a jewelry conference in Chicago together...can't wait to see where our jewelry-loving friendship takes us next! What a great connector this blog has been. Take it away, Jenn:

Above: Black collection (l-r): Edwardian onyx & diamond long ring (acquired at Round Top Antiques Fair, outside of Austin, TX);

Middle finger, top is a Victorian agate & snake ring from @theoneilovenyc; bottom middle finger is a 1930’/ 40’s onyx and diamond ring made by Korean jeweler T.Y. Lee (side note: when researching the hallmark on this one, I found that American and other foreign GIs purchased rings from T.Y. Lee during WW2 and brought them home to their sweethearts when the war was over);

Index finger, top is an enamel and rose cut diamond mourning ring which says “in memory of” on the opposite side-- from the Pier Show (NYC); bottom index is a Victorian black & white agate and diamond cameo from a jewelry store in CT.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Dendritic agate & sterling ring: the piece I’m proudest of. After collecting for a few years, my mom and I decided to take a jewelry-making course. We trudged over to the 92nd street Y from our respective homes every Sunday for about six weeks. I highly recommend this course to any collector; it showed us just how much goddamn work it took to manipulate these materials, and gave us a much deeper appreciation for the skill that so many jewelers have.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Garnet collection (l-r): top ring finger is a Victorian garnet and diamond ring, a Christmas present from my husband that he got from @agelessheirlooms; bottom ring finger is a Georgian/ Early Victorian dendritic agate and garnet, found at Portobello road by @heartofsolidgold and @gemstonegypsy;

Middle finger: top is a bohemian garnet ring found in The Netherlands by my friend @quaintlytracy; bottom middle is a Georgian garnet halo mourning ring with a decorated urn in the center surrounded by the names of the deceased married couple “Tho. Blundell a38// Ellen Blundell a34” (Christmas gift from fella);

Index: top is a retro 1940’s “lovebird” ring with garnet center; bottom index is a crazy-ass ring of indeterminate origin—sold to me as a Victorian piece many, many years ago when I was a newbie (aka naïve & trusting) collector, but it appears to be a mish-mash of pieces from different eras. I like it anyhow.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Turquoise & Snakes: top ring finger was originally an all turquoise cocktail ring from the 50’s, but I worked with a lovely jeweler to switch out the center stone for that wonderful old diamond. Bottom ring finger is a Victorian turquoise & accent diamond cluster from in New Orleans, LA. It was our first trip to that amazing city, and my husband bought this for me as a birthday present. We were told that the woman who used to run the store had passed away recently, and when they went through her desk & safe, they found a small bag full of pretty little rings she had set aside (and had been apparently doing so for decades); this was one of them.

Middle finger is all snakes: top is a Victorian ruby & turquoise from Brodney in Boston, MA.; next is a 22k gold & ruby ring from a jewelry store in CT.; under that is a 9k & blue glass snake which was a gift from @heartofsolidgold; and then a vintage 18k wrap around snake from a jewelry store in Astoria, NY.

Index finger: Georgian double crowned gold & silver heart with turnaround, coral and table cut diamonds. I stalked this ring for over THREE years on the Ruby Lane store Robbins’ Roost Antiques, and then put it on layaway for almost a year. Bottom index finger: Victorian diamond and turquoise halo, from the same Astoria jeweler. (Also on layaway after much stalking!)

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Bling collection: “Why does she have so many engagement rings?” you may ask. Good question! Well, my fella is very sentimental, and wanted to propose with his grandmother’s ring (third down from the top), but after a bit, I realized it wasn’t quite my style. It’s a difficult topic to brooch, but listen ladies: you’re the one who has to wear the ring! So don’t be afraid to say something. Second down is the one I picked out: 18 ct Edwardian filigree. Top band is one of my wedding bands, an Edwardian diamond “bow” ring. Bottom ring finger was my grandmother’s engagement ring. Sometimes I wear them all just to confuse people!

Middle finger, top to bottom: grandma’s wedding band; ridiculous diamond cluster inherited when grandma passed (made in the 60’s with old family diamonds); platinum, ruby, and diamond Victorian (ish) cluster ring, which was one of my best early purchases.

Index finger: top is an antique platinum oblong mine cut diamond ring from this past Christmas; the next is an Edwardian era platinum, diamond and carved amethyst ring; last is a strange filigree ring studded with rose cut diamonds.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Some more bling collection: ring finger: contemporary emerald snake ring from @gemstonegypsy (goes with EVERYTHING); aquamarine & diamond navette made from an old pin of my grandma’s (my mom has a matching one).

Middle finger: vintage three diamond band; platinum engraved band that was my great-grandmother’s; retro mixed gold & diamond band; Victorian buckle ring; diamond cluster ring that I’m on the process of acquiring from @heartofsolidgold; Georgian blue enamel & mine cut diamond ring from Portobello Road (UK).

Index finger: Victorian gold & silver navette with a mix of rose & mine cut diamonds.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Wild rings, Pt 1: Victorian 18 ct & Banded agate “puzzle” ring with engraved floral band (series of carvings “say” something—haven’t figured it out yet!); Victorian painted ship ring from Brimfield.

Middle finger: Emerald and diamond lion ring converted from a Victorian cufflink (@heartofsolidgold has its twin); Victorian 18k emerald ring.

Index: Edwardian/ Deco Platinum Emerald and sapphire halo ring from Gray’s antiques in London; Edwardian platinum and sapphire elongated ring from the Pier show, NYC.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Wild rings Pt. 2: Victorian boulder opal; retro multi-gem “sputnik” ring (name so as it resembled the satellite).

Middle finger: 1930’s (dated in band) opal and diamond halo ring from Brooklyn jewelry shop; Gold, garnet and opal “fortune tellers” ring (Side note: I first saw this ring many years ago on Ruby Lane and hesitated; my loss—someone snatched it up. I looked for ages and happened upon it one day on eBay, listed so weirdly that it never would have come up on my searches. I made what I thought to be a generous offer on the timed auction listing; the seller declined. I ended up winning it for $100 less than what I offered. I feel like there are so many lessons in this story!) No clue when it’s from. I thought Noveau, but it could be revival.

Index finger: Victorian enamel “J” baby ring; antique gold bird & anchor signet.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Earrings: I have a bigger earring collection than this, but these are a sampling of the more interesting: vintage ruby pyramid studs; French Victorian era jet glass and 9k rose gold star earrings; contemporary earrings by wonderful artist Kristi Sword (@kristiswordjewelry)—I first saw her work at the art jewelry gallery GALERIE NOEL GUYOMARC'H ( when we visited Montreal and I fell deeply in love with the otherworldliness of her pieces. My fella got me this pair.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Sentimental: I’m not super mushy about jewelry—as a collector, I feel like you should love your pieces, but keep some distance so you can trade up in the future, but even I fall victim to sentiment! Ring finger is a turquoise and silver ring that my grandma got in Arizona in the 70’s—it was the first piece of interesting vintage jewelry anyone ever gave me.

Middle finger: my mom and I used old family stones to design this white gold, diamond and emerald moon with a jeweler from Queens; the Vintage coral and diamond cameo is from a shop on Cape May.

Index finger: promise ring from my dad to my mom when they began dating (it didn’t work out—they married and divorced each other TWICE, but I still like it); Vintage gold star ring from ebay that I wear as a wedding band most of the time.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Necklaces & charms: my favorites, basically. Antique garnet star converted by @gemstonegypsy from a pin won at Fellows auction; vintage gold & enamel chatting birds charm from my mom; Victorian spider locket.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Necklaces (cont): old diamond necklace, won at auction; huge-ass heavy retro revival locket (inherited from grandma); Vintage diamond & opal necklace won at Rago auction; fire opal bead necklace from Nora Kogan jewelry.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Art Nouveau diamond lady bracelet, won at a Rago auction a few years ago.

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Two delicate Victorian bracelets!

Bellflower Bay | Gem Gossip

Cool antique knife I bought at a garage sale on Long Island; some lady was making her husband sell his knife collection! I carry this most of the time, except (obviously) to the airport, which did happen once it and it cost me $40 to ship it back to my house. I paid $3 for the knife.


Gem Gossip Visits Fox & Bond Jewelry in LA

Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem GossipFox & Bond | Gem Gossip Fox & Bond | Gem Gossip

Los Angeles could easily be called the city of dreams, where one can go to call home and make things happen amongst other dream-followers and enlightened spirits. This was the case as my airplane landed in busy LAX and all the glittering lights of the city looked like jewels waiting to be discovered. I knew I had a busy week ahead, filled with appointments, the ever elusive LA traffic and meeting lots of new people, so it was a fitting setting to be in this city. I grabbed my schedule, put on my best lipstick...newly married husband in tow with the camera and off we went!

I spent my first day with Sunny & Blair of newly launched Fox & Bond Jewelry, where two young entrepreneurs are taking the antique jewelry world and making it their own. Targeted to women of all ages, Fox & Bond aims to bring antique jewelry to a new generation, opening the eyes of younger women and catering to the more experienced jewelry collector as well. Fox & Bond makes it easy for you to create a jewelry collection that will be treasured for years to come.  Each collection is highly curated, meaning there is not a single item in their inventory you wouldn't want right here, right now. Mixing, stacking antique with modern is their mantra and highly encouraged, with necklaces, rings and bracelets that make it natural to do!

As Sunny welcomed me to LA, we had a lot of catching up to do; I've known her since the beginning of 2011 when she worked for Heritage Auctions and I interviewed her for Gem Gossip. Since then, we've become pretty good friends and YES her name totally suits her, as does her new place to call home in LA, where the sun is always shining. We started out the day with brunch and jewels, what else could be better?!  Glancing at the Fox & Bond inventory was a mouth-watering feast.  All of my favorite things, like Victorian stackable bands, elongated Edwardian rings, cute charms, layer-ready necklaces, bold bangles and earrings that flatter!  

I dove right in, mixing and matching Fox & Bond Jewelry to my heart's content, as Fanny the dog made an appearance, making the day even more complete by adding the furry friend's hilarious character to the mix. After brunch, a convertible was awaiting.  An old school silver Benz convertible to be exact, so obviously I did what one does at this occasion in LA--I stacked up the jewels and saturated my arms and fingers, put on my bejeweled bustier and fur stole and we rolled!  Up into the hills we went, with blue-collar men in work trucks laughing at us. The Victorian and turquoise bangle bracelets were a perfect accessory--the larger of the three features an Etruscan Revival style with domed ovals of light blue enameling set with pearls. This piece is stunning in person! I also felt like the other two Victorian bracelets were meant to be all stacked together, as they make the best trio.

To end the day, we sipped wine and had a late lunch LA-style outside people watching.  Sharing jewelry stories is a favorite pastime of ours, so it was so great to see how Sunny wears her charms and keeps them close to her heart with a long chain. I snapped a photo of her collection which features a painted dog portrait of Fanny (available by special order, with your dog(s) or cat(s) very own portrait) and several of her Fox & Box Minis--each have a special date engraved on all three.  To interrupt our sentimental moment, our sliders arrived and we pigged out like never before!  Jewelry makes you hungry!

Thanks so much Fox & Bond Jewelry for having me and I'm so excited for what is to come for you both! Blair Fox and Sunny Bond are even more beautiful and genuine than the jewelry they sell, and I'm lucky to call them my friends!

A few highlighted pieces:

Blue enamel snake ring, Price: $1,245

Edwardian elongated diamond ring, Price: $1,850

Aquamarine and ruby bow ring, Price: $2,975

North-South-East-West diamond ring, Price: $2,200

Etruscan Revival light blue enamel bangle bracelet, Price: $4,850

Turquoise and pearl bangle bracelet, Price: $2,250

Turquoise bypass bangle bracelet, Price: $1,900

Victorian garnet and snake necklace, Price: $3,850

Turquoise and diamond cluster necklace, Price: $2,600

Heart and arrow necklace, Price: $675


Fox& Bond


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Weekday Wardrobe: 5 Rings Stacks + Earring Look II

Earring Stack Gem Gossip

Welcome back to Weekday Wardrobe—I love putting together these posts because they show off how one can style different rings. I also enjoy putting together an earring look as a bonus—last time I posted a Weekday Wardrobe blog, my earring look received a lot of applause. Someone even went out and got a third-hold piercing because of my look! I’m quite flattered and will try my best to keep the momentum going! I love styling jewelry and have really gotten into the styling realm lately. So, without further ado, here are my five jewelry looks from the past five days (one which you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram because Sunday was #LenoreParty !!)

Earring Details:

PHYNE by Paige Novick double row diamond ear cuff 

Vada Jewelry grey pearl ear cuff

pair of matching grey pearl stud earrings

Zoe Chicco black diamond double-finger bar ring I had made into a bar earring

Weekday Wardrobe with Gem Gossip

Day One:

Rectangular Dendritic Agate ring from MaeJean Vintage

Citrine modern cut dangle ring (converted from a pendant) from Jewelry Television

Two elongated Dendritic Agate rings from Joden Jewelry

Weekday Wardrobe with Gem Gossip

Day Two:

1937 Date Ring (the year my grandma was born, she turns 78 on Sunday) from eBay

Emma Fringe ring by Ashley Childs

my engagement ring and wedding band

1959 Date Ring (the year my parents were born) from eBay


Weekday Wardrobe with Gem Gossip

Day Three:

my "something blue" from my wedding, blue topaz heart ring

mini navette turquoise ring in 14k yellow gold from James McHone Jewelry

oval Persian turquoise cocktail cluster ring surrounded by Old European cut diamonds

turquoise feather ring created by Charlie & Marcelle

Weekday Wardrobe with Gem Gossip

Day Four:

Gem Gossip Jewelry ring ONE with diamond

double marquise cut diamond ring from Brian Brundage Designs

five diamond wedding band totaling 1.50 carats created by Rocks & Metals 

Gem Gossip Jewelry ring ONE without diamond

Weekday Wardrobe with Gem Gossip

Day Five:

Pinky Twist ring by Halleh Jewelry

14k yellow gold feather ring (used to be a long earring)

14k yellow gold band

10k yellow gold wide eternity band with black enamel design engraved "E. L. Taylor, 1920" from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

14k yellow gold baby ring transformed into a diamond ring with a 0.72 ct bezel set Old Mine cut diamond

18k yellow gold solitaire shell ring by Lena Skadegard

14k yellow gold Zuni Native American band inlay ring purchased on honeymoon in Sedona, AZ 


fergusonsfinejewelry jewels_by_grace theedencollective diamondsinthelibrary lisajshuler sarahnehama jewelleryhannah maelgwns_muse ringhoarder

{from top to bottom:

Ferguson's Fine Jewelry has some serious rings in their inventory--loving these

Jewels by Grace met up with Bellflower Bay, This_Is_Ferro and GemstoneGypsy and it was AWESOME

The Eden Collective wearing some of my favorites, especially that 1944 ring, most from her personal collection

Diamonds in the Library met up with Diamond Doodles, GemFever & EatJewels and it was epic 

Lisajshuler shows off some bright blues from items in her shop--some turquoise, some enamel and some aquamarine

Sarahnehama displays some special keepsake mourning/sentimental rings from her personal collection

Jewellery Hannah stacks up some pieces from her shop and others from her own collection

Maelgwns_muse piling on all her favorite rings from her personal collection--I'm dying!!

I guess you can say RingHoarder has a thing for pearls...and rings, obviously}


bellflowerbay gemaporterblog adrilakatos erstwhilejewelry maejeanvintage mociun gemstonegypsy jenmeyerjewelry ylang23

{from top to bottom:

Bellflower Bay with her colorful stack to match her colorful nails, perfection!

Gemologue having fun in Basel wearing Carla Amorim rings

Adrilakatos stacking up some special rings in her personal collection 

Erstwhile Jewelry proves there's never too many when it comes to rings, all from their incredible inventory

MaeJean Vintage navette style rings for days! Love this selection

Mociun always does a phenomenal job of curating a few antique pieces for their Brooklyn-based shop

Gemstone Gypsy stacking some Lori Mclean Jewelry on the ring finger

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry rings in beautiful blues stacked by Aubade Jewelry

Ylang23 is obsessed with Blackbird and the Snow and I can see why!}