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The Top Jewelry Trends Seen at Couture 2017

Yael Sonia | Gem Gossip

After acclimating to normal life, and when I say normal I mean not having to take 700+ photos per day while meeting one jewelry designer after the other all while trying to look like I haven't just slept for 4 hours and only eaten a diet that could sustain a person for a brief moment, I am happily enjoying my quiet reflection time from the Couture show. Happy to be tucked away in laid back Nashville, far from the dry air, noisy crowds and thick cigarette smoke of Vegas. But don't get me wrong, there is a large part of me that absolutely loves everything about Vegas Jewelry Week--including all that is complained about. 

One of my most favorite things to do when Couture is over is go through all my photos, take in all that I just saw and narrow down all the goodness into a small list of top jewelry trends. It is no simple task and I like to keep my trend categories somewhat pinpointed, so they are not so broad. Tracking trends and observing how these trends evolve is some science mixed with a heavy dose of anthropology, and no I don't mean the lifestyle/clothing store. 

So here are the five jewelry trend categories I've come up with that were the most dominate in the best way possible from Couture 2017. They are in no particular order and are illustrated using just ONE example of designers I had appointments with--there are several other pieces and designers that also captured these top jewelry trends too!

Jane Taylor Jewelry

1. Rainbow Waves:  

I was seeing SO MUCH rainbow around Couture; color everywhere! I was totally loving it. This trend was best exhibited by Jane Taylor Jewelry whose designs get more and more colorful every year. Every ROYGBIV fan out there can spot the gemstone that represents each spectral color. Designers are embracing color and incorporating all colors into their designs. Buyer and jewelry lovers are searching for pieces that are vibrant, colorful and play off one another while still displaying a rainbow of hues.

Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip Lydia Courteille | Gem Gossip

2. Shoulder-Duster Statement Earrings:

We've seen earrings trend all across the board in the past few years--from simple studs, to ear jackets, to ear climbers/crawlers...even ear cuffs.  This year was all about the bold, shoulder-dusting statement earrings. Long in length, sleek in style, and statement-making in their own right. Above, I clearly saw some great examples of this trend at Lydia Courteille. These pieces were quite breath-taking and feature her signature black rhodium and rainbow of gems (which ties in with the first trend). I love Lydia's gem choices and color combinations. We recommend this trend with pulled back hair and no necklaces.

Yael Sonia | Gem Gossip

3. Modern Geometric:

Perhaps one of my favorite trends, the modern, sculptural pieces that have a hint of geometry to them. This trend is easily showcased best by Brazilian designer Yael Sonia. Her designs exude a futuristic feel, very 3017. She uses Brazilian gemstones and each item is handcrafted in Brazil. I love the 3D cubes, spheres and the use of movement that is also incorporated into her pieces. 

Zoe Chicco | Gem Gossip

4. Gold Wire Necklaces:

Chains took a backseat this time around at Couture--it was all about the solid gold wire. Whether it was plain or decorated in gemstones, the wire collar can exquisitely flatter any neckline, all while making a statement. I think the gold wire has gained popularity lately because it almost resembles a choker, has the same capabilities as a regular chain, yet it is heavy, rigid and substantial. Above, one of my favorite gold wire collar necklaces found at Couture 2017--this one is by Zoe Chicco and features bezel set diamonds of various cuts set throughout the piece. It is elegant and edgy at the same time!  So good!!

Sydney Evan | Gem Gossip

5. Charms:

I was not expecting charms to be such a highlight and hit at Couture 2017, but they totally were and as a charm collector, I was loving all the interpretations I was seeing! Each designer had their own take on charms--their own motifs and ideas came to life in colorful and gem-set renditions. The most well-known being the Gemfields x MUSE collaboration charm necklace, as people are STILL talking about it! I loved Sydney Evan's charms (shown above) as they were quirky, fun and very colorful. Her signature motifs, like the evil eye, the word "Love," wishbone, lips, etc. were brought to life as charms. The trend is great for many reasons--low price points, easy to collect, and the wearer can choose to wear them any way they want!


Couture 2017


Want more? See my top picks from last year's show!

Gem Gossip Visits Jennie Kwon Designs in LA

Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip

Not the downtown LA traffic nor the lack of finding parking could stop me from visiting Jennie Kwon in the heart of LA's Jewelry District! Tucked away, at least for now, in an office building is where Jennie's young yet rapidly growing business calls home--the sun floods the mini showroom with enough light to make her minimal jewels sparkle like crazy. Jennie's warm smile and genuine heart are there to greet me as I fling open the door, way too early than my appointment time, but couldn't help the excitement. Never have I ever been surrounded by Jennie Kwon Designs' entire inventory all in one place, it usually is just a small sampling of her work or the few pieces that I own of hers--so this was something special! I was ready to get "Kwon'd up" as I like to put it; layering and stacking all of her mini masterpieces within her collection. 

Most recently Jennie Kwon released her bridal collection, which I got a chance to see! Coinciding well with her original designs, each engagement ring and wedding band are graceful and beautifully effortless.  She loves using rose cut diamonds, champagne diamonds and even grey diamonds. Milgrain detailing is prominent in her bridal collection, but definitely not her first foray with this detailing. I love how it gives each piece a subtle elegance. Just as her original collections are intended to be layer-ready and stack-friendly, so are her bridal pieces! 

After spending five days in LA, cool-girl vibes were all over from the streets of Melrose to downtown, and into the hills and canyons of Beverly Hills. I could see how Jennie Kwon's jewelry is inspired and intended for this environment, and also how incredible it is to see her jewelry worn all across the US and even other parts of the globe. On my #JewelryRoadTrip adventures, I've seen Jennie's designs in stores from Texas, New York City and California, so this went full-circle seeing where she calls home. It was an awesome experience to finally meet the designer behind the brand and connect in person! Thank you Jennie Kwon for opening your showroom in LA to me and I can't wait to see what is to come in the future for your young brand!

Shop my favorite pieces:

Pave Petite Bow Ring, Price: $440

Diamond Web Ring, Price: $485

White diamond cuff ring (perfect midi-rings), Price: $400

Emerald Cage Cuff ring, Price: $895

Hexagon Diamond Slice Half Cage ring, Price: $4,500

Stacked Diamond Pearl Cuff ring, Price: $1,665

14k yellow gold Ball Choker, Price: $920

14k yellow gold Diamond Mini Square Choker, Price: $1,624

14k yellow gold Black Diamond Equilibrium Cuff Choker, Price: $1,430

Onyx and white diamond cuff bracelet, Price: $836

14k yellow gold Ball Cuff bracelet, Price: $615




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Jewelry from Every Time Period, Offered at Fellows Auction

A&M May 2014 Plate 2A&M May 2014 Plate 4


Fellows Auction house always has some amazing pieces of jewelry up for auction every month. What I particularly noticed in May's upcoming Antique & Modern Jewellery auction is the wide variety of different time periods offered.  Whether you have a penchant for Victorian mourning jewelry, or geometric shapes of Art Deco pieces, this month's Fellows auction has you covered!  The sale begins Thursday, May 15th and can be accessed online or at their showroom in England.

16 58

Victorian Jewelry a time of romanticism, begins around 1835 and ends around 1890. Queen Victoria was of whom this entire era was named after–she was not only the ruler of all England at the time, but a highly looked upon trendsetter, admired by everyone. Her marriage and wedding to Albert portrays many attributes of the time–Victoria was presented with an engagement ring that featured a snake with an emerald-set head (birthstones rather than diamonds were used in engagement rings, and snakes were a symbol of eternal love). Her wedding dress featured a large sapphire and diamond brooch, which was given to her from Albert the day before their wedding. With the death of Albert some 20 years later, this tragic event influenced the world of jewelry. Having Queen Victoria constantly wearing black, black enameling became very popular as well as jet beads. 

Lot 16 a pair of 18k yellow gold banded agate drop earrings, hanging from snakes

Lot 58 a carnelian intaglio ring depicting a Roman figure, with a gold openwork shank

96 140

Edwardian Jewelry begins its reign in 1901 and lasts until around 1915, around the start of the first World War. During this time, fashion and opulence were the forefront of society; unparalleled craftsmanship, understated elegance and femininity characterized the jewelry. Colored gemstones were used to accent rings, dangling earrings and circular pendants with garland themes. Progress made in gem cutting made triangles, baguettes and trapeze shapes new and interesting. This time in history marked England as a global, dominant force, with the rich living in extravagance. The start of World War I made for a quick end to this lavish era of a carefree spirit. Precious metals became scarce, while many people hid away their jewels in vaults or had to sell them.

Lot 96 a platinum diamond and pearl ring, featuring three pearls and rose cut diamonds

Lot 140 a diamond negligee necklace, set with rose cut and Old European cut diamonds

29 147

Art Deco Jewelry is characterized by decadence, with the country bouncing back from war efforts, when jewelry production was put on hold. This period encompasses the 1920s-1930s, during which women gained the right to vote, many stock market fortunes were made, all while people danced the Charleston. The jewelry reflected what was happening–especially fashion. The “flapper” style was all the rage. Women rebelled by wearing short dresses, red lipstick, and bobbed hair. Bracelets were piled on, both on the upper and lower arms. Oversized rings, wide bracelets, and long strands of pearls graced the covers of Vogue during this vibrant period.  As the economy and stock market flourished, Americans continued to spend frivolously, while borrowing heavily. As a result, the stock market crashed. The Great Depression loomed, and the lavish living of the roaring twenties had come to a dramatic halt.

Lot 29 a platinum diamond and sapphire ring, with the main diamond measuring approx. 0.60 carats

Lot 147 an asymmetrical diamond and sapphire panel ring 

363 368

Retro Jewelry is characterized by bold gold, Hollywood starlets, huge gemstones and cocktail rings. Spanning from 1940-1945, this coincides almost exactly with World War II. With that said, platinum use in jewelry was no longer available. Gold made a comeback, this time in rose and even green gold. Everything in regards to retro jewelry was oversized. Rubies were the most prominent gemstone, followed by large, rectangular cut citrines, aquamarines and amethysts.

Lot 363 a ruby and diamond cocktail ring

Lot 368 an 18k yellow gold fringe necklace 

254 612

Modern Jewelry is happening now, with trends and motifs all around us. This time period encompasses around the 1950s up until today.  It is only a matter of time until it makes its way into history! 

Lot 254 a pair of Chanel "Camila" earrings in 18k white gold and diamonds

Lot 612 an amazing 14k yellow gold garnet bib necklace

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows & Sons




Designer Spotlight: Karen Hsiang Jewelry

slideshow_5 DSC_10577_1024x1024 Karen Hsiang Jewelry Fotor091723454_2_1024x1024 slideshow_3 slideshow_2 Karen Hsiang Jewelry just launched earlier this month and every piece is incredible! Each ring is meant to flow with the wearer and stack/compliment one another. Not only is her collection highly collectible, but I love how she made silver and gold options to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Each piece is also customizable, with different stone options (labradorite, moonstone, rock quartz or smokey quartz).

I couldn't wait to have a piece of my own, so I placed my order right away! Took me FOREVER TO CHOOSE which one because they are all amazing and unique. I went with the Lateral Ring in 10k yellow gold with Moonstones! I can't wait for it to arrive--I will post about it when it does.

>> In the meantime, Karen has graciously extended 30% OFF to Gem Gossip readers--just use the Promo Code GEM GOSSIP at checkout! Let me know if anyone purchases--I wanna see which you chose!

Jewelry Time Periods: The 50s-Modern Times


Jewelry of the 1950s has recently been acknowledged in a historical perspective. Modern day jewelry is everchanging and is not yet considered "historical."

After WWII, the jewelry industry began to flourish once again. Television and rock & roll were new influences. Several large jewelry houses produced both high-end, luxurious jewelry, as well as smaller classic pieces for your average, middle class consumer. During this time, artisan jewelry emerged, inspiring "Jewelry as Art" or "Wearable Art." Often this type of jewelry was hand-made and only included one-of-a-kind pieces. There are many collectors of Mid-Century American Studio Jewelry today.

Present-day jewelry is happening now, with trends and motifs all around us. It is only a matter of time until it makes its way into history!

Some motifs and distinctive elements of this time period:

  • pavé diamonds!

  • open, textural designs

  • braided & twisted goldwork

  • yellow gold paired with gemstones; white gold/platinum paired with diamonds

  • matching sets called "suites"

  • animals, bumble bees, snowflakes, flowers, leaves, stars

  • short necklaces, choker style; "Riviera" necklace- graduated diamond choker

Important People of the Time: