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Just Launched: The Fox & Bond Major Mini Necklaces

Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini Fox & Bond Major Mini

You may be familiar with these mini ring necklaces which Fox & Bond first launched last year.  Since then they have been adorning the necks of fashionistas, celebrities and it-girls across the globe. Each one commemorating a milestone or event special to every wearer...each one customized with a favorite gold color, gemstone...and each one possibly holding a hidden engraving. What has been making these little keepsake necklaces so popular is how wearable they are, how collectible (and slightly addicting) they are, and most importantly, how each is personalized. The girls of Fox & Bond decided to launch another version and as they say, "We wanted to make The Mini a sister, but we wanted her to be bigger and blingier!" 

Gem Gossip has your first look at the new version, dubbed the Major Mini, a name quite fitting. The new baby is outfitted with one center diamond and six side diamonds, packing some major sparkle in such a tiny ring. Similar to the original, it can be customized in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold and up to 8 characters engraved inside. It also comes on a 16" chain which is my favorite length right now for the daintiness of it. Ready to layer--black velvet chokers, long antique chains or 22" rope chains--all go perfect with the minis and its 16" style.

The Major Mini is perfection for gifting--especially for brides-to-be! That's exactly what I am doing with mine, pictured here.  My husband's cousin is marrying her future bride and she proposed with a vintage ruby ring in white gold. I know they often partake in fun outdoor activities and gardening that leaves rings at home in jewelry boxes (where they should be for these types of hobbies) so the Major Mini will be the perfect remedy on occasions like this!  I bet she will love this wedding gift so much it will become her signature necklace, worn everyday!  I absolutely cannot wait to give this to her!

Whether you want a Major Mini for yourself, or if you are going to ask your significant other to buy you one, or you buy one to gift to a bride or bride-to-be, this will surely be a hit. And yes, I'm working on my collection of minis and adding one to my necklace every wedding anniversary. Can you believe I already had to put my order in for the one year anniversary?! Crazy.


Fox & Bond Major Mini

The Major Mini, available in 14k white, yellow or rose gold

Price: $500

Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry Launches Video -- THE METAL MYTHOLOGIST

THE METAL MYTHOLOGIST from Lisa Kim on Vimeo.

Prepare to be captivated and inspired; Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry artistically takes it up a notch again (first time was with a look book unlike any other, shot in the desert and made into a hardcover book). The Metal Mythologist video demonstrates a grand juxtaposition between the maker and the muse, the finished and the work in progress. It shows off the beautiful jewelry she creates, while giving a backstory and inspirational vignettes into the world of Lisa Kim. I love this video for so many reasons!

Be sure to watch and let me know what you think in the comments below--I'd love to hear! For more from Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry:

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Add Some Drama to Your Neck from Fellows Auction!

lot5 Lot18 Lot29 Lot33 Lot41 Lot202 Lot205 Lot222 Lot233 Lot554 Lot571 Lot586

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter is coming!  Things like gloves, long-sleeves, coats and sweaters can sometimes prevent a girl from wearing rings and bracelets, so let's focus on the positive here--dress up those necks! Not wanting to disappoint, we have some BOLD and DRAMATIC statement necklaces going up at auction soon, just in time for the colder months of November and December.  Fellows Auction has these 12 necklaces in this month's Antique & Modern Jewellery sale on October 15th, and I couldn't be more excited about them. The bib and festoon styles will have you throwing out your scarves and shopping for appropriate necklines to show off each style.  

<< Thursday, October 15th Antique & Modern Jewellery sale at Fellows Auction >>

Let me introduce you to these fine necklaces:

Lot 5: Turquoise and pearls go together in the prettiest way possible, and only the Victorians realized this! This late 19th century necklace features an articulated panel of the blue and white gems and measures nearly 16 inches in length. A striking necklace in a soft palette. Best part? Comes with a fitted box.

Lot 18: Talk about adding drama to your neck--this aquamarine and amethyst fringe necklace makes a bold statement!  Designed with a graduating style of gems and dangles, this necklace is begging to be worn on a neck.

Lot 29: Another fun fringe necklace, this time done in amethyst and topaz. I love the volume of dangles this piece has--makes it highly dramatic and bold. It must be noted that this necklace measures approximately 14 3/4 inches, so for a petite neck. 

Lot 33: This necklace is ready for a wine tour in the vineyards of Napa Valley! Done in 9k yellow gold and seed pearls clustered in the most reminiscent way possible of a grape vine, this piece is quite unique.  It measures 18 inches in length and has hallmarks which date it to 1971.

Lot 41: If you want a good helping of amethysts, this lot is for you! Not only does it come with this incredible cross necklace, which features an amethyst cross dangling from an amethyst line necklace, but it also has a pair of matching post earrings and a bar brooch too!  

Lot 202: A classic necklace that can easily become your signature look, this piece is done in 18k yellow gold, onyx and diamonds. Measuring at a little over 26 inches, the length is long and great for it to pose as the main centerpiece to an outfit. Totaling about three carats in diamonds--so good!!

Lot 205: Rose cut diamonds, trefoil motifs and amethysts--a start to a great necklace design. This piece is very interesting because the diamonds are set in silver, the chain is a replacement and is modern, and the amethyst are set in yellow gold, so it is quite a mystery as to when this all came together and exactly the chain of events. Either way, this necklace is quite a stunning piece of jewelry!

Lot 222: A mid-19th century exquisite peridot necklace--with a surprise!  It comes with its original fitted box, along with matching earring, and brooch! The large central design of the necklace is detachable, what else would you expect from a Victorian designer, and is completely articulated. Such a great find! 

Lot 233: Another multi-gemstone necklace is this garnet one, set with all octagonal cut garnets of varying saturations, with five dangling from the center. Such a brilliantly simple design with a grand impact. I would love to see how amazing it looks when worn. 

Lot 554: A stunningly cool aquamarine necklace--the pear-shape aquamarine collet is set within a stylized star cannetille surround, with similarly designed tapered surmount which suspends from a fancy openwork scrolling link chain. The detail-work in this piece will have you staring. The aquamarine itself is quite big, measuring 20.8 x 10.9 mm.  Comes with a fitted box.

Lot 571: Flowing lines of rose cut and Old Mine cut diamonds create the design of this necklace. It is set off by a large pearl which hangs at the bottom, and I love the trefoil motifs done in diamonds throughout the top. It hangs from a white gold fine-link chain.

Lot 586: Bullet-shaped swags are what get me with this festoon necklace!  I love the design and the materials used--garnets, pearls and gold!  The necklace measures nearly 15 inches in length and drapes wonderfully when worn.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Taylor & Hart Introduces The Martins Collection 

The Martins Collection | Gem Gossip The Martins Collection | Gem Gossip The Martins Collection | Gem Gossip The Martins Collection | Gem Gossip The Martins Collection | Gem Gossip The Martins Collection | Gem Gossip The Martins Collection | Gem Gossip The Martins Collection | Gem Gossip Martins Collection | Gem Gossip

A rare opportunity for the jewelry company Taylor & Hart, a fabulous bespoke company based in London, has recently come to fruition and both Taylor & Hart and myself are very excited about it!  Taylor & Hart specializes in bespoke engagement rings and does an amazing job creating dream rings for people to treasure for years!

After over 30 years of collecting as a hobby, a prolific Portuguese collector has amassed a collection of a unique variety of exquisite jewels, totaling over 3,000 luxurious pieces!  These pieces are worth over £11 million and range in styles and variety.  This unrivalled and diverse collection has come to be known as The Martins Collection.  It features necklaces, earrings, and crosses that are cast in gold, diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The collector focused mostly on the glamour and sparkle when choosing each piece, as you can tell from the small selection featured in the above photos. Taylor & Hart is offering a select few of these pieces within The Martins Collection for sale, on request.  For more information, check out their website.

Pieces featured above:

Amrapali Necklace: Encrusted into the intricate design of this gold necklace is 17 large diamonds of a stunning 3.40ct, and a spectacular 2505 small diamonds of an incredible 50.10ctw.

Amelia Necklace: Once owned by a lady of high society in Portugal this beautifully crafted necklace with a spectacular 375 brilliant cut diamonds of 11.25ctw, this necklace is truly spectacular.

Antastasia Necklace: The fluid desgn of this white gold necklace comprises of 397 brilliant cut diamonds of 3.50 ctw.

Astor Necklace: Featuring 278 brilliant cut diamonds of 4.85ctw., this white gold flower pendant necklace drapes beautifully on the neckline.

Daisy Necklace: From a three piece suite, this white gold necklace features 195 brilliant cut diamonds of 1.95ct, arranged in a charming drop design.

Taylor Necklace: This charming white gold necklace is lavishly embellished with 207 baguette cut diamonds of 8.28ctw. and 162 brilliant cut diamonds of 4.90ctw. in a scalloped design.

Lucille Necklace: Taken from a two piece set, this intricately designed white gold necklace features 6 baguette cut diamonds of 0.72ctw. and 286 gleaming brilliant cut diamonds of 11.44ctw.

Calabrella Necklace: This piece is encrusted with 170 baguette shaped diamonds (1.70 ctw.) and 433 brilliant cut diamonds (4.33 ctw.). Weight: 83.9 g. Originally belonging to a noble family, this exquisite necklace boasts 170 baguette cut diamonds. So beautiful, it has been likened to Cleopatra.

Joan Necklace: White gold necklace with 131 emeralds (9.17 ctw.) and 613 brilliants (6.13 ctw.). Originally a gift to our collectors’ wife, this exquisite necklace would make a luxurious gift for a loved one.

To view the full collection, click here.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Taylor & Hart.

The Martins Collection

Jewelry Store: The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest 

480683_10151331077640955_2119348496_n 1270598_10151890279815955_1618070692_o GemGossip_Rings2 VintageJewelryBox 581353_10151255079615955_540139508_n FallRings GemGossip_Rings3 VintageWatchesGemGossip_Rings1 VintageRings_FB

Tucked away in a city named after its two man-made lakes, in laid-back, sunny southern California is The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest--a wonderfully smart jewelry store with a 25-year history.  If the title of being one of America's safest cities doesn't draw you in, this jewelry store will!  Continually voted best of Orange County several years in a row, this store is easily people's top choice.  And now, mine too thanks to social media.  I found The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest after being mesmerized by their gorgeous photos posted throughout Facebook & Instagram.  It wasn't long until they posted something that really caught my attention--an Edwardian diamond ring in an elongated, finger-flattering silhouette.  Before I knew it, I was learning first-hand at how amazing their customer service was as well.  With such a lovely staff made up of caring, knowledgeable people, it is easy to notice the passion behind the store, and where it started from from the beginning.  

Owners Jack and Christine began their journey in the jewelry industry working for a national department store chain.  Both were in regional management positions, but for different parts of the country.  With larger goals in mind, both had visions of owning their own store one day.  Dreams became a reality in 2001 when they opened The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest.  Their successful store has been able to give back, with many special events benefiting Breast Cancer and giving back to the community.  

The inventory runs the gamut, with new fashionable pieces of jewelry and "previously enjoyed," their take on vintage and antique jewelry.  With new items being added daily, their customers love to stop by frequently and check out what is new to the store.  Other services like appraisals, repair work and restyling old, unwanted jewelry are also their specialty.  If you're like me, and can't make it to their store, following their updates online is one sure way of receiving a purple box with their name on it!  Although I do hope to visit some day!

For more from The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest visit their website, Facebook & Instagram.

>> Click here to see the ring I bought from The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest!